IBM Lotus Notes 360
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IBM Lotus Notes 360






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IBM Lotus Notes 360 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. IBM Lotus Notes Client Management Done Right – Beginning to End© 2012 panagenda
  • 2. IBM Lotus Notes 360 2
  • 3. panagenda Solutions to Lower IT TCO IBM Lotus Notes 360 3
  • 4. 35 Partners Serving Clients in over 80 Countries IBM Lotus Notes 360 4
  • 5. PAN-MarvelClient-PF-100222.pptx 5
  • 6. The Beginning of the Lotus Notes ClientFor brand new users:• User id is created and exists somewhere • ID Vault or File Share or Domino Directory• Notes is installed but not configuredFor existing users:• Notes ID, data, plugins, journal, signatures etc exist and are located on a previous machine• OR old data exists but is lost IBM Lotus Notes 360 6 6
  • 7. Traditional Notes SetupTechnician spends 30-60min plus, to configuring new machines, following a 10-50 page manualThe problem with this method is:• Error prone, resulting in no real standardization• Time intensive, making this very expensive• No way to tell who is setup right or wrong• Old notes data may not be moved to new machines properly IBM Lotus Notes 360 7
  • 8. And to Make Things Worse….Once users get their hands on Notes, things get changed resulting in:• Icons moved out of sights or a wrong one on the top of the stack• Wrong location and connection documents, which cause..• Policies to no longer work• Replicator page problems causing orphaned replicasNow the lack of visibility becomes an even greater problem! IBM Lotus Notes 360 8
  • 9. The FREE Solution: MarvelClient AnalyzeSee over 200 configuration points such as:• How and where Notes client are installed – Identify missing hotfixes or non-standard installs• Mac, Linux, Windows and Citrix machines• Performance issues and network latency• Potential security risks• All icons and bookmarks users have• Wrong location and connection documents IBM Lotus Notes 360 9
  • 10. The Solution: MarvelClient Manage• Define “the perfect Notes client” for any user group, hardware type, Notes version, geography, department etc• Automatically configure Eclipse plug-ins, widgets, location and connection documents, notes.ini settings, local replicas, bookmarks, preferences, profile docs, signatures, dictionaries, full text indexes, ECLs, toolbars and more • Makes new or replacement client setups fast, automated and easy • 100% reliable and error-free IBM Lotus Notes 360 10
  • 11. The Solution: MarvelClient ManageSince all MarvelClient actions can be set to execute once, a __ number of times or persistently, not only are Notes clients deployed perfectly, they remain perfectly configured, 365 days a year • Over 80% support call reduction is easily achieved as help desk calls are prevented entirelyManage ID files in a reliable and secure way with our “ID Vault” like storage facility • ID files, certificates etc are transparently collected, stored securely, downloaded as needed IBM Lotus Notes 360 11
  • 12. PAN-MarvelClient-PF-100222.pptx 12
  • 13. The Only Constant is – Everything ChangesRegardless of your IBM Lotus use:• Server consolidations or decommissions take place • Impacting workspace, location and connection docs, replicator page entries, bookmarks, Sametime communities• Mergers, re-certifications or renames happen • Affecting all of the above plus ECL’s• New features get introduced • Such as Citrix or other virtualization efforts • Eclipse plugins get (attempted to be) deployed • Roaming gets introduced to a portion of the company IBM Lotus Notes 360 13 13
  • 14. The Only Constant is – Everything Changes• Applications get deployed and decommissioned • Leaving orphaned and wrong info on clients• Users and apps get moved • Leading to wrong location docs for mail• New software is released and client need to be upgraded • Change from mapped network drive to local installs • Working directories and Eclipse may change • Changes in preference from shared client to single user client IBM Lotus Notes 360 14 14
