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Country presentation.docx
Country presentation.docx
Country presentation.docx
Country presentation.docx
Country presentation.docx
Country presentation.docx
Country presentation.docx
Country presentation.docx
Country presentation.docx
Country presentation.docx
Country presentation.docx
Country presentation.docx
Country presentation.docx
Country presentation.docx
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Country presentation.docx


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Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Country Presentation on Finland
    Presented By:
    Akash Gupta
  • 2. Flow of Presentation
    Introduction of the Country.
    Geographical area.
    Culture, language and Food.
    Political parties of Finland.
    Relationship among both countries.
    Trade between both countries.
    Fact and figures of last 4 years(Trade).
    Comparison of GDP `s.
    How it will help us in future?
  • 3. Introduction
    Finland was founded in 1917 by the Finnish people.
    (Before that it was a part of Sweden)
    Finland religions are- Evangelical Lutheran 89%, Russian Orthodox 1%, none 9%, other 1%.
    The currency is Euro .
    The most likely dance in Finland is Ballet dance or Finnish dance.
    There are some famous sea & rivers as well
    Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of Finland, Archipelago Sea.
  • 4. Geographical area
    • The total graphical area of Finland is : 338,145 sq km .
    • 5. The climate conditions of Finland are quite cold.
    • 6. Finland is located in Northern Europe.
    • 7. The population of Finland till 29th sep 2011 is : 5,384,129
    • 8. Helsinki is the capital of Finland
    • 9. Some famous places of Finland are : waterfront buildings in Helsinki, Espoo, coastline, and more.
  • Map Of Finland
  • 10. Culture, Language and Food
    The culture of Finland culture are :Finnish, Finn, Finlander.
    There are two official languages of Finland are: Finnish and Swedish.
    About 93 % of the people speaks Finnish and only 6 % speaks Swedish language.
    The Finnish people mostly eats Bread(Karelian Pie) which is made up of
    potatoes and Non-veg as their food.
    Hot dogs -- there's pork, beef and even deer available for all occasions.
    Finland is especially famous for wild berries .
  • 11. Political Parties Of Finland
    The current Prime Minister is JyrkiKatainen of the National Coalition Party.
    Political parties of Finland are –National Coalition Party
    The Finns
    Centre Party
    Left Alliance
    Green League,
    Christian Democrats of Finland
  • 12. Relationship among both countries
    India has very good relationship with Finland since 1967 .
    There are about 8000 Indians are living in Finland and mainly in the capital Helsinki.
    In terms of investment the relation is fantabulous among both the countries.
    There are 80 companies of Finland & 30 companies of India established in both the countries.(This shows that the relations among both the countries)
    There are many Indians doing their own business there and about 800 are doing jobs in companies like-Nokia ,Kone elevators etc.
  • 13. Companies established in India and Finland
  • 14. Trade between both countries
    Indo-Finnish economic and trade relations have grown steadily in last 10 years.
    Major exports items from India are – garments, made ups and textiles.
    Other exports items are- metals, iron and steel, chemicals, petroleum products and leather.
    Major imports from Finland include telecommunication equipment, power generating machinery and other machinery.
    The trade has increased at a vast rate in last 4 years.
    There is bilateral trade reaching (Euro) €748 billion in 2008 .
    Year 2010 was the most trade full year till yet.
  • 15. Fact and Figures of last 4 years trade.
  • 16. Comparison of GDP rate of last 12 years
    The GDP of India has always increased in the last 11 years .
    In year 2011 the GDP of India has declined dramatically about 2.7%.
    The current GDP of India is 7.7%.
    The GDP of Finland has always in fluctuation in last 12 years.
    If compare to India`s GDP the rate of Finland GDP is quite low in last 12 years.
  • 17. GDP rate of last 12 years
    India GDP
    Finland GDP
  • 18. How it will help us in future?
    Finland and India have traditionally enjoyed warm and friendly relations .
    Tourism: Favoured Finnish tourist destinations in India are Goa and Kerala, though the country will get foreign exchange.
    There are many bilateral agreements signed by both the countries for making a better future in terms of growth.
    Investment: On the investments side, large Finnish companies like Nokia, Kone elevators, Wartsila and Elcoteq have set up manufacturing facilities in India.
    Technology: As we have discussed earlier about 80 Finnish companies now have operations in India and 30 Indian companies, mainly in the software and consultancy sector are working in Finland.
    Clantech of Finland wants to work with an Indian company.
    The prime minister of Finland is going to visit in India in the month of October .