Developing a Teaching portfolio


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This topic is designed specifically for the participants of a workshop on teaching portfolio.

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Developing a Teaching portfolio

  1. 1. Developing a Teaching Portfolio Abd Karim Alias ( Centre for Development of Academic Excellence (CDAE) Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   1  
  2. 2. Types of portfolios •  Teaching •  Learning •  Research •  Professional Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   2  
  3. 3. What is a teaching portfolio? A collection of materials (artifacts) that document teaching performance (Seldin et al., 2010) Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   3  
  4. 4. What is a teaching portfolio? •  A collection of materials (artifacts) that represent your teaching & your students’ learning. •  Document your approach to teaching •  Highlight & provide evidence of your cumulative effort & innovative instructional strategies/approach. Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   4  
  5. 5. ePORTFOLIO Abd  Karim  Alias@2013   5  
  6. 6. ePORTFOLIO ePortfolio (digital portfolio) is a cohesive, powerful, and well-designed collection of electronic documents that demonstrate skills, education, professional development, and the benefits to a selected audience. Acts as a repository of multimedia artefacts/not only for personal record but also as a showcase for other teachers/potential future employers. Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   6  
  7. 7. ePORTFOLIO Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   7  
  8. 8. How are teaching portfolios useful? •  As a “product” for decisions (evaluative, summative) ➾  To communicate your teaching to potential employer; ➾  To communicate your teaching to students, colleagues, community. Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   8  
  9. 9. How are teaching portfolios useful? •  As a “process” for development (formative, reflective) ➾  To record your teaching experiences over time; ➾  Reflect on your goal as a teacher ➾  Assess your teaching strength & areas that need improvement ➾  Generate ideas for future improvement Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   9  
  10. 10. How are teaching portfolios useful? •  As a “process” for development (formative, reflective) ➾  Identify your personal teaching style ➾  Use the portfolio to get feedback from students & peers ➾  Evidence of self-accomplishment Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   10  
  11. 11. What goes into a teaching portfolio? ➾ Overview of teaching experience & responsibilities; ➾ Statement of teaching philosophy ➾ Description of teaching methods & strategies; ➾ Discussion of teaching goals: short& long-term. Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   11  
  12. 12. What goes into a teaching portfolio? ➾ Examples of efforts to improve teaching (e.g., teaching workshops attended, experiment on pedagogy & methodology, action research on innovative approach, observations of others’ teaching); Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   12  
  13. 13. What goes into a teaching portfolio? ➾ Common appendices: ➾ Course materials (e.g., syllabi, assignments, activities, handouts) ➾ Example of student work ➾ Student ratings & written comments from course evaluations ➾ Peer & supervisor reviews Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   13  
  14. 14. Criteria emphasized for AAN Seeking evidence that you have: ➾ A scholarly & innovative approach to teaching ➾ Obtain student and peer feedback of your teaching & you have acted on the feedback ➾ Reflected on how your teaching has influenced student learning ➾ Made an impact on student learning Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   14  
  15. 15. Statement of Teaching Philosophy Questions to consider: ➾ Why do you teach? ➾ Why do you teach your specific subject? ➾ What are your goals as a teacher? ➾ What do you want students to learn from your classes? ➾ How do you encourage certain approach of learning? Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   15  
  16. 16. Statement of Teaching Philosophy Questions to consider: ➾ What particular challenges do your students face? ➾ How do you overcome those challenges? ➾ How do you address the issue of diversity in the classroom? ➾ How do you use technology in your teaching? Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   16  
  17. 17. Statement of Teaching Philosophy Tips for effective statements ➾ Show your personality. ➾ Consider the impression you want to make on your readers – what kind of teachers are you (e.g., enthusiastic, dedicated, reflective, studentoriented, etc.)? ➾ Provide specific examples as evidence for general statement. Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   17  
  18. 18. Teaching Artifacts ➾ Syllabi ➾ Assignments ➾ Lesson plans ➾ Lecture notes ➾ Handouts/worksheets ➾ Quizzes ➾ Example problems Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   18  
  19. 19. Teaching Artifacts ➾ Description of activities that students do in your class ➾ Student work showing your feedback ➾ Student mid-quarter evaluations ➾ Student course evaluations ➾ Feedback from peer ➾ Descriptions of your mentoring activities Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   19  
  20. 20. Teaching Artifacts ➾ Descriptions of curriculum that you have developed ➾ Letters of recommendation or support ➾ Examples of outreach (community) activities ➾ Articles (newspaper, magazine, journal) someone has written about your teaching Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   20  
  21. 21. Teaching Artifacts ➾ Video or audio clips of your teaching ➾ Scholarly articles you have written about teaching ➾ Anything else that you have created to help students learn ➾ Teaching awards/honors Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   21  
  22. 22. SO…can YOU do it? Image  source:  h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/yes-­‐you-­‐can-­‐lisa-­‐knechtel.jpg   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   22