Notes of the meeting - Welcome to GLOBE-Europe


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Notes of the meeting - Welcome to GLOBE-Europe

  1. 1. 6th GLOBE COUNTRY COORDINATOR MEETING AND TRAINING SESSION<br />EUROPE / EURASIA 2010<br />1.6.2010 – 6.6.2010<br />Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia<br />Country Coordinator meeting notes<br />Thursday 03.06.2010<br />PARTICIPANTS<br />AnastasiosIsaacCYPRUSAndyTaskerUKAngéliqueEmontsBelgiumArbreshaMehaKosovoBaraSemerakovaCzech RepublicBorjankaSmojverCroatiaChristianDestokyBelgiumDanaVotapkovaCzech RepublicDaniellede StaerkeFranceDianaGarasicCroatiaDietmarPossnerLiechtensteinElenaSparrowU.S.A.EleniPlevraGreeceFaridHamdanIsraelFedorSurkovRussiaGiannakisKoumidisCYPRUSGuntaKalvaneLatviaHanspeterMeierSwitzerlandJanaAlbrechtovaCzech RepublicJariKoivistoFinlandJorisDe VroomNetherlandsJuergLichteneggerSwitzerlandKarliKüttEstoniaKaterinaNikolovskaMacedoniaKaterynaSerednytskaUkraineLindaLockhartUKLorellaRigonatItalyMagdalenaMachinko-NagrabeckaPolandMaria PiacoceanoItalyMatthijsBegheynNetherlandsMichaelOdellUSAPatriciaGygliSwitzerlandPaulPaceMaltaPiroskaTóthHungarySarahSilverbergUSASebastienLabiauxBelgiumSvetlanaGjorgjevaMacedoniaTeresaKennedyUSATonReckmanNetherlandsVictoriyaTaranenkoUkraineZuzanaLhotakovaCzech Republic<br />Next to the international participants there were also 30 Macedonian participants (mainly teachers)<br />PresentationsBelow you find a short description of the workshops. Presentations can be downloaded from <br />FUNDRAISING<br />Presentation – Matthijs Begheyn<br />Proposal – Science &Society funding for Europe Climate Research Campaign (development of a network of European scientists – 15 Countries) <br />The funding was not granted because:<br />IBSE training lacking. Evaluation of GLOBE was not there.<br />Teacher’s training are done and there was not added value<br />Not enough formal education<br />Teacher training institutes – lacking<br />Not enough interaction between the involved institutions<br />High number of students and teachers not convincing<br />Too much publicity instead of dissemination <br />Comments:<br />The proposal should come out from certain leading institution<br />The proposal should come out from a country that does not usually submit many proposals like Estonia<br />Regional Europe Office to generate funding for the region. Netherland Government funds the office and supports the proposal submission.<br />Operational plan<br />Regional director<br />Regional officer<br />Regional developer<br />Regional PR and communication specialist<br />Pushing sponsorship – Alcoa foundation (Climate research Campaign)<br />ALCOA Foundation Europe (Aluminum Production Company)<br />Investment in the environment and philanthropic activities<br />They have funded GLOBE Europe with $ 76,000 for the Student Climate Research Campaign.<br />They might also have extra funding in the countries where ALCOA is present – GLOBE Countries can try and rise GLOBE funds by contacting ALCOA. A partnership might be set up where Alcoa employees help the country coordinator of GLOBE. Matthijs will send the contact details from the ALCOA regional offices to all CC’s.<br />2011 Calendar – globally distributed - Phenology<br />Comenius funds – funding schools, teachers network<br />Comments: Concerns regarding the GLOBE reputation if funding comes from environmentally non friendly companies. <br />For the countries that do not have ALCOA, there is no national funding but they can participate in the international funding.<br />Planning ALCOA/Comenius funding<br />Preparatory visits to the schools regarding SCRC campaign<br />Teacher’s get together – summer<br />Final proposal submission – February 2011<br />GLOBE Student Climate Research Campaign start September 2011, duration 2 years<br />Comments: <br />Comenius funds schools and only a school can apply for the funding<br />Other suggestions<br />Board should try to contact the DG Education, Environment etc. to try to fundraise – to set up European office and receive EC funds. <br />Send a letter to EC Commissioner and start inviting those people to the GLOBE events and getting them to know the GLOBE Program. It would be a step further than NGO applying for funds. <br />Is it justified to use funds from companies that promote something in collision with the GLOBE educational principles<br />Bank funding, sponsorship, government<br />Private companies sponsorship, raise awareness<br />Fundraising is the most important thing to continue the GLOBE international work. <br />Should GLOBE come up with a list with acceptable sponsors?<br />Teresa Kennedy presentation<br />GLOBE International Advisory Committee<br />The infrastructure of the GLOBE Program is not only US Program. The database is an international database of important environmental data gathered around the world and shared for research. The bilateral agreement is to share the data through the international database funded by the USA. It is a government decision whether they want or not to share the data.<br />The GLOBE International web site houses all the GLOBE data from around the world. Components of the web – Climate research campaign.