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Cosumnes River College

  1. 1. Non-Profit OrganizationCosumnes River College U.S. PostageYouth Soccer Camps PAID8401 Center Parkway Elk Grove, CA Permit No. 95Sacramento, CA 95823-5799Los Rios Community College District Sponsored By:
  2. 2. Cosumnes River CollegeS CCER CAMPS
  3. 3. Summer2008 A summer of funwith the Hawks!Come join us for an exciting summer filled with soccer. This camp will give yourchild the opportunity to share a soccer experience that gives them the mostcomprehensive youth soccer camps available in Sacramento. Coaches and playersworking with your children are chosen for their teaching ability, as well asformer and current players from the CRC and Sacramento Knights soccerorganizations. Youth Soccer CampThis will be CRC Soccer Camps 26th year! Kick your season off to a great startby bring your whole team to our camp! We will put your team through one of ourprograms or a specially designed program of your choice. Every session includesskill instruction, skill games, small-sided games and scrimmage.Pick a session that is right for your soccer player!These camps sessions are one week in length – 3 hours a day a total of 15 hours ofinstruction per week.
  4. 4. All camps sessions include basic skills training, contests, games, and scrimmages.Although, all camps will have a goalkeeper coach on staff. The week of July 14th – 18th isthe week that will emphasize goalkeeper training in coordination with the attacker camp. On-Campus Session Schedule Dates Location Type Session # AgeJuly 7-11 CRC Fields Basics CRC-1 5-14July 14-18 CRC Fields Attack & Keeper CRC-2 5-14July 21-25 CRC Fields Vitamin CRC-3 5-14*Times: All sessions are morning sessions from 8:30am to 11:30am - College game fields. Camp OrganizationBasics Camp – General Schedule: 1.) Monday – Dribbling 2.) Tuesday – Passing 3.) Wednesday – Trapping 4.) Thursday – Shooting 5.) Friday – Review/Game DayVitamins Camp – General Schedule: 1.) Monday – Passing and Receiving 2.) Tuesday – Combination Play 3.) Wednesday – Dribbling 4.) Thursday – Shooting/Finishing 5.) Friday – Review/Game DayAttacker Camp – General Schedule: 1.) Monday – Shape to play out of back. 2.) Tuesday – Shape to play thru midfield. 3.) Wednesday – Pattern play. 4.) Thursday – Finishing under pressure. 5.) Friday – Crossing and finishing.
  5. 5. Goalkeeper Camp – General Schedule: 1.) Monday – Catching. 2.) Tuesday – Diving. 3.) Wednesday – Angle play. 4.) Thursday – Shot Blocking. 5.) Friday – Crossing.Conditioning Camp – General Schedule: 1.) Will be held at the same time as the other camps. 2.) Emphasis on body mechanics 3.) Agility 4.) Running Technique 5.) EnduranceCost:$125.00 per player$95.00 each additional family member or additional camp sessionTo Qualify for a Team Discount:Team Discount - $100 per player minimum of 10 players or $85 per playerminimum of 16 or more players*Note - Provide CRC Soccer Camp a roster of all players who will attend. 1. Register all players at the same time 2. Pay team fee as a group 3. Have team fee paid in full the Friday before the clinic begins Team Camp OptionAttending a CRC camp or make TBA arrangements with CRC CoachingStaff for summer dates and times (morning or evening) that work for yourteam!Team Camp Option – CRC Training Program or Special TopicsSpecial Topics: All exercises emphasized with transition. 1.) Attacking Camp 2.) Defending Camp 3.) System of Play Camp 4.) Design or request your topics, etc.
  6. 6. For Information and QuestionsContact - Ron Preble: (916) 691-7208 - prebler@crc.losrios.eduCesar Plasencia: (916) 691-7578 – plasenc@crc.losrios.eduOr Travis Parker: (916) 691-7636 – parkert@crc.losrios.eduSend your Completed Application to:Attention: Ron PrebleCosumnes River College8401 Center ParkwaySacramento, CA 95823-5799*NOTE: Please make checks payable to:Cosumnes River Soccer Camps Ponder this: Choosing the Right CampAs a parent or player it is very important and difficult to choose the correctcamp. The CRC Soccer Camp Staff has a proven track record of directingquality camps and coaching excellent teams. They have coached manyyouth players who have become select, competitive, high school, andcollegiate coaches. The camp philosophy is to encourage players to havefun, teach them soccer, and provide them the environment to achieve theirpersonal goals.
  7. 7. Coaching StaffThe staff is the single most important ingredient of any soccer clinic. Ourstaff consists of professional, college, high school and youth coaches.Who are chosen for their teaching ability, as well as former and currentplayers from the CRC and Knights soccer organizations. Goalkeeper CampAlthough we have a goalkeeper coach at every camp, we do offer acomprehensive program of goalkeeper training during the week of July14th-18th. The goalkeeper sessions will cover the basic techniques of theposition. An emphasis on the development of footwork, understandingangles, and reading situations in front of the goal will be stressed. Camp HistoryEstablished in 1983, as the Soccer School, the camp offered a community-oriented place for conducting youth clinics in rural Elk Grove. Each yearsince it’s opening, the Soccer School has offered top-notch soccer camps.Additionally, the Soccer School has hosted college classes, collegetournament games, adult co-ed league games and other activities. Todaythe camps are offered only at the Cosumnes River College campus and areoperated by the Cosumnes River College Soccer Program. Several alumniof the camps are now in the Olympic Development Program (ODP), highschool, and college rosters. CRC’s track record of helping to producequality players and coaches is unparalleled in the Sacramento area For the Good of the Game
  8. 8. Bleed – Orange and Blue!!!!!