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  • 1. MOMBASA.
    • Mombassa is Kenya’s 2 nd largest city with a population of 900,000
    • It is located on an island on the southern end of the Kenyan coastline on the
    • Indian Ocean.
  • 2. Mombasa Island
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  • 4. Mombasa
    • Mombasa is a typical Kenyan city in many ways.
    • The roads are poorly built, buildings are built from basic materials (there are shanty towns in Mombasa), there is a lot of pollution in the city and living conditions are cramp.
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  • 6. Tourism in Mombasa Tourists love to buy local hand-crafted items and souvenirs in the markets, especially traditional African and Arabic clothing. There are lots of different day trips that leave from Mombasa, including diving, deep sea fishing, water skiiing and trips to local heritage sites (e.g. Fort Jesus)
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    • Tourists also like to relax on the beach after a Safari in one of Kenya’s Game Reserves.
  • 12. Fort Jesus
    • In the 1950’s when the Portuguese owned part of Kenya they built the fort to protect the important trade route with Portugal and East Africa. The main mode of transport was by ship and the port was the main export location for exotic spices.
    • Built originally by the Portuguese and now a popular holiday attraction in Mombassa
  • 13. Fort Jesus, Mombasa
  • 14. Fort Jesus, Mombasa
  • 15. Report on Kenyan Cities!
    • Your task today is to imagine you are a newspaper reporter and you have been flow to Kenya to write a column in your local paper about what cities are like in Kenya, especially Nairobi and Mombassa