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The Far P st The Far P st

  1. 1. LOUISIANA SOCCER ASSOCIATION The Far P stVolume 2, Issue 2 July 2005 Make Plans to Attend LSA Summer AGM July 16-17, 2005 - Hilton New Orleans Airport 901 Airline Drive Kenner, LA 70062 Reservations 800-872-5914 475 Gardere Lane AGM WORKSHOP SCHEDULE Baton Rouge, LA. 70820 SATURDAY, JULY 16, 2005 Phone: 225-766-0577 7:30– 9:00am Workshop Registration, Vendor Show (opens Fax: 225-766-0623 8:30am) Email: 9:00-10:00am Club Presidents, Developing Game Intelligence in Soccer Lecture, Referee Committee Meeting We’re on the Web! 9:30-11:30am Developing Game Intelligence in Soccer Lecture 10:30-12:00noon Premier Committee, Recreational Committee, Developing Game Intelligence in Soccer Lecture (continuation), Referee Committee Meeting Executive Board (continuation)President Bob AbbottVice President of Youth Joe Perret 11:30am– 12:45pm Developing Game Intelligence in SoccerVice President of Adults Danilo Turcios Lafreniere Park FieldSecretary Dave Horn 12:00– 1:30pm Lunch (Visit the Vendor Show!)Treasurer Dale BurkeY Premier Commissioner Charlie Freel 1:30- 2:30pm Discussion of Bylaw ProposalsY Recreational Commissioner Keith RheaReferee Committee Bob Wertz 3:30– 4:30pm Discussion of Bylaw Proposals (continuation),Ad Men’s Commissioner Charlsa MooreAd Women’s Commissioner Kate Kelleher SUNDAY, JULY 17, 2005Past President S.W. Burke 7:30am Business Meeting RegistrationDirector of Coaching Luis Sabillon 8:30am LSA Business Meeting: Youth and Adult Council immediately following State Administrative Staff Council MeetingOffice Manager Iris Wilson 9:30– 11:00am Developing Game Intelligence in SoccerOffice Administrator Valerie Clouatre Lafreniere Park FieldODP Administrator Danielle Huntsman 11:00-2:00pm Developing Game Intelligence in Soccer Lecture 6:00pm Closing Ceremony
  2. 2. International Soccer Clinician Horst Wein presents Developing Game Intelligence in Soccer Clinic at the Annual General MeetingLouisiana Soccer Association has added another great educational opportunity for coaches, referees,administrators and parents with a clinic presented by International Soccer Clinician, Horst Wein at the2005 Summer Annual General Meeting. This 2 day clinic entitled, Developing Game Intelligence inSoccer will be held on July 16 & 17 at the New Orleans Hilton in Kenner. The field sessions will beheld at the Lafreniere Park.Horst Wein has a Masters degree in Physical Education from Deutsche Soorthochsehule Koln. Helectures at Universitat Munster, Techn. Universitat Munchen and at the Instituto Nacional de Educa-cion Fisica in Barcelona. In 1973-84, Wein was the Technical Director of the Royal Spanish HockeyFederation, Coach of the national team which won the European Cup in 1974 and a Olympic SilverMedal in 1980. Wein is also the author of 31 sports textbooks, two multimedia football coachingcourses and several DVDs about developing game intelligence in football and numerous articles inmagazines published in many foreign languages.For more information on attending the LSA Annual General Meeting, clinic registration informationand clinic schedule visit our website LSA Approved Tournament Dates for Fall 2005Date Association Tournament Level Age Sex Contact /PhoneSept. 17-18 Lafayette Cajun Classic Premier 11-19 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubSept. 17-18 Houma Kickoff Klassic Jam, Rec, Rec+ 10-19 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubSept. 23-25 Lafreniere Gator Classic Premier 11-19 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubOct. 1-2 Slidell Camelia Cup Open to all 11-14 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubOct. 1-2 BRSA United Cup Premier 11-18 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubOct. 7-9 Slidell Camelia Cup Jamboree 10 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubOct.7-9 Slidell Camelia Cup Open to all 15-19 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubOct. 8-9 CABOSA Cabosa Cup Jam, Rec, Rec+ 8-19 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubOct. 8-9 Imperial Calcasieu October Classic Rec 11-17 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubOct. 15-16 NOSA Fall Classic Premier 11-19 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubOct. 