  • 15. The Policy Challenge• Policies depend on an already functioning/setup client • In my experience less than 75% of users actually receive policies• They don’t provide you with any inventory to see clients• They don’t truly adapt to your users’ unique situation • LAN vs. VPN, geography, Citrix user, able to deal with things outside the data directory• They aren’t predictable, can happen anytime.... or not...• Most settings cannot be UNset once set• They typically cannot repeat actions IBM Lotus Notes 360 15 15
  • 16. The Solution: MarvelClient MigrateTransparently adjusts workspace icons, bookmarks, replicator page entries as well as replicationhistory to make even the most complex project seamless for end users Typical MIGRATE Project Most Common Request for MIGRATE Consolidating Servers Cleanup of existing, outdated client info Re-certifying users or servers Domain mergers IBM Lotus Notes 360 16
  • 17. Traditional Notes RoamingNotes based roaming is:• Very large at 20 – 150 MB • Look at the size of your workspace• Slow – see above• Network intensive – see above• Depends on policies and ID Vault • Not entirely reliable• Struggles with roaming eclipse components • Requires additional restarts IBM Lotus Notes 360 17
  • 18. The Solution: MarvelClient Roaming• Just 2 -4 MB network storage required• One-step upgrades by roaming data from Notes 6 single-user into Notes 8.5.3 multi- user clients (for example)• Issue new machines instantly with all appropriate client data• Save up to 95% network traffic and disk storage while roaming to/from Citrix• Makes Notes clients with data directory on network drives efficient and manageable• Network independent while the Notes client is running IBM Lotus Notes 360 18
  • 19. The Geography Problem• User in New York• Sends Doc|DB-Link to user in California• Unfortunately, the user in California does not open the database from a local server• ... but from the one in New York• ... or even Alaska *ouch* (dang you, Alphabet!)--> This also applies to policies IBM Lotus Notes 360 19
  • 20. Back-upThe Solution: MarvelClient Realtime Functions Optimal Server Connectivity• Optimal server connectivity by Locations of company servers Locations of a mobile Notes user during travels automatic and dynamic redirection of all client pointers to appropriate servers• Differentiates between LAN, WAN, VPN; works on the fly without Notes client restart With REALTIME, mobile users are• Redirects icons, bookmarks, location automatically connected/redirected to the right servers to optimize connection and connection documents, replicator speed. entries Without REALTIME, Notes automatically connects the the• Dynamic restriction of database user to his home server, no matter creation or deletion where the user is IBM Lotus Notes 360 20
  • 21. PAN-MarvelClient-PF-100222.pptx 21
  • 22. Traditional Notes Upgrades – Coming 360• We’re back to the “setting up new users” topic• Solving a problem starts with understanding it – How do you upgrade or standardize clients you cant see• IT is forced to guess, making this VERY frustrating and expensive – Who is installed in a non-standard way – Who has data on network drives – Who has the Admin and Developer clients installed – Who doesn’t have sufficient memory/disk space IBM Lotus Notes 360 22
  • 23. The Depth of Notes 8.x 17‘000 files in Notes Program directory in 1‘800 subdirectories • 7‘500 (largely undocumented) .properties files, 1‘500 jar files, 1‘200 HTML files 3‘000 files in Notes Dataworkspace directory in 2‘400 subdirectories, out of which 1‘850 are empty • 900 (largely undocumented) XML files and 100+ (largely undocumented) properties files IBM Lotus Notes 360 23
  • 24. The Depth of Notes 8.xIn total, that is • 20‘000 files in 4‘600 subdirectories • 8‘500+ largely undocumented files • Many (many many) subdirectories are plain empty, especially in Dataworkspace • ... and around 100 NSFs/NTF‘s • ... and the good old notes.ini file IBM Lotus Notes 360 24
  • 25. Add to that over 80 Preference Dialogs Approximately 12‘000 settings across the: • local address book • notes.ini • XML files7‘500Which does not include any plugins,widgets, addons, that you or yourusers may have installed. IBM Lotus Notes 360 25
  • 26. Back-up The Solution: MarvelClient Upgrade• Is Notes aware, knows the client setup and mis-configuration to begin with• Transparently deploy upgrade packages in a network-friendly, throttled way• Upgrade Notes clients, Sametime, eclipse components, hotfixes etc• Once all components are available locally, the user is presented with the choice to upgrade or delay• Allows for touchless upgrades while properly standardizing all users IBM Lotus Notes 360 26
