Can You Make Money as an Interior Designer


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Not sure if you can make money as an interior designer? Stop making excuses. Get FREE help at #interiordesigner #interiordesign

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Can You Make Money as an Interior Designer

  1. 1. « «
  2. 2. We’re going to need a lot of margaritas to get through this. Wish you were a “Million Dollar Decorator”?
  3. 3. just wish you could be rolling in dough like a filthy Kardashian. Without selling your soul to El Diablo? Careful what you wish for. Look where that left me.
  4. 4. I’m here to tell you that it is totes possible, but. You have to make it happen. But! Oooh! I’d love to make pretty rooms of plaid.
  5. 5. Um, great? I mean, I’m pretty sure I’m dope. In a straight up gangsta way. Everything and everyone is here for a reason.
  6. 6. Just because designing beautiful interiors comes easy to you... doesn’t mean that you can’t make money doing just that.
  7. 7. Quit putting up your own roadblocks.
  8. 8. But it’s so hard to make the Benjamins, ya feel me bro? We tell ourselves 85 reasons why it won’t work, but instead why don’t we start focusing on why it will work.
  9. 9. Are you waiting for someone to give you permission? “Take a chance, you stupid whore.” What?!That’s what Gwen Stefani says.
  10. 10. Are you waiting for someone to do it for you? “To the tic-toc ya don't stop”... Damn thatTone Loc was a lyrical genius, eh?
  11. 11. Are you waiting until you know everything? I couldn’t tie my own shoes, so what’s stopping you?
  12. 12. Are you waiting for someone to tell you that you’re good enough? Sweetheart, you’re simply being a selfish child when you don’t share your gift with the world. Really? I totally don’t want to be a selfish wench, Daddy.
  13. 13. Are you waiting for someone to tell you that you’re already an expert?
  14. 14. Today, I am telling you that...
  15. 15. You have permission to... make your dream come true. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta. A gangsta interior designer, yo.
  16. 16. Fred, did ya make my dream come true yet? I’m waiting. What do I look like? A damned interior design business fairy?! No one will do it for you.
  17. 17. You don’t have to know everything. That’s HOW they make baby interior design businesses into empires?!
  18. 18. You are good enough. I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!
  19. 19. That’s right, No one puts Baby in the corner. You’re already an expert.
  20. 20. Get out of your own way and make shit happen. Because you can. I know you can.
  21. 21. I’m crazy enough to think I can do this. Crazy like cat lady crazy. No matter if you have a shitty bridge job, 17 kids, a husband who doesn’t believe in you, or friends who think you’re smoking crack Really, it doesn’t matter. are you waiting for a better time?
  22. 22. Time’s running out. For reals. There will never be a better time than now.
  23. 23. we just gotta have the FAITh that... it’s all gonna work out in our favor. ♫Life is a mystery, Everyone must stand alone I hear Design call my name And it feels like home♫
  24. 24. Nothing can stop you once you CHOOSE success. You're perfect and this is the perfect time.
  25. 25. So, are you choosing success today or are you going to let your life pass you by? Damn Straight, Success looks HAWT on me.
  26. 26. ready to create your interior design empire? I’d love to help you create your interior design empire. I’ll be your interior design business fairy. *crazy eyes extra. Work with me today! Alycia Wicker Get Free Help @