L3 ap ageing pop'n


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L3 ap ageing pop'n

  1. 1. Ageing Population in the UK Lesson Objectives; Know why people are living longer Understand what the impacts will be LO: Ageing Population in the UK
  2. 2. 1. Why are people living longer? LO: Ageing Population in the UK
  3. 3. Why are people living longer? • Look at the handout and colour in each card the following colour to represent; Better food supply (blue) Better health (green) Better safety (red) LO: Ageing Population in the UK
  4. 4. Key definitions to help you! 1. Food supply A revolution in farming methods allowed the food yields to be increased on existing lands (e.g. through fertilisers). Extra food could be grown in remote areas as transport improved, allowing the food to be driven to towns and cities. 2. Better health Disease prevention and cures have all improved. Well-planned economies such as the Britain’s can provide care to the sick through the National Health Service. Accident and Emergency Departments provide immediate help for injured people while immunisation against polio has led to its eradication in the UK. 3. Safety ..Education has raised public awareness of the means by which diseases are transmitted and people now know to wash their hands regularly. UK laws now carefully look after people’s lives (insisting on safe food preparation in restaurants and fire exits from buildings, to name just a couple). We live in a risk-avoiding society. LO: Ageing Population in the UK
  5. 5. Why are people living longer? • People are living ________ today due to a combination of three main reasons, better health, better _______ and being more safety conscious. Longer, food Better, education • _____ expectancy today is __, in 1980 It was 76. Baby, 100 Life, 82
  6. 6. 2. What are the impacts of living longer? • What is it like to be old? Watch this video LO: Ageing Population in the UK
  7. 7. Demand for "meals on wheels" hits an all time high in Thames Ditton. McCarthy & Stone housing get planning permission - 50 new sheltered homes to be built in Esher. Mrs Fielding is told that there are no available places at the local authority nursing home for her 90 year old father. Gala Bingo celebrates 6th successful year in Wimbledon. Kingston Community Church offer Tea Dances at the Surbiton Assembly Rooms. Jack Spratt , 65, waits for the bus to take him to his part- time job at B & Q . David Cameron prepares to raise National Insurance to pay for increased NHS spending. 200 new jobs to be created by Stenna Stairgate Lift Company, at new factory in Barton. Mr and Mrs Brown wait 6 months for hip replacement operation. Kingston Social Services re- advertise for home helps in The Kingston Guardian. UK faces an £800 billion pensions shortfall. Mr Marshall is pleased that he can at last afford to take retirement at 70. It is expected that the new budget will announce higher taxes to pay for the increase in pensions. Kingston College offer IT courses to the over 60s. Mrs Smith from Tolworth rushes home in her lunch break to give her mother medication. Homebase DIY in New Malden announce pensioner discounts are a great success. Pensioners demand new bowling green at Balaclava Road – Park keepers say the playground may have to go. Never mind the bike lanes – what about priority for electric buggies!!! Mrs Martins looks forward to Christmas dinner with her three children and her only grandchild. Local MP loses his seat – “he will not ignore the grey vote again” says Victor. NHS hospitals struggling to cope with large numbers of dementia patients. • Read through the cards on some of the impacts caused by an ageing population. • Make a larger copy of the table below: • Using the cards work out 4 positive and 4 negative impacts of an ageing population and write them into your table. • Can you think of any of your own? Negative Impacts of an ageing population Positive Impacts of an ageing population LO: Ageing Population in the UK
  8. 8. What is it like to have dementia? Video here LO: Ageing Population in the UK
  9. 9. Your Turn! • Design a poster showing some of the reasons why people are living longer as well as some of the problems that this would create. Rise of the Pensioners! LO: Ageing Population in the UK