  • 27. Traditional Eclipse Management• Requires trusted and signed plugins – Complex and time intensive setup• The way Eclipse is managed constantly changes – Even if you figured out how to edit plugin_customization.ini or others, won’t help• Is a complex framework – Dealing with instances and defaults for users• Great functionality but difficult to implement – Also difficult to roam and support IBM Lotus Notes 360 27
  • 28. The Solution: MarvelClient EclipseReliably manage Eclipse components or preferences such as:• Change, add, query or delete• Dock the open launcher• Set the embedded browser• Hide the feedreaderDeploy or un-deploy plugins• Usually, without a required restart• To anyone based on any condition – no widget catalog requiredManage Sametime Communities and settings• Add, change, merge or delete IBM Lotus Notes 360 28
  • 29. PAN-MarvelClient-PF-100222.pptx 29
  • 30. MarvelClient OverviewSingle .dll or .so or .dylib  deployed via built-in mail function, mail postopen script, Altiris, SMS, ZENWorks etcTwo Notes.ini entries  EXTMGR_ADDINS=mc.dll  MC_DB=%notes_homeserver%!!... IBM Lotus Notes 360 30
  • 31. MarvelClient Modules Significantly Reduce Notes TCO …... typically leading to payback period of 2-6 months while improving end users experience Module Function Benefit Inventory of current issues, impact Analyze Gaining Insight into your Notes client infrastructure assessment for new projects Migrate Mass Changes for consolidations, cleanup, mergers Automatically redirects all client pointers Manage Client configuration and Eclipse management Up to 80% fewer helpdesk calls Intelligent server connectivity for travelling users, Citrix Increased end user satisfaction with Realtime users and consolidated environments „Notes just works“ 80-90% smaller client profiles Roaming Full client roaming with 90% less data requirement 80-90% less network & server load „Throttled“ package deployment and automated client Touchless and intelligent upgrades while Upgrade upgrade, including of components also standardizing client installs Deploy and un-deploy plugins, configure Sametime, Seamless Eclipse setup, standardization, Eclipse setup embedded browser and more full control over Sametime Zip/Unzip 25% smaller mail files Automatic attachment compression and file blocking File Blocking 40% less network load IBM Lotus Notes 360 31
  • 32. MarvelClient Benefits Administration EffortInitial Notes setup - Change of department – User and app movesApp and Server decomissioning – Application Deployment Project Duration and EffortMigrations - Upgrades – Consolidations - Re-certifications - Mergers Cost of Data Storage and TransferAutomatic attachment compression - Intelligent restrictions for sendingattachments - Efficient Notes client roaming End User Experience„Self Healing“ clients - Willingness to invest in other IBM offerings further - Less down time and frustration - Up to 70% faster Notes startup times IBM Lotus Notes 360 32
  • 33. MarvelClient in SummaryGranting companies complete power over the Notes client setups, therefore reducingNotes TCO while enabling investment in new IBM software, features and versions. Fastest client management tool 100% successful initial setups and change up to 10,500 links per second ongoing client configurations What other products do in minutes, we do in 95% less network load compared to seconds Notes Data on network drives Most used & proven 70% faster Notes client startup times Based on longest client management 80% less help desk calls experience in the market 70% shorter projects for migration, 4.4 million licensed modules consolidation and recertification on Large consolidation and migration projects clients • 120,000 users; 200,000 replicas from 200  40 Domino servers 50% less mail network traffic • 140,000 users; 250,000 replicas from 1,300 25% less disk space for mailfiles  90 Domino servers (40% smaller DAOS footprint) IBM Lotus Notes 360 33
  • 34. Questions? Francie Tanner Technical Director, Americas panagenda Inc – Client Management, Server Monitoring & more 60 State Street, Suite 700 Boston, MA 02109 (USA) Skype: francietanner Cell: +1 264 584 1060 Fax: +1 415 449 5940 E-Mail: IBM Lotus Notes 360 34