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Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
Ogd camp 2011
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Ogd camp 2011


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. @hackdeoverheid (more) open data and Apps
  • 2. Hackathon ±Hackathons: Data and problem pitching, coding, showcasing prototypes, drinks
  • 3.  
  • 4.  
  • 5. App-competitions ±Appcompetitions: Announce; Release (data); Hack(athon); Submit; Reward
  • 6. 48 Apps 120 Hackers Transport-data
  • 7. 24 Apps 65 Hackers Geo-data
  • 8. Programme
    • Open data Bazaar
      • showcasing the opendata field, let others shine. Invited all 'local' dutch communities and initiatives (works)
      • workshops for important opendataprojects like openkvk, openOV, opencultuurdata, openspending in the NL (works).
      • Engaging important decisionmakers en potential partners (works)
      • hackathon with education: a lot of fun, important work, but groups of student need more time to built a workable prototype. (educational envolvement is a long term value, so it works)
  • 9. Programme (2)
    • Open data weekend
      • Located in the former Shell Building
      • Workshops for the projects
      • Hackathon (targeted audience 150 hackers)
      • Evening programme with food and international keynotes from code and design guru's
      • Shared venue with PUBLIC evening / night programme organized by the Eddy the Eagle Museum. Art goes dataviz and interactive data-installations - party.
      • Possiblities for 'camping' for coders outside of town
      • --> Already really proud and looking forward to this first important step to engage 'normal people with opendata'
  • 10.
    • Does not scale to ‘all’-governments, firstmover only tactics?
      • Expensive
      • Too much events?
      • Too few developers?
      • Repetition will slow down the outcomes?
    More Apps-competitions?
  • 11.
    • Apps that are built on local data should be scaled nationwide across all pertaining areas.
      • Does organizing local app competitions make sense, or does it duplicate time and effort and create redundancy in application coverage?
      • However, innovations should be able to start ‘local’
    More Apps-competitions?
  • 12.
    • government capabilities to co-create competitions focusing on the community?
      • We had luck with the gov people sofar
      • But the process is challenging and bureaucratic
      • With introduction of constraints which not optimize success, but reduce risks (no way)
        • Not use the words hack / hackathon
        • In terms of projects, locations, programmes, entourage
    More Apps-competitions?
  • 13.
    • 1. how we can engage civic hackers to work with us on open data while we gradually transform government and society?
    • 2. How do we create an ecosystem where experiments are applauded, social value is recognized, governments become more efficient and businesses can grow and prosper?
    Central questions
  • 14.
    • We only organize hackathons (2-3) which are focussed on the coolest ideas code / open data / hackie things
    • No more project involvement in App-competitions
    • Sponsorships available for:
      • Governments
      • App-competitions
      • Businesses, NGO’s & Consortia (culture-, health-, enviroment-, development-data)
    • Providing
      • A Place to introduce new datasets and civic challenges
      • Announce competitions, Award-moments
      • Community platform
    Our plans are focussed on the community
  • 15. Join the movement