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Drona is a complete 360 degrees learning & training solution.

Drona enables,

1. Organization authorities to author mobile learning or desktop learning application on their infrastructure using Drona – Authoring

2. Distribute the applications on web or Bluecasting(for mobile apps)

3. Employees to appear for a test/assessments on their Mobile phones or desktops/PCs(within or outside the organization premises)

4. Organization authorities to track and analyze performances on Drona - Backend.

If this interests you, do get in touch at akash{dot}shah{at}deltecs{dot}com for demo or more info.

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Drona - A Mobile Authoring Tool from Deltecs InfoTech

  1. 1. Product Overview - Drona Drona – A Complete 360 degree Learning Solution. Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd Company Confidential Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. Product Overview - Drona 1.0 Introduction The world has witnessed the evolution in learning and training space from Boards & Chalks to Books and then to computers (E-Learning). With the advent of mobile wireless devices, the world is becoming increasingly mobile. To stay abreast with the world, organizations are now rethinking on how to develop and deliver content to their employees or students quickly and in most cases on their hands. Large numbers of companies are realizing that if their reps are on roads then their training and communication need to be mobile too. Most organizations are hence turning to blended learning with Mobile Learning as a key component. Organizations are becoming more geographically distributed while their sales/product teams are becoming increasingly tech savvy, therefore many companies are taking advantage of these new technologies and distributing information consistently to ensure attention and retention. “Drona” is a new age tool to cover 360 degrees of learning feedback cycle – Authoring (Mobile and Desktop), Delivering, Testing, Scoring & Analysis. Drona is designed to cater to multiple segment of audience like Learning Institutes, Market researchers, Training companies. It enables organizations to author mobile as well as desktop applications in their own infrastructure without acquiring any technical know-how. Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd Company Confidential Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. Product Overview - Drona 2.0 Product Overview 2.1 FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW Drona has three components:  Drona Authoring tool  Drona Mobile and Desktop Tests  Drona BI engine Authoring tool: Drona provides authoring for two digital mediums:  Desktops  Mobile Phones Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd Company Confidential Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. Product Overview - Drona The computing and graphics rendering of the two mediums have fundamental differences. Drona considers these differences and attempts to offer its customers with a unique authoring tool that can author the same content for both the mediums. Authoring tool caters to following content type: a. Text b. Graphical images c. Audio/Video Authoring tool allows you to make your own test. The test can be now distributed to the target audience. Mobile tests will be distributed via standard mobile app distribution strategy like Bluecasting/GPRS/WAPPush/Datacables and Desktop tests can be distributed through Web or CDs. Mobile tests and Desktops Tests: Mobile Test Applications: Once mobile test is created using authoring tool, it can be distributed using Bluecast solution or can be downloaded on the mobile phone. The UI of the mobile test application is designed keeping in mind the user fraternity. Scores and analysis of the test can be checked on the phone itself after finishing the Test. Scores are sent back to the servers for further relative performance analysis. Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd Company Confidential Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Product Overview - Drona For more information and on Mobile Learning and Mobile Training for corporates, please download following reading materials. Mobile Training PDF: http://www.deltecs.com/docs/M-Training Deltecs.pdf Mobile Training: http://www.deltecs.com/docs/M-Training Deltecs.ppt Mobile Training Case studies: http://www.deltecs.com/docs/Case Studies.pdf Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd Company Confidential Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. Product Overview - Drona Desktop Test Applications: Drona – Authoring enables you to create desktop (Windows) based assessment applications. Desktop tests can be modeled to work in compete offline mode or online mode. Similar to mobile tests, scores are sent back to Drona backend for further analysis. It allows the test taker to see replay of the test, review the test, bookmarking, etc. Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd Company Confidential Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. Product Overview - Drona BI (Backend Business Intelligence): Results of the test taken will be taken up for analytical purpose by the BI engine. This will be responsible for generating reports of the performance of the participants. BI engine is a sophisticated hosted application that has interfaces open to allow Mobile and desktop based test participants to punch their scores in. Different reports are generated by the system: a. Collated performance of participants b. Subject wise performance of the participants c. Topic wise performance of the participants. Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd Company Confidential Page 7 of 7
  8. 8. Product Overview - Drona 2.1.1 Mobile Authoring Mobile authoring engine allows you to define a test with respect to: a. Subject of the test b. Topic of the test It allows text, image and audio as content. Images need to meet specifications, as mobile devices have screen limitations. On completing the authoring process, a mobile application with rich look and feel is delivered. This application can be broadcasted using Blue-Casting tools or any standard mobile application distribution strategy. Drona – mobile authoring is empowered to generate mobile apps supporting standard Java phones. In recent future, Windows as well as Iphone and Google phones will also be supported. 2.1.2 Desktop Authoring Drona – Desktop authoring engine allows you to define a test with respect to: c. Subject of the test d. Topic of the test It allows text, audio and image as content, on completing the authoring process an executable file is generated which could be distributed to the candidates aspiring to take the test. 2.1.3 BI Engine BI engine as described earlier is a hosted application, and a part of Drona. BI engine forms the important Feedback unit of Drona. It has open interfaces for communication with the test applications (mobile and desktop) to feed the results of the tests. Results are collated and appropriate reports are generated. Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd Company Confidential Page 8 of 7
  9. 9. Product Overview - Drona 2.2 ARCHITECTURE OVERVIEW Architecturally, Drona BI is a three tier Architecture. As shown in the figure below, data is hosted on data servers, while the application is the middle tier and user interface is driven by the web-servers. Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd Company Confidential Page 9 of 7
  10. 10. Product Overview - Drona 2.3 IMPLEMENTATION OVERVIEW BI is hosted on a high configuration system. It can be hosted on your enterprise network. Authoring is desktop application. Desktop Tests are also installable applications for desktops.  OS: Microsoft Windows 98/XP/SP2/SP1/Vista/server 2003/server 2000 Linux / MAC Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd Company Confidential Page 10 of 7
  11. 11. Product Overview - Drona 2.4 FEATURES  Simple UI to create your test  Set your own features of test – replay/scoring/analysis/multiple attempts  Preview the test in a sandbox before publishing  Upload bulk tests from Microsoft word or notepads  create multi-content type tests  Create Bulk Tests. 2.5 BENEFITS  Make better decisions  Cut your costs of creating and then analyzing the tests  No third party dependency  No mobile skill-sets required, can be operated by a layman. End of Document Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd Company Confidential Page 11 of 7