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Propagandaville - Part Seven
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Propagandaville - Part Seven



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  • 1. CNBC 900 Sylvan Avenue Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 (201) 735-2622 Maria Bartiromo, Anchor; Co-Producer Jeff Gralnick, Executive Producer Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Anchor, Power Lunch Scott Cohn, Senior Correspondent 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Bertha Coombs, Correspondent Tom Costello, Senior Correspondent Alex Crippen, Senior Producer
  • 2. Matthew Cuddy, Producer, DC Ted David, Anchor, Morning Call ( 666) Sharon Epperson, Finance Correspondent David Faber, NY Correspondent Rich Fisherman, Senior Producer Melissa Francis, Telecommunications Reporter Bill Griffeth, Anchor Mark Haines, Host Mike Hegedus, Correspondent Sue Herera, Anchor, Business Ron Insana, Anchor Gary Kanofsky, Senior Producer Joe Kernen, Reporter
  • 3. Steve Lewis, DC Producer Steve Liesman, Economics Reporter Tyler Mathisen, Anchor Diana Olick, DC Correspondent Hampton Pearson, DC Correspondent 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Bob Pisani, Stocks Editor Rebecca Quick, Reporter Rick Santelli, Editor, Chicago Mary Thompson, Reporter Jane Wells, LA Reporter Florida Miami Herald
  • 4. One Herald Plaza Miami, FL 33132 (305) 350-2000 Tom Fiedler, Executive Editor Joe Oglesby, Editorial Page Editor Dave Wilson, Managing Editor Richard Bard, World Editor Dave Barry, Funny Ha-Ha Boy Juan Vasquez, World Editor Connie Ogle, Book Editor Margaria Fichtner, Book Critic Liza Gross, Managing Editor Donna Gehrke-White 12/3/2007 7:07 PM
  • 5. Ana Veciana Suarez Andres Oppenheimer Bea Garcia Beth Dunlop Beth Reinhard Bob Diamond Christine Dolen Cindy Krischer Goodman Dan Le Batard Edwin Pope Enrique Fernandez Fred Grimm
  • 6. Fred Tasker Greg Cote Jordan Levin Kathleen Krog Leonard Pitts Jr. Linda Robertson Lydia Martin Margaria Fichtner Nicholas Spangler 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Peggy Rogers Rene Rodriguez Richard Pachter, Columnist (!)
  • 7. Yo! Feel free to keep sending me stuff, but to instead. Peace out! rap Cool. I'll stick in a link to your site, too. Thanks. G. Steve Rothaus Tara Solomon Tim Henderson (666) Rick Hirsch Michael Suib Rita Gonzalez Sun Sentinel 200 East Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (954) 356-4000 Patricia Thompson, Deputy Managing Editor Sharon Rosenhause, Managing Editor (666)
  • 8. Kathleen Pellegrino Joe Demma Oline Cogdill 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Gail DeGeorge Chauncey Mabe, Book Editor What a charmer you are. I wouldn't think of asking you to remove my name. It's not as if every crank, kook, and would-be-author seeking a shortcut to publication doesn't already know how to reach me. Best wishes. Thanks. Same to you. G. Should you ever get another book published by a traditional royalties-paying publisher-- odds are against you there, too, I'm afraid -- please make sure I get a review copy. I promise coverage. And yes, I realize your present publisher qualifies.ishes. Odds are against me 'cause I'm not a kiss-up and I don't write Nazi piffle, yes, but odds were against lots of immortal artists and in favor of thousands of forgotten, craven hacks. You're the one missing out on reviewing the greatest work of literary art of the 21st Century. The Audio Book of Ginny Good is on my website for free: If you don't want to download it, I'd be glad to send you a two-disk set as .mp3 files...or you could get a review copy of the real book from the publisher. It's timeless literature which didn't go out of "style" during the two years since it's been published. Thanks. G. No thanks. One of the problems with publishing nowdays is the sheer volume of books coming out. I can't get to more than a fraction of the titles I'm already
  • 9. certain I want to review. While I subscribe to the theory that 90 percent of everything is crap -- that figure may be too low--that still leaves hundreds if not thousands of worthwhile new books each year. No publication can possibly cover so much territory. If you want my advice, and judging from the arrogance of your emails I'm guessing you don't, but here it is anyway: You'd do yourself a favor if you dropped the egomania and paranoia, which I suspect is as much an attention-mongering act as anything else. It makes you sound like a self-published crank. And self-published cranks never, ever get coverage in real newspapers and magazines. Oh, you might enjoy the occasional exception, but that's all it will be, an exception. Indeed, based on the tone of your emails, I was 99 percent certain you were self-published, or, at best, working with a subsidy publisher, until I checked with your publisher. I don't mind being vilified on your website. Vilification is my stock-in-trade as a reviewer and cultural journalist, and I can take it as well as dish it out. But you don't want to sound like an amateur. You're just giving editors reason to dismiss you and move on to something else. And you might consider devoting less time to hating those that reject you and more time to writing. Also, no matter how good your book may be, it is most certainly not the "greatest literary work of the 21st century." And suggesting that all writers who have enjoyed better publication and review attention are "suck-ups" who write "Nazi piffle" -whatever the frack that is--is evidence of a coarse sensibility and an unsubtle mind. I suspect it is not an accurate reflection of your true nature as a writer and a person, but then, I don't really know you and it could be exactly who you are. In which case you'll want to conceal that to all and sundry if you hope to get anywhere. Finally, tearing down other artists is the wrong way to go about building yourself up -- unless, of course, you are a reviewer. 12/3/2007 7:07 PM I offer this because I'm amused by your website, and because, to my immense surprise, your publisher turned out to be legit. But while I'm happy to entertain your reply to this note, I do not have the time to engage in a continuing conversation. Publish another book with a real publisher, alert me at least a month or three before publication, and I'll give it serious consideration for review. Meanwhile, good luck. Don't engage me, that's typical and cool, but I don't lie. I don't have to; I'd rather be right than rich. The Audio Book of Ginny Good is the greatest literary achievement of the 21st Century. Listen to it and see. Or not. Stay brainwashed, that's fine with me, you've got lots of company. Thanks. G. Let me know when you immigrate to the same planet I live on.
  • 10. Don't count on it. Why would I want to live among people who rag on stuff they don't listen to? Remember Plato's cave? Of course you don't want to come out of the shadows to be blinded by the bright light of truth and beauty and art and charm and humor. It's all safe in your cave. Stay there. See if I care. G. I mean, I take the time out of my crushing schedule -- you think I'm at the office on Sunday for fun? -- to write you a detailed email with genuine observations, and THIS is your reply? You don't need publication, bub, you need therapy. Your crushing schedule is comprised entirely of meaningless silliness and recycled drivel. I'm in my office on a Sunday for fun. That which you hate, do not do. Your "genuine" observations were party-line claptrap and boilerplate. Physician heal thyself. G. It's obvious now that you'd rather nurse your sense of persecution, and the false sense of specialness it gives you, than to make real headway. That's fine, no skin of my nose. Don't think that makes you a lonely genius, though. I've been reviewing books and writing about authors for 20 years. Your kind is common as grass. Nonetheless. Should you ever publish a second book, with, as I said before, a real, royalties-paying publisher, then I'll consider it for review if I receive a review copy. If I made mental stability a criteria for the authors whose masterworks are reviewed in the books pages, I'd have very little work to do, indeed. If you write in your blog about what a philistine I am and how I tried to hurt your feelings -- boo-hoo -- be sure and include the whole story. You're not a