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Producing high-quality documents with Plone

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Explains how to generated RTF, PDF, ODT, DOCX and WML from Plone contgent

Explains how to generated RTF, PDF, ODT, DOCX and WML from Plone contgent

More in: Technology
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  • 1. Producing high-quality office documents with Plone Plone Conference 2007, Naples, Italy Andreas Jung ZOPYX Ltd. & Co KG D-72070 Tübingen, Germany www.zopyx.com, info@zopyx.com
  • 2. About me working w/ Zope since 1999 Zope 2 release manager Co-founder and 2nd chairman German Zope User Group (DZUG) Author of various software for Zope/Plone: TextIndexNG 1-3, PloneCollectorNG, SQLAlchemyDA, zopyx.convert, z3c.sqlalchemy CEO of ZOPYX Ltd. & Co. KG focused on e-publishing solutions (Python, Zope, Plone) zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 3. Plone has a poor export story for office formats zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 4. Available solutions for PDF htmldoc-based solutions: Plone2PDF htmldoc is fast but it sucks: no CSS support, poor PDF quality Reportlab-based solutions fast, good quality, not straight-forward zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 5. No out-of-the-box solution for Plone available: for generating PDF and other office formats (Word, RTF, Open-Office) stylesheet support configurable templates and content aggregation zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 6. SmartPrintNG exports Plone content to PDF, ODT, WML, RTF, DOCX per content-type configurable content-aggregation templates and styles works out-of-the-box with any content-type highly configurable and customizable zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 7. A quick demo... http://smartprintng.zopyx.com zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 8. A quick look under the hood of SmartPrintNG zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 9. A cross-format+platform solution Build on top of XSL-FO technology XSL-FO: Extensible Stylesheet Language- Formatting Objects a W3C recommendation consider it as a XML-ish typesetting system similiar to TEX much nicer output; supports hyphenation zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 10. XSL-FO zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 11. Historical background XSL-FO based approach in use for the Haufe iDesk plattform iDesk: Zope 2-based cross-plattform framework for content-retrieval applications in use since 2005 deployed to more than 150.000 customers (means: 150.000 customers running Zope on their Windows desktop) zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 12. XSL-FO wants XML, but we have only HTML! zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 13. All hail css2xslfo Input: XML/CSS2 or XHTML/CSS Output: XSL-FO document Java-based http://www.re.be/ the „transformer“ zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 14. From XSL-FO to PDF & friends zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 15. XSL-FO processors (the „formatters“) a XSL-FO processor converts a XSL-FO document to some output format XINC (www.lunasil.com): Output format: PDF XFC (www.xmlmind.com): Output formats: RTF, DOCX, WML, ODT zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 16. XSL-FO processors (2) XFC and XINC: Java-based -> cross-plattform „it just works“ [tm] commercial :-( but worth their money other converter are even more expensive about 500-600 Euro/CPU core/server zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 17. HTML-Fixer HTML-Tidy HTML aggregation adapter HTML css2xslfo (Java) XSL-FO xer manipulator Template/ XINC (java) XFC (Java) CSS chooser Template Document renderer (PDF, RTF, ODT, DOCX) SmartPrintNG zopyx.convert zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 18. Content-type specific configuration ZCML: <smartprintng:resourceDirectory interfaces=quot;Products.ATContentTypes.interface.interfaces.IATDocumentquot; directory=quot;documentquot; /> Filesystem: > ls -la document -rw------- 1 ajung users 540 Sep 5 18:53 Big.css -rw------- 1 ajung users 515 Sep 5 18:52 StandardStylesheet.css -rw------- 1 ajung users 820 Sep 5 18:50 StandardTemplate.pt -rw------- 1 ajung users 617 Sep 5 17:34 default.fo_css zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 19. SmartPrintNG - more features configurable header & footer regions within HTML support for counters (e.g. page counters) conditional output for left and right pages multi-column support hyphenation support zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 20. Image support supports images inside Plone and external images converted internally to PNG open issues: images resolution selection fitting images into a fixed layout zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 21. zopyx.convert encapsulates the complete XSL-FO conversion logic wraps css2xslfo, XINC and XFC inside a Python Package Input: HTML Output: PDF, RTF, ODT, DOCX, WML available as egg - use it a non-Zope environment zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 22. zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 23. zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 24. zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 25. (Free) alternatives? Apache FOP processor: old FOP 0.4 sucked like hell new FOP 0.9.X sucks less, moving slowly only PDF support Open-Office (server mode) not stable enough another fat dependency zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG
  • 26. SmartPrintNG Licensing Free for non-commercial use educational institutions NGOs charity organiziations OSS projects commercial license in preparation for commercial usage (for buying an OEM license) zopyx.com - SmartPrintNG