P For Poot Tamp 08 29 09


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P For Poot Tamp 08 29 09

  1. 1. Phi Theta Kappa <br />Officer Responsibilities<br />By:<br />Rebecca Huckleberry<br />Vice President of Records<br />Alpha Xi Gamma<br />
  2. 2. President<br /><ul><li>Prepare meeting agendas and lead meetings
  3. 3. Appoint and establish necessary committees
  4. 4. Vote only in the case of a tie
  5. 5. Develop goals for the chapter with help from other officers and advisors
  6. 6. Submit Five Star Goal and Update Forms online
  7. 7. Oversee chapter projects
  8. 8. Oversee award entry preparation
  9. 9. Report successive officers to Headquarters</li></li></ul><li>Vice President of Scholarship<br /><ul><li>Oversee all Honors Study Topic activities
  10. 10. Coordinate the chapter’s participation in the Honors Satellite Seminars
  11. 11. Encourage and recognize academic excellence
  12. 12. Coordinate the preparation of the Scholarship Hallmark Award Entry</li></li></ul><li>Vice President of Leadership<br /><ul><li>Direct the chapter in the use of parliamentary procedure for meetings
  13. 13. Oversee all leadership activities
  14. 14. Encourage the development of leadership skills
  15. 15. Coordinate the preparation of the Leadership Hallmark Award entry</li></li></ul><li>Vice President of Service<br /><ul><li>Report the chapter to Headquarters as a Chapter of Service
  16. 16. Oversee all International Service Program activities
  17. 17. Develop activities that promote volunteerism and community service
  18. 18. Coordinate the preparation of the Service Hallmark Award entry</li></li></ul><li>Vice President of Fellowship<br /><ul><li>Encourage scholarly fellowship at all levels of the Society
  19. 19. Implement strategies to increase membership acceptance
  20. 20. Enroll the chapter in the Pinnacle Scholarship Award Program
  21. 21. Coordinate the chapter’s member participation program</li></li></ul><li>Secretary/Recording Officer<br /><ul><li>Take and present minutes at each chapter meeting
  22. 22. Maintain the chapter calendar of events
  23. 23. Maintain a record of chapter events, including photos, flyers, and newspaper articles for the Chapter Record Book
  24. 24. Compile and update contact information for members</li></li></ul><li>Treasurer<br /><ul><li>Open and/or maintain a financial account for the chapter
  25. 25. Receive all money and write all checks
  26. 26. Keep a set of financial records to be audited and notarized at the end of the officer term
  27. 27. Present the chapter’s financial records at business meetings
  28. 28. File all financial records in the chapter’s official files at the end of each academic term</li></li></ul><li>Public Relations Officer<br /><ul><li>Promote the chapter at all levels of the Society
  29. 29. Write and submit articles to campus and community newspapers
  30. 30. Produce issues of the chapter newsletter
  31. 31. Oversee the development and send updates to the chapter website
  32. 32. Take photographs at all chapter events
  33. 33. Send chapter newsletters to the Chapter Programs Coordinator at Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters</li></li></ul><li>Alpha Xi GammaOwensboro Community and Technical College<br />