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L1 Global Popn Growth

L1 Global Popn Growth






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    L1 Global Popn Growth L1 Global Popn Growth Presentation Transcript

    • What does this map of the world represent? Population growth!
    • How and why is the population changing in different parts of the world?
    • But what is the population of the world?
      • Write down your estimate at the back of your exercise books
      • Here’s the answer
    • Key terms
      • Match up the correct terms and definitions
      • 1. Birth Rate
      • 2. Death Rate
      • 3. Migration
      • 4. Natural Increase
      • 5. Annual population growth
      number of live births every year per 1,000 of the population. This can be positive or negative and it is an areas growth over the course of a year. When people move from one place to another for more than one year. This is the difference between the birth and death rates. number of people who die every year per 1,000 of the population.
    • What does this graph show about Population Growth?
    • Global population growth
      • Watch this video and see what it says about population growth
    • Population change
      • How can a countries population change?
    • Population Change
      • Turn up to p136 in Evolving Planet.
      • Death rate has fallen and therefore people are living longer.
      • Why?...
    • Reduction in death rates
      • Development of modern medicines. This has meant that more and more people are kept alive due to modern practices.
      • Introduction of vaccination and immunisation programmes e.g. smallpox vaccination that helps people to live longer.
      • Cleaner drinking water and better sewage disposal, a lot more people have access to clean drinking water than before.
      • Better healthcare – more doctors, nurses and hospitals, means that people can be treated and not die.
      • More hygienic housing.
      • Better diets, e.g. promoting eating ‘5 a day’
    • YOUR TURN!
      • Imagine you have been asked to write a newspaper article for the local Evening News about how the world population has changed.
      • Explain what has happened over time, what factors influence population and what may happen in the future.
      • Over 6 billion people live here and its still rising. Although did you know that it hasn’t always been like this …….
      • What will happen in the future? Will we be able to feed ourselves if we carry on like this? I’m Mr Pinks and I’m reporting on the growth of …
      • COMPLETE THE TABLE ON P2 using world fact book
    • What's the question?
      • Over 6 billion
      • Population
      • World
      • Immigration
      • Natural change