<br />Web development throughout the years. Teacher pages - new<br />Presentation SCRC – Donna Charlevoix<br />New GLOBE web-site <br />Update of the scientist network<br />Teacher’s corner<br />Engaging youth to understand climate through SCRC<br />Comments: On the new web-site the data visualization will be possible for the new data. The old data cannot be analyzed and visualized. Migration of the old data is a huge work.<br />Aerosol training – web connection, more interactive GLOBE Program<br />GLOBE – Africa Skype meeting – collecting data on Kilimanjaro Mountain. <br />Data recorded in the last year, and they will repeat the expedition this year as well. On-line expedition and those that want to join can apply on the Africa GLOBE web-site. <br />SCRC Campaign - topics<br />Danielle De Starke - France – tracking different animals (turtles, penguins) migration and routes. The data is presented on the website visualized by using Google earth. The analysis of the data is explained. This work is not connected to the GLOBE Program, because the data is collected automatically from automatic beacons and not manually as it is practice in GLOBE. This data is used in schools as an interactive tool to get to know the students with the animal movements.<br />Europe GLOBE ALUMNI – Dana Votapkova<br />Africa is the leading region. The Europe Alumni NGO is in Czech Republic, call for cooperation to all CC’s.<br />Alumni - Out of school GLOBE activities, help and assistance in GLOBE games, teacher trainings, apply for grants. Alumni representative for GLOBE Europe is stepping down from his position and someone else should step in the position. Alumni group is helping in fund raising.<br />Comments on the agenda:<br />Explanation of the data analysis and use of the data would be useful<br />Agenda accepted<br />Projects and activities<br />Evaluation research of what the students have learned and reached academic advance – Student learning impact that it is very difficult to recognize the student achievement due only to GLOBE education process<br />Natura 2000 – Network of European Natural Park<br />International Conference for students<br />Profile presentation of schools that would like to connect with other schools in the world (data publication as well)<br />Collaboration in smaller places<br />Follow up cleaning<br />Students Camp - Invite GLOBE students, best students to share their experiences and information<br />Information flow<br />Automatically generated e-mail service that alerts when there is an upload of documents in the archives to the CC’s<br />GLOBE forum<br />New technology for communication – existing platforms<br />GLOBE Europe blog as informal information exchange<br />Additional specialist that will help to shape the Program<br />To remove the inactive schools from the web-site<br />SUGGESTIONS AND DISCUSSIONS<br />Funding<br />EU funding for students<br />Informing EU Commissioner more closely for the GLOBE Program<br />Involvement of the Government – Government obligation according to the signed bilateral agreement. Government point of contact and CC<br />Other<br />Awarding best students and GLOBE teachers and best achieving country in GLOBE Program conduction. Student competitions etc. List of criteria reference for competition.<br />Promotion<br />Raise awareness of the national stakeholders<br />EUROPE logo – no need for change<br />Honorary report<br />Public affair offices<br />Newsletter<br />Sharing diverse GLOBE presentations from each country<br />Process evaluation and participants feedback<br />Teacher training<br />Training of the teachers – Master trainers in the Countries – Training for the basic protocols???<br />Training kids protocol <br />Get trainers to the Country – more financially justified option<br />Campaign to get teachers involved<br />Plan how to organize Climate Research Campaign in Europe and connect it internationally and new ideas to be taken into account, e-mail will be sent to the CC that each CC can do that as on the European level<br />Comments: <br />e-mail from an address that wants to save the rain forest<br />Handing over certificates to the CC’s that are living the Conference<br />GLOBE Europe boardDuring the meeting Hanspeter Meier from Switzerland stepped down from the board. He was thanked for the great work he has done for GLOBE in the past year.Andy Tasker stepped down as chair from the board, but will still remain member of the board.<br />Two new members were added to the board: Farid Hamdan (Israel) and Diana Garasic (Croatia).<br />The new board now exists of the following persons:<br />Co-Chairs and GIAC Representatives:Mrs. Diana Garasic (Croatia)<br /> Ms. Dana Votápková (Czech Republic)<br />Committee:Ms. Danielle De Staerke (France)<br /> Ms. Magda Machinko-Nagrabecka (Poland)<br /> Mr. Farid Hamdan (Israel)<br /> Dr. Andy Tasker (United Kingdom)<br />Host for the next GLOBE Conference 2011<br />Organization steps explained by the Macedonian host – The next host will be decided after two weeks, and all CC’s will be informed via e-mail prior the decision<br /> <br />