French immersion for student teachers


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Presentation for student teachers at VIU.

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  • Explain who we are and why we’re here. Purpose – to talk about FrImm as a craere choice and what is needed for success in this field
  • Explain that while generalists in English program compete for the TOC lists, in FrImm they are routinely added to district Toc lists. Continuous recruitment – Toc list is always open in most districts, Explain that we also need Middle and HS specialists in Science and Math.
  • If you speak French fluently, consider teaching FrImm teaching.
  • Hyperlinks attached to italicized headings
  • Each district shouls add ideas
  • Details about student numbers and SD62 FI growth.
  • French immersion for student teachers

    1. 1. French Immersion Teaching A great career choice.
    2. 2. ‘VILEC’Vancouver Island Language Educators ConsortiumSD 61 – Victoria – Judy MasSD 62 – Sooke – Sandra SzalipszkiSD 63 – Saanich - Mary Lynn HerronSD 64 – Gulf Islands – Louise DucetSD 68 – Nanaimo-Ladysmith – Francine JohnSD 69 – Qualicum – Mary BeilSD 70 – Alberni – Annie DufortSD 71 – Comox – Albert JohnsonSD 72 – Campbell River – Louise GuèvremontSD 79 - Cowichan - Pedro Mengual
    3. 3. Opportunities in French Immersion Teaching• In high demand all over BC• Continuous recruitment in most districts• Growth in French Immersion populations in most districts• Science and Math specialists also often in short supply.
    4. 4. Why the Continuous recruitment of French Immersion Teachers?• Growth in French Immersion populations in most districts• Retirement of experienced teachers• Young teachers on maternity leave All these mean… excellent possibilities for employment in French Immersion education!
    5. 5. What this means for you, as future teachers• VIU students studying in French possess highly valued language skills• Graduates of High School French Immersion programs should consider a career in French Immersion teaching
    6. 6. Can you imagine spending an entire day speaking, learning,sharing and teaching in French?
    7. 7. Are you a lifelong learner thatrecognizes the dynamic nature of languages and the need tocontinually improve your French?
    8. 8. French Language Skills• Are your French Language skills adequate? – Good resource: Canadian Portfolio for Teachers• Bursaries fromCASLT website of Canada - Look in the Government• Bursaries from Government of Canada – French Teachers Bursary Programs – French Teachers Bursary Programs
    9. 9. What the districts need in French Immersion teachers…• Lifelong French language learners• Teachers passionate about bilingual education and dedicated to French Immersion teaching• An excellent understanding of second language pedagogy
    10. 10. How districts support new French Immersion Teachers• Mentoring• Collaboration within districts and between districts• Social activities• Financial support in the Official Languages Program for teachers
    11. 11. SD 62• 2nd fastest growing district in province, after Surrey – consistent need for FI teachers• Most growth is in Langford/Colwood area, which is 15 minutes from Victoria Centre.• French Immersion teacher recruitment is always open• French Immersion teachers frequently hired on continuing contract right away• French Immersion TOCs are kept very busy• Financial support for professional development
    12. 12. SD 63• conducts ongoing recruitment of French Immersion Teachers• offers financial support for teachers upgrading language and/or teaching skills through participation in ministry and university programs• provides French teachers with social opportunities in French, such as Café Français (drop-in conversational group) and Fourchettes en Fête (cooking classes conducted in French)• offers provision of in-class pedagogical support• funding to Saanich Modern Language Teachers Association and LAssociation Locale Spécialiste des Professeurs dImmersion de Saanich for individual and group professional development• TOCs work, on average, 3 days per week (many TOCs work full-time during peak periods)
    13. 13. SD 68• EFI began in 1977 (K-12)• LFI will begin in 2014 (grade 6)• 20% of families in SD68 are choosing Immersion• EFI at 4 elementary schools + 1 secondary• 1100 students• 75 FI teachers, many approaching retirement
    14. 14. SD 69• K – 12 early Immersion program• Demand for qualified TOCs• Retirements in the coming year• Special Education coursework valuable• Teacher-librarian coursework a plus• Other specialty areas are also a bonus• A great place to live and work!
    15. 15. SD 71• FI student enrolment has nearly doubled in the past 10 years while overall enrolment has gone down.• Not unusual to have 50 applicants for an English posting and 8-10 applicants for a similar FI posting.• Due to growth of the FI program and retirements, many of our new FI teachers receive continuing contracts.
    16. 16. SD 72• Two single track K – 5 French immersion schools• 6-8 in middle school and 9-12 in high school• Late immersion program starting in grade 6• FI enrolment has increased while overall enrolment has declined•
    17. 17. SD 79 – Pedro Mengual• French Immersion teacher recruitment is ongoing year round• Many new French Immersion teachers receive continuing contracts• French Immersion teachers with low seniority may be protected from lay off• French Immersions TOC’s are in high demand (both for French & regular program)
    18. 18. Some useful connections• Association canadien des professeurs d’immersion (ACPI)To maintain and or improve your French:• French programs• Person to contact: Gilbert Verrier, Coordinator of Federal Official Languages programs: