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Rebuilding a City through Community Participation, Neogeography and GIS
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Rebuilding a City through Community Participation, Neogeography and GIS


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The City of New Orleans is undergoing fast, and often unchecked reformations. Following Hurricane Katrina, the citizens were forced to evaluate and rebuild. However, pulling together disparate sources …

The City of New Orleans is undergoing fast, and often unchecked reformations. Following Hurricane Katrina, the citizens were forced to evaluate and rebuild. However, pulling together disparate sources of information, freeing government data, and understanding the situation was difficult.

Individual organizations began to use readily available tools to capture and collect data. Flickr photos of historic buildings, online spreadsheets of demolition permits, collaborative mapping of citizens to discuss rebuilding neighborhoods and problem areas.

Through a mixture of awareness, coworking sessions, and the applications of higher-level tools, the various groups were able to pull the geospatial information together for advanced analysis and community planning.

This presentation will discuss the various emergent and coordinated processes that are used in the city to engage citizens and government. Through utilization of existing consumer services as well as lightweight geospatial tools and more complex GIS analysis the city is gaining understanding and the ability to move forward together.

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  • 1. Rebuilding a City through Community, Neogeography, and GIS Andrew Turner FortiusOne - Mapufacture
  • 2. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
  • 3. Damage Awareness Hurricane Katrina
  • 4. Crisis Reporting Hurricane Katrina
  • 5. Return to Normal
  • 6. Return to Normal
  • 7. Return to Normal
  • 8. Gut
  • 9. topophilia love of place
  • 10. New Orleans
  • 11. Green Dot Map
  • 12. Where is my House? Green Dot Map
  • 13. Prove Yourself Viable Where is my House? Green Dot Map
  • 14. Prove Yourself Viable By Green We Mean Bulldozer Where is my House? Green Dot Map
  • 15. Green Dot Map
  • 16. Open Data Green Dot Map
  • 17. Broadmoor Green Dot Map
  • 18.
  • 19. Community Broadmoor
  • 20. Blogs Broadmoor
  • 21. Forums Broadmoor
  • 22. Mid-City Green Dot Map
  • 23. Community Mid-City
  • 24. Wiki Mid-City
  • 25. Flip that Neighborhood Mid-City
  • 26. Demolitions
  • 27. Newspapers Demolitions
  • 28. from Newspaper Listings
  • 29. to Spreadsheets
  • 30. to Maps
  • 31. to Blog Posts
  • 32. to Flickr Photos
  • 33. Brought Together Demolitions
  • 34. Community Meetings Demolitions
  • 35. Community Meetings Demolitions
  • 36. Community Meetings Demolitions
  • 37. Save our Schools
  • 38. School Facilities Master Plan for Orleans Parish
  • 39. Regional-Modernism
  • 40. School Facilities Master Plan
  • 41. Geolocated Plans Save our Schools
  • 42. Historic Photographs Save our Schools
  • 43. Taylor’s 1924 Map
  • 44. Taylor’s Map - Rectified
  • 45. Scientifically Minded
  • 46. Go Huey!
  • 47. Save our Schools
  • 48. Workshop Agenda Lesson 1 Learn the basic functions of ArcGIS Setting up ArcMap Adding data and geography layers The Belfer Center’s Broadmoor Project Working with layouts For New Orleans Community Engagement Lesson 2 Introduction to American Factfinder Downloading Census and American Community Survey data to map NEW ORLEANS NEIGHBORHOOD Downloading geography files including tracts, zip codes, blocks and othe Preparing Census tract data in Excel to import into ArcGIS LEADERSHIP FORUM SERIES Lesson 3 Joining data and geography files invites you to a Creating thematic (color shaded) maps to display data Working with legends and interval breaks Lesson 4 GIS Community Mapping How to do common spatial queries Lesson 5 Training Workshop Where to download free address data and other New Orleans and neighborhood specific data for Geocoding (address mapping) Mapping New Orleans Neighborhoods: Lesson 6 Introduction to GIS & Community Analysis Elements of good maps including colors, fonts and map must haves Critique of several maps A GIS Training Session Conducted by New Urban Research, Inc. This training course is conducted by New Urban Research, Inc., and is underwritten by The B (An Add-on Session to the Leadership Center’s Broadmoor Project, the Broadmoor Improvement Association, the Broadm Development Corporation, and Bard College. The underwriters are providing access for Forum event on Data Collection and Use Orleans neighborhood leaders to this training course conducted by New Urban Research, Inc. materials taught in the training do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Har GIS Workshops for Neighborhood Leaders) University, The Kennedy School of Government, The Belfer Center, or Bard College. Community Mapping Friday, November 2nd
  • 49. Gentilly Maps
  • 50. GNODC Community Mapping
  • 51. Spam as Population
  • 52. Orleans Parish Mapufacture Tulane School of Communication District Architecture •! Code base •! Public Safety •! Accessible GIS •!Historic Preservation Histoirc Preservation •! GIS Data •! Archival Data Southern Institute City-Works Public Library •! Social Justice •! Urban Planning •! Getting Things Done •! Tangible Outcomes Next Actions Collective Journalism Neighborhood Coworking •! Transparency Velocity •! Next Questions •! Place based !! State next steps. •! Project oriented !! Report progress. Community Architecture
  • 53. 3 year anniversary
  • 54. 3 year anniversary
  • 55. n e d tp o P o s 3 year anniversary
  • 56. Storm Tracking Hurricane Gustav
  • 57. Hurricane Gustav
  • 58. Iterate
  • 59. Public Data
  • 60. HurricaneWiki
  • 61.
  • 62. Hurricane Ike
  • 63. Demolitions 2.0 not really funny
  • 64. Demolitions 2.0
  • 65. Thank you
  • 66. Appreciation • Thanks to: • Alan Gutierrez ( • Francine Stock ( • Karen Gadbois ( • For their continual work in creating and connecting a community and allowing me to help. They also generated much of the materials used in this presentation.