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Sound energy, Sound
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Sound energy, Sound


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This is a chapter in physics. I class X and a importantchapter

This is a chapter in physics. I class X and a importantchapter

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  • 1. Sound Energy
  • 2. What is sound? Sound is – A form of energy made by vibrations. – When an object vibrates it causes the air particles around it to move. – These particles bump into particles close to them and this continues until they run out of energy.
  • 3. Try this: Putyour finger on your neck and say “aah” as loud as you can. Now say it as soft as you can. You can not only hear the sound, but you can feel the vibration inside your throat.
  • 4. How does sound travel? Soundtravels through all forms of matter— gases, liquids and solid. These are called the medium. Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.
  • 5. What is pitch? Pitch is how high or how low a sound is. This is a high pitched sound. This is a low pitched sound.
  • 6. How does sound travel? Sound passes through the medium as longitudinal waves. When the vibrations are fast you hear a high pitch. When they’re slow, you hear a low pitch. High Pitch Low Pitch
  • 7. How else can we change sound? We can make it louder or softer by changing the amplitude of the height of the wave. The higher the amplitude, the louder the sound. The lower the amplitude the softer the sound. Louder Softer
  • 8. How do musical instruments createsound? Itdepends on the type of instrument. There are four types. – Woodwind – String – Percussion – Brass
  • 9. Woodwinds Instruments Woodwinds make music by blowing on the top of the instrument or on a reed. Clarinet Bassoon OboeFlute Piccolo
  • 10. String Instruments  Strings make music by plucking or strumming the strings. Cello Guitar HarpViolin Electric Guitar
  • 11. Percussion Instruments Percussion instruments make music by striking, shaking or scraping them. Tambourine PianoDrum Xylophone Maracas Cymbals
  • 12. Brass Instruments Brass instruments make music by buzzing lips while blowing. TromboneFrench Horn Tuba Trumpet
  • 13. Did you know? Sound travels 4 times faster through water than through air. There is no sound in space. Geologists use their knowledge of how sound travels through rocks to help them find oil fields.