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Top 10 Google Tips in keynote

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  • SteedEDUC5611Module3

    1. 1. Top 10 Google Tips for Teachers By: Amanda Steed EDUC 5611 Spring 2010 Dr. Wall
    2. 2. Number 10 Consolidate Your E-mail using Gmail Do you have a separate e-mail account for work? What about an account for strictly personal use? Do you ever check your APSU account? Wouldn’t it be nice to just check one account? With a Gmail account you can read all your emails by checking only ONE account!
    3. 3. Number Nine: Forgotten Attachment Detector Do you ever get email replies that say something like, “you forgot to attach the file”? You no longer have to worry! If you are using Gmail, it will remind you that you mentioned an attachment but did not attach it.
    4. 4. Number Eight: Show Options to refine your search Overwhelmed with the responses your search returned? Click “Show Options” to refine your search and find exactly what you are looking for without searching through useless information. Click here to watch a video that will show you more details
    5. 5. Number Seven: Highlight Your Gmail with Labels Now that you have all of your email coming in to one account, how do you keep track of the really important ones? You can highlight and/or flag emails using Gmail labels. Create labels for items that need urgent attention, items that need to be put on your to- do list/calendar, or even highlight the ones that have information you may use later in lesson planning.
    6. 6. Number Six: Google Custom Search Engine The custom search engine allows teachers to manipulate the information their students are searching You control where the information is coming from so you don’t have to worry that your students are being misinformed or seeing things they shouldn’t.
    7. 7. Number Five: Chrome Pass There are so many websites that offer lesson plan prep materials and the each require a login name and password. Do you have too many different logins and passwords to remember? Chrome Pass allows you to look at the user name and passwords for sites you have accessed using the Google Chrome browser.
    8. 8. Number Four: Want to share information from a webpage with your colleagues or your students? By using the pdf download bookmarklet you can create a pdf file from any web page. pdf files are easier to print and easier to email.
    9. 9. Number Three: Reopen a closed tab “AAACCCKKKKK!!!! I didn’t mean to close that tab, and I don’t remember how I got there!” If you are running the Google Chrome Browser you can imply press Control+Shift+T to reopen closed tabs.
    10. 10. Number Two: filetype:??? Do you wish you had a PowerPoint to share with your students but don’t have the time to create your own? Do you wonder if someone else has already created a handout related to your current topic so that you can use your time to focus on something else? Google allows you to search the internet for specific types of files. Just use “filetype:” followed by the abbreviation for the file type while searching. For example to find a PowerPoint on The Diary of Anne Frank type “The Diary of Anne Frank filetype:ppt” * Note you can view the file as HTML before downloading it to your computer.
    11. 11. And now, what I believe to be the Google tip for teachers...
    12. 12. Pictures are great to use as attention grabbers before a lesson, as well as to help students visualize concepts being taught in the lesson. You no longer have to worry about finding a picture that relates to your lesson. If it is out there Google images will find it for you!