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Geography - rock formation rock cycle - GCSE
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  • 1. This Presentation is About: Igneous Rocks Sedimentary Rocks Metamorphic Rocks
  • 2. Igneous Rock Igneous rock is formed from molten rock that hardened into a solid state.
  • 3. Forming Igneous Rocks
  • 4. Types of Igneous Rock • There are two types of igneous rock: Extrusive, which forms from lava that hardens on Earth’s surface. Intrusive, which forms from magma that hardens beneath Earth’s surface.
  • 5. Extrusive Rock Lava Cools Quickly and Hardens into Extrusive Rock Molten Rock Above Surface (Lava)
  • 6. Extrusive rock formation - cooling lava
  • 7. Intrusive Rock Molten Rock Below Surface (Magma) When the Volcano Stops Erupting, the Magma Cools Slowly and Hardens into Intrusive Rock
  • 8. Igneous Rock Types Granite Coarse grained
  • 9. Sedimentary Rock Sedimentary rock is made of sediment that has been deposited, compacted, and cemented.
  • 10. Sedimentary Rock - layers
  • 11. Types of Sedimentary Rock • There are three types of sedimentary rock: Clastic, which is formed when rock fragments are squeezed together. Organic, which forms when the remains of plants and animals are deposited in thick layers. Chemical, which forms when minerals that are dissolved in a solution crystallize.
  • 12. Sedimentary Rock
  • 13. Metamorphic Rock Metamorphic rock is any rock that has gone under immense heat and pressure to transform into another rock.
  • 14. How Metamorphic Rocks are Formed HEAT AND PRESSURE Earth’s Crust Magma Rock Layers
  • 15. Metamorphic Rock Forming
  • 16. Types of Metamorphic Rock • There are two types of Metamorphic rock: Foliated, which is when the rock grains are arranged in parallel layers or bands. Nonfoliated, which is when the rock grains are arranged randomly.
  • 17. Foliated Rock
  • 18. Nonfoliated Rock
  • 19. Metamorphic Rock
  • 20. Foliated Metamorphic Rock –Slate
  • 21. Non-Foliated Metamorphic Rock - Marble
  • 22. The Rock Cycle
  • 23. The Rock Cycle