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  • Thank you to all the local centres and partners who make good things happen
  • Housing event Jan14

    1. 1. Supporting your residents to get online London Housing Financial Inclusion Group Aniela Kaczmarczyk, Tinder Foundation 24 January 2014 Tinder Foundation makes these good things happen:
    2. 2. Goal is to create independent and confident internet users Not about broadband infrastructure Not about one-off usage
    3. 3. 1m+ people with new basic digital skills * UK online centres: April 2010 – July 2012 20 January 2014:
    4. 4. www.learnmyway.com •Access over 25 courses anywhere! •Create your own learning plans. •Receive certificates. •Register and save your learning. Coming soon…. •Create your own courses with our course builder.
    5. 5. Management Information • Collects data from www.learnmyway.com. • Great tool to measure outputs. • Drill down to learner detail. • Export full report To CSV. • Use your data to present to members of your team or include in funding bids.
    6. 6. Digital Champion Training • E learning course • Customised face to face workshops • Webinars
    7. 7. Marketing Campaigns • • Start Something Online (February 2014) Get online week (October 2014)
    8. 8. Supporting your business www.digitalhousinghub.ning.com www.digitalhousinghub.ning.com
    9. 9. Local is familiar, nearby, where help is on hand
    10. 10. People make this happen Digital is just the tool we use
    11. 11. PEOPLE make good things happen People becoming a volunteer when he’s 93 years old as his mates aren’t getting the benefits of the web sers rnet u inte fident ork con oming n the netw c eer 00 be teers i volunt 75,0 nto volun ers going o 25,000 ll learn fa 12% o
    12. 12. PEOPLE make good things happen People helping job seekers to look for work online when they’ve not had a job for 10 years sers rnet u tch t inte nfiden sal Job Ma co oming e Univer bec us 5,000 7 ed to help 5,000 3
    13. 13. PEOPLE make good things happen People helping patients to use digital in the ward and take it home with them ation nform es lt h i al hea th resourc igit ed in d nline heal gag ple en d to use o peo aine 0,000 10 ople tr pe 50,000
    14. 14. People make this happen Digital is just the tool we use
    15. 15. Thank You aniela@tinderfoundation.org tinderfoundation.org digitalhousinghub.ning.com