15-16 NELSA Turfburner Classic Jam, Rec. Rec + 10-19 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubOct. 22-23 Lafourche Sugar Fest Jam, Rec. Rec + 8-16 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by club Halloween Midnight Mad- Mandeville Soccer officeOct. 27-30 Mandeville ness Jam, Rec, Rec+ 10-19 B/G 985-624-8080Nov. 5-6 Acadiana Gator Cup Jam, Rec, Rec+ 8-14 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubNov. 5-6 Crossroads Sweep the Swamp 2005 Jam, Rec, Rec+ 10-14 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubNov. 12-13 Houma Gobler Cup Rec, Rec + 11-13 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by clubNov. 12-13 Carrollton Jamboree on the River Jamboree 9-10 B/G approved date/forms not submitted by club
  3. 3. MYTHS ABOUT THE LAWS Pt. 2 done in such a way as to not be dangerous.WRITTEN BY: Bob Wertz 8) Any player playing the ball when they are on the ground should always be penalized for “dangerous play”.CHAIRMAN OF THE USSF YOUTH REFEREE COMMITTEE A player laying on the ground and playing the ball would& LOUISIANA SOCCER REFEREE COMMITTEE not necessarily be dangerous unless another player(s) were around, and the act of playing the ball created a dangerous situation for either player.Referees never cease to be amazed by the pervasivemyths and misconceptions about the Laws of the Game. 9) A throw-in which curves in and out of play withoutThis topic of perceived ‘myths’ has even become the sub- touching the ground is not a valid throw-in. Law 15 saysject of video produced by the Referee Program of the U.S. that the ball is in play immediately when it enters the fieldSoccer Federation. In a conversation with Vincent Mauro, a of play. Since the ball could be in the air when it entersFIFA Instructor from the U.S., he describes these myths the field of play, it means that a thrown ball can curve inand misconceptions about the Laws of the Game: and out of play and be valid. By eliminating and dispelling the myths surrounding the game, we can watch a match with much more enthusiasm1) Girls cannot wear their uniforms with the sleeves rolled and be more knowledgeable about the finer points.up--The Laws of the Game are silent about this point. Andyet, there is a belief that the sleeves can only be worndown. The Law only says that the jerseys must havesleeves. Dial Teams Up with US Youth Soccer Dial Becomes2) Religious headwear and bodywear cannot be worn by Founding Partner of www.TeamMomUSA.complayers.--There is no strict prohibition about the wearing ofthis headwear or bodywear. The same concern applies in Soccer parents everywhere agree, that after every game andthis instance as well--Is the equipment safe for the players? practice, their children tend to take a little bit of the soccer3) Medical alert bracelet cannot be worn by players--There seems to be some confusion about medical brace- field home with them. With that in mind, US Youth Soccerlets and jewelry. While jewelry cannot be worn for worn for and Dial have teamed up to help soccer families everywheresafety reason, medical alert bracelets can be worn andshould be taped to the body for safety reasons. clean up. US Youth Soccer, the country’s largest youth sports organization with more than 3 million members, is4) Sweat bands cannot be worn by players--While FIFAmandates certain type of equipment that must be worn by pleased to name Dial the “Official Soap and Body Wash part-each players, there are no specific prohibitions other than ner” for Sweat bands are generally made of cloth-like ma-terial and are not dangerous. “We are very excited to welcome Dial to the US Youth Soc-5) Penalty kicks should only be awarded when a goal scor- cer team,” said David Messersmith, president of US Youthing opportunity has been denied. The Laws of the Gameare very specific about punishments for penal fouls. If one Soccer. “The support of Dial to our organization and to ourof the major fouls has been committed by an opponent, the membership along with Team Mom should provide a greatpunishment is a direct free kick, or penalty kick, if the foulhas been committed in the penalty area. resource to our soccer families.”6) Players shirts do not have to be tucked in throughout the The Dial Corporation has joined forces with US Youth Soccergame. --Players seem to think that shirts only have to be as a founding partner of, which offerstucked in at the beginning of a match and that after playbegins, the shirt can be eased out. As a matter of pride and something for moms everywhere. It’s filled with tips on how toa professional look, players should keep their shirts tucked keep households in order, ideas for easy-to-use products,in. There’s another reason players should keep their shirtstucked in: It’s much easier for a referee to spot shirt pulling recipes, and expert advice on daily issues faced by busywhen the shirt has been tucked in, than when its hanging moms juggling a full and hectic life.out.7) “Taping of the ankle” cannot be done on the outside of For full article visit www.USYouthSoccer.orgthe socks--The Laws only specify that a player should wearstockings (socks). There’s no prohibition reason why the Article Resources:socks cannot be taped outside the sock as long as it is, ,
  4. 4. THE FAR POST VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 THE CALCASIEU KICKER CARNIVAL SOCCER TOURNAMENT & JAMBOREE Under 6 years – Under 16 years October 8 th/9th, Lake Charles Multi Sports Complex Highway 14, Lake Charles, Louisiana “More than your average Soccer Tournament!”Our NEW event at our NEW soccer complex aims to bring together Soccer players, coaches and families from Louisiana and Texas, for what we believe is the most rewarding soccer experience around. On top of exciting competition, the Calcasieu Kicker Carnival is a celebration of youth soccer with a festival like atmosphere. The ‘Carnival Zone’ provides fun activities and challenges for everyone….Players, Coaches and Parents! Our awards recognize teams for their positive attitude and commitment to fair play as well as winning. We want your team to be part of our event. Come and experience the Calcasieu Kicker Carnival. It’s what youth SOCCER is all about! Entry Fees Jamboree U6 ~ U8 = $85 : U9/U10 = $115 Tournament U11/U12 = $155 : U13/U14 & U15/U16 = $195 A $5 Parking Fee will be charged at this event. Contact : Paul Burgess,, 337 480-4119 Entry Deadline September 24th
  5. 5. 2005 STATE CHAMPI ONS LSA 2005 DATES TO REMEBERNokia State Champions State Cup Champions August 8 Premier Letter of intent11 BOYS 11 BOYS CSC Cajun ExtremeMandeville Shockers Sept. 1 Affiliation fee due to LSA office11GIRLS 11GIRLSNELSA Scream CSA Rage Blue Sept. 15 Directory update due to LSA 12 BOYS Office12 BOYS CSC Cajun PrideLYSA Strikers Oct. 1 Deadline for fall registration to 12 Girls12 Girls LSA office CSC RageLYSA Edge Soccer 13 BOYS Oct. 1 Deadline for Division 1 team13 BOYS Lafreniere East formation questionnaire to LSAMandeville Impact 13 GIRLS13 GIRLS BRSCNELSA Speed 14 BOYS14 BOYS CSC FireBRSA Blitz 14 GIRLS Mandeville US Soccer14 GIRLSBRSA Edge Soccer 15 BOYS Lakeview Foundation15 BOYS 15 GIRLSICSA RAGE CSC Rage15 GIRLS 16 BOYS For the 2005 cycle, the US Soccer FoundationNELSA Knockouts awarded 20 grants for soccer development Lakeview16 BOYS programs, with the remaining 17 awarded for 16 GIRLS field enhancements and upgrades. More thatLafreniere Ice NOSA $1.3 million dollars was made available to our16 GIRLS 17 BOYS constituents this year and since 1995, the or- ganization has made over $38 million availableLYSA Lightning Cajun Fury for the growth of the game of soccer through17 BOYS 17 GIRLS grants and other financial support.LYSA Krew BRSC If you would like further information about the17 GIRLS 18 BOYS Annual Grants Program, please contact Bev-BRSA Cheetahs LFC Cajun Burn erly Holmes at (202) 872-664 or via e -mail: 18 GIRLS The grant cycle19 BOYS for 2006 opens in August so please direct your BRSC/MSC UNITEDCovington Clash constituents to the website for more informa- 19 BOYS tion www.ussoccerfoundation.org19 GIRLS LAFRENIERE GAMBLERSLafreniere Jaguars 19 Girls BRSC U-19
  6. 6. THE NOVICE COACH DVD ON SALE NOW! TO PLACE ORDERS CALL THE LSA OFFICE (225) 766-0577The Novice Coach provides first-time coaches and those whohave little experience in coaching players under age 10 simpleinstructions in how to run a training session, establishing propergoals, game day overviews and more.The Novice Coach features over 45 minutes of actual trainingsessions and activities with specific steps to organizing and con-duct training sessions for Under-6, Under-8 and Under-10 boysand girls. In addition to the DVD a downloadable companionbook is also included.