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Contenet Management System
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Contenet Management System


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CMS Design & Development: Pixelcrayons offers best CMS design & development services & content management system solutions at affordable price.

CMS Design & Development: Pixelcrayons offers best CMS design & development services & content management system solutions at affordable price.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Content Management System has made Lives of Non-Geeks very Simple Let's see: Why and How
  • 2. What is CMS?
    • CMS is a platform where you can manage work flow in a collaborative environment.
    • It allows multiple users to share and contribute to data
    • It allows easy reporting and communication between users.
    • Data can be easily stored and retrieved.
    • It has an amazing feature of controlled permissions with which one can view and edit data.
    • Removes replicated data
    CMS has increased the productivity and efficiency of the work of organizations. It has also enriched the world of information.
  • 3. Types of CMS
    • Enterprise CMS : It is concerned with documentation of organizational processes of an Enterprise.
    • Web CMS : Easy way of publishing content to websites and mobile devices without having technical know-how of HTML.
    • Document CMS : Allows storing and tracking of paper documents in the form of electronic documents.
    • Component CMS : Allows storing of data of frequent use in sub-documents.
  • 4. Web CMS— Revolution in Design World
    • It allows users to create, edit and manage dynamic web material (includes HTML text, images, videos and others )‏
    • Generate automated templates for new content
    • Automatically upgrade itself to new web standards
    • Provision of controlled permissions to view and edit, makes it a secure system
    • Has range of extensions and plug-ins making tasks more easier
    • Helps in content syndication by generating RSS feeds, atom data, emails, updates to other systems
    • Allows for heavy customization of your blogs and websites
    • Now, even non geeks update their sites frequently without relying upon deveopers .
    Now, publish your ideas directly on web !!!!!
  • 5. Nature of CMS
    • Custom CMS
    • With custom-built CMS, we’ll custom program the entire setup so it works exactly how you need your site to work
    • Custom CMS developed is more secure
    • The custom based CMS don't offer flexibility, and cost a good amount of money too.
    • Tine required for development is quite long.
    • Open Source CMS
    • Extensive documentation and online help via community forums can come in handy
    • Ready to use, number of plugins & widgets supported
    • Negligible cost
  • 6. Open Source CMS are mostly used in all projects So let's explore it more!!!!
  • 7. CMS (Open Source) Widely Used and Accepted
    • WordPress
    • Best blogging platform
    • Can be configured in many interesting ways
    • Joomla!
    • Has amazing capabilities to make website attractive
    • Easy learning curve, good for brochure type sites
    • Drupal
    • Developer's friend
    • Good Scability
  • 8. WordPress — Pros and Cons
    • It is easy to install and fast to learn
    • Accommodate multiple users from single admin area
    • Has range of useful plugins make the task more easier
    • Easy to modify page templates that allows more customization
    • Large collection of themes
    • Support tracks and pingbacks
    • No file support for videos until you embed YouTube code
    • Limited scalability
    • PHP’s track record for security is pretty bad
    • Database queries may be very heavy
    • Mostly used as blogging platform, not suitable for making it a base of websites
  • 9. Joomla! — Pros and Cons
    • It is designer's friend
    • Has abilities to make design look beautiful
    • Available free of cost online.
    • You can save a lot of time and resources specially when building an online auction site.
    • It has built-in support for multiple languages.
    • It supports LAMP technology
    • The scope of allowing permissions to the users lacks in this system
    • The more extensions you install, the more plugins you activate, the more Joomla! become bloated.
    • Joomla is not SEF in terms of URL’s. You need to purchase SEO plugins in order to optimize your URL’s or do some hacking in with code.
  • 10. Who uses Joomla!
    • Corporate websites or portals
    • Real Estate Agent Websites
    • Online commerce
    • Hotel and Tourism websites
    • Small business websites
    • Non-profit and organizational websites
    • Government applications
    • Corporate intranets and extranets
    • School and church websites
    • Personal or family homepages
    • Community-based portals
    • Magazines and newspapers
    • the possibilities are seemingly endless…
  • 11. Drupal — Pros and Cons
    • It is easy to use & update, no licensing fee an development cost
    • Full support to audio and video files
    • Good scalability
    • Drupal has an extensive and active community supporting it
    • It can be configured for friendly URLs.
    • Can add extra features like blogs, forums, e-commerce and calendars.
    • It is not easy to administer
    • It is not so friendly to the casual users but to developers as coding knowledge is required
    • Difficult for maintaining and upgrading
    • Collection of themes is not good
  • 12. Some noteworthy sites using Drupal
    • The Whitehouse uses Drupal
    • Foreign Affairs uses Drupal
    • The BBC uses Drupal
    • The Fiancial Times uses Drupal
    • Ubuntu and Canonical use Drupal
    • Die Zeit (major German newspaper) uses Drupal
    • The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) uses Drupal
    • The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation(NATO) uses Drupal
    • The United Nations uses Drupal
    • IBM recommends Drupal
  • 13. CMS— Shaping the future of web development trends
    • Since easy to use, more and more people are now incorporating this technology in their sites besides their blogs!
    • Till now used as base for websites and blogs
    • Future is unpredictable!!! But surely, the future is bright for web design firms which embrace these powerful CMSes (and their add-ons).
    • Social media's real-time content, entertainment distribution channels, mobile content creators and producers, video, business conferencing and more are pushing new innovations in the CMS arena faster than ever before.
    • Businesses, non-profits, education and government units are now far more capable of taking on a larger share of web design and development work with these CMS.
  • 14. Contd...
    • Today, web designers delight in having a kinder, gentler, and far more powerful website design and development tool in their repertoire than the old days of Dreamweaver and CuteFTP.
    • Content owes authority of more than a king, thats why - from mom and pops to Coca Cola; from local municipalities to; from online "tuts" to Harvard University - continue to embrace their content, and thus, their Content Management System, becomes mission-critical.
    If " the past predicts the future ," then 2010 and beyond will be another wild ride in the fast-growth CMS business sector.
  • 15. Are you thinking of incorporating this technology into your website for easy, frequent and tireless updation...... PixelCrayons is here to help you!!!!
  • 16.
    • PixeCrayons provides both custom and open source CMS solutions. Now maintaining and updating your website is just so easy!!
    Visit our website at : Or Call us at +1 888 471 8636 Send us mail at:
  • 17.