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Webbdagarna: Service Design Trends 2013
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Webbdagarna: Service Design Trends 2013


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Creuna’s Fredrik Marcus, Marcus Johansson and Ali Ivmark present their thoughts on Service Design, Brand Values, Customer Experience and “the living brand ecosystem”.

Creuna’s Fredrik Marcus, Marcus Johansson and Ali Ivmark present their thoughts on Service Design, Brand Values, Customer Experience and “the living brand ecosystem”.

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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  • 1. SERVICEDESIGNTRENDSFredrik Marcus, Ali Ivmark and Marcus JohanssonMay 30, 2013Twenty Thirteen
  • 2. 6Ali IvmarkDesign Directorali.ivmark@creuna.seTwi “FM” MarcusCD/AD/2D/3D/HD inte VDfm@creuna.seTwi JohanssonSenior Interaction Designermarcus.johansson@creuna.seTwi
  • 3. Service DesignCompanies like Adobe, Facebook, Googleand most recently Accenture have acquiredrenowned Service Design agencies to helpthem better prioritize their design andcustomer experience offering.
  • 4. Over 40% of the companies that were atthe top of the fortune 500 in 2000 wereno longer THERE in 2010
  • 5.
  • 6. BEING SUCCESSFUL TODAY COMES DOWN TO 1 THING:A company’s will to change.A fundamentally held belief that it’s not justthe features, stuffed into the products, rolledout into the services that defines a brand, butrather their brand values and how their brandvalues connect to and reflect their customers’values.
  • 7. Was Blockbuster just inflexible tothe idea of Change?
  • 8. Netflix knew they weren’t in the business ofmedia & entertainment as much as they were inthe business of serving their customers.
  • 9. The old world was a worldof one-off solutions.Today requires a livingbrand ecosystem,as complex as it may be....#OPENBrandSummit, May 9, 2013
  • 10. A LIVING BRAND ECOSYSTEM JUST MEANSCompanies need to evolvetheir service models basedon their customers‘ needsand expectations acrossALL touchpoints.
  • 11. MOST IMPORTANTLY, DON’T JUST USE YOURECOSYSTEM AS A DELIVERY MECHANISMrather think of it as aplayground!Invite your customers to come and not onlyconsume the products, but rather engage,embrace, celebrate, share and simply takepride and joy in the brand.
  • 12. BECAUSE WE ALL KNOWA brand is only as good ascustomer says it is.
  • 13. A Brand’s set of valuesshould always be inline withthe Customer’s own set ofvalues.THE ONE AND ONLY INSIGHT THAT YOU SHOULD TAKEWITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE THIS PRESENTATION
  • 15. BRAND VALUES ARE PRIMARILY BASED ON THE CUSTOMER’SPERCEPTION OF THE BRAND’S OFFERING ACROSS 3 KEY PILLARS.The “Big” Customer Experience across theentire ecosystemThe Technical adaption for each and everycontext or touchpointThe business models (such as offeringeverything from Trial to Pro to satisfy newand existing customers)
  • 16. YOU CAN USE THIS TOOL TObetter identify and evaluateservices as well as servicetrends respective to eachpillarWe’ll demonstrate with a few examples herehow you might do that!
  • 17. Customer TrendsCustomer service trends can beexamples where customers are in thedriver’s seat – influencing the futureor nature of a given service.
  • 18. 620Good Customer Experiencedesign is the differencebetween a generic run-of-the-mill service and that of asymbiotic brand relationshipwhere shared values lead toa deep and meaningfulengagement.
  • 19. 6Mobile surpasses Desktop621Netflix’ TV By NumbersBig Data
  • 20. 22NETFLIX IS PLACING A BIG BET ON BIG DATAWill content be their nextbig move?They’ve been collecting massive amounts ofcustomer data to improve recommendations.Now they’re thinking they don’t just want tostream what you want to watch, but rathercreate the content you want to watch.
  • 21. “Pick a movement, pick arevolution and join it.”Jack Dorsey, Founder of SquareDisrupt SF 2012, September 21, 201223
  • 22. 6BuycottConsumer RevolutionBuycott
  • 23. 25BUYCOTT TAKES TRANSPARENCY TO NEW HEIGHTSIt helps you activelysupport the causes youcare about and oppose theones you don’t.
  • 24. Tech TrendsPhygital – not so much of a trend asa transition phase while we get morecomfortable to a more digitallyaugmented world.
  • 25. 627Technology is at its bestwhen it is invisible, behind-the-scenes enablingpeople to do what theyalways do, just moreproductively, delightfullyor magically.
  • 26. 6Mobile surpasses Desktop62813th Lab: Immersive EngagementPygital
  • 27. 13TH LAB SAYS THEY ARE“Hyperlinking the realworld with digital”Their proprietary platform is based on NASArover technology. They’re simply applying it toreal world scenarios to bring you closer to theexperience.
  • 28. 630Play in YouTube
  • 29. 6Tesco’sTesco: Virtual ShoppingPygital
  • 30. TESCO VIRTUAL STORE AT GATWICK INTERNATIONAL“70 minutes dead time –now that can be put toreally good efficient use.”After trialing Tesco Homeplus virtual shoppingin South Korea, they brought the service to theUK where they’ve found new ways to betterevolve the customer experience.
  • 31. 633Play in YouTube
  • 32. Business TrendsRadical transparency (retail), crowdfundingand subscriptions are just a few of theemerging business practices we’re seeing atthe moment.
  • 33. 635Business today isnt aboutbenchmarking oneselfagainst the competition,its about genuinelyaligning one’s core valueswith the Customers’ andserving their needs like noone else can.
  • 34. 6EverlaneRadical Retail
  • 35. EVERLANE IS ALL ABOUT“Radical Transparency -Know your factories. Knowyour costs. Always ask why.”Everlane wanted to come to Canada, but theywanted to do it right and include theircustomers’ input. So they used the Kickstartermodel and set a goal at $100,000 pledges.
  • 36. 6KickstarterCrowdfunding
  • 37. Crowdfunding platformsraised $2.7 Billion in 2012.The forecast for 2013 is $5.1 Billion.MassolutionCrowdfunding Research Group
  • 38. “We thinksubscriptionsare the wrongpath. We thinkpeople wantto own theirown music.”Steve Jobs, 2003Founder of Apple
  • 39. The ‘Buy’ button has beenreplaced by the ‘Subscribe’,‘Upgrade’, and ‘Renew’buttons.Zuora.comSubscription Economists
  • 40. Fredrik Marcus
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  • 54. ConclusionConclusion
  • 55. WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT IF ALL OUR FAVORITE SERVICEShad one big playground?Where we didn’t have to worry about our dataspecific borders and limitations, we could justexperience all that stuff we like, share, saveand play everywhere we wanted to? A trivialcase, but for example, if you could listen toyour youtube playlists in Spotify or watchyour Spotify playlists in youtube?
  • 56. Ok, maybe that’s a bit faroff, how about just startingoff by making the customernumber 1 priority?
  • 57. 659CUSTOMERVALUEBUSINESSVALUETECHVALUEContinual alignment with the Customer’s needsand values makes for an unstoppable brand!Brand Values
  • 58. Digital Briefing
  • 59. QUESTIONSThanks for listening!