L5 fight against crime


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L5 fight against crime

  1. 1. The fight against crime
  2. 2. The Fight Against Crime • Watch this video clip and write down how crime can be designed out of an area.
  3. 3. The fight against crime How can we reducethe following crimes?Record your thoughts on your handout.
  4. 4. 1. Burglary
  5. 5. 2. Graffiti
  6. 6. 3. Pick pockets
  7. 7. 4. Bank robbery
  8. 8. 5. Stealing cars
  9. 9. How effective do you think the following measures are?
  10. 10. Crime Prevention Strategies Natural Surveillance A design concept directed primarily at keeping intruders easily observable. Promoted by features that maximize visibility of people, parking areas and building entrances: doors and windows that look out on to streets and parking areas; pedestrian-friendly pavements adequate nighttime lighting A basement computer lab with no natural observation. Improved natural observation of the same lab by addition of windows.
  11. 11. Crime Prevention Strategies Territorial Reinforcement Designing an area with physical constraints that protect the area. Promoted by features that define property lines and distinguish private spaces from public spaces using landscape plantings, pavement designs, etc. This photo clearly shows public from private space with the use of a fence. These apartments lack clear definition. Note the ground level windows in this photo. This has been a source of unauthorized access and criminal activity.
  12. 12. The fight against crime Watch the video clip and see how many different types of prevention you can see and write down if they are natural surveillance or territorial reinforcement?
  13. 13. The fight against crime: Your Task  Working in pairs you are going to design the area around school as a ‘crime-free’ zone.  You will use a selection of ‘target hardening’ and ‘easier to spot’ solutions. You should include: - A plan of the what you are designing- more fences? More CCTV? -A list of the different methods of crime prevention you will use and an explanation containing WHY use are using them You will have the chance to present your ideas to the class once you have finished.
  14. 14. Your presentations • In your pairs, present how you have decided to design crime around the school. • Make sure that it is clear which methods you want to use. • Be clear, pace yourselves and make sure you look at, and make eye contact with your audience!
  15. 15. Homework • Draw a map of your home and come up with 5 crime saving ideas around your home and add them onto their map.