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L6 ageing populations ap



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  • 1. Ageing Populations clip
  • 2. The average age of the population increases What is it like to be old? Video here What is an ageing population?
  • 3. 1. Children are expensive so people opt for smaller families. 2. Women want to have a career and leave having children to later in their life and so have fewer. 3. Baby boom year means larger number of people to increase the numbers of elderly 4. Better healthcare and medicines means a longer life expectancy. 1. Why is the population ageing in many MEDCS at present?
  • 4. 2. Problems caused by an ageing population
  • 5. Issues and Opportunities Social Political Economic
  • 6. 3. Strategies to cope with an ageing population. 1. Raise the age of retirement 2.Raise taxes so those at work contribute more to society and community 3.Encourage migration – to help fill labour/ skills gap. 4.Encourage working, taxpaying population to save for their old age 5.Encourage couples to have more children – pro-natalist policies. here
  • 7. 4.EU Case Study : France – problems and strategies % of population over 65
  • 8. The Problems How Europe could age* Germany: 22,9% (2000), 30% (2020), 41% (2050) Belgium: 22.1% (2000), 30% (2020), 38% (2050) Denmark: 19.9% (2000), 28% (2020), 36% (2050) Spain: 21.8% (2000), 28% (2020), 44% (2050) France: 20.7% (2000), 29% (2020), 38% (2050) *Persons 60 years and over as a % of the total population up to 2050. Source: Eurostat
  • 9. Problems Replacement birth rate in Europe is 2.1. France falls short of this with 1.9 • AGE DEPENDENCY RATIO (% OF WORKING-AGE POPULATION) IN FRANCE:
  • 10. 1. In France the state pension is set to increase from 60 to 62 in 2018 (not fully welcome here) 2. People are being encouraged to save more - life insurance, private pensions and company schemes 3. Pro-natalist policies – more children mean a balanced population structure and lower dependency ratio – see p.189 text book and article for range of different ideas The Strategies
  • 11. • Design a billboard advert to make French people aware of the need to increase their family size. • Use ‘le baby boom’ to help you. • Include at least two problems and two solutions … Your Turn
  • 12. Where is tomorrows generation? The fact of the matter is if we don’t have more children in France there is a real danger of ………………………… So what can we do about this? Well did you know that the Government here will …..
  • 13. Exam Question • With reference to a case study what are the problems of an ageing population and explain how they have been tackled. (8 marks)
  • 14. What are the fears of elderly people in ageing MEDCs? • Using the information from today’s lesson talk to the person next to you about the fears you may face if you were 65+. • clip
  • 15. Pension reforms cause even more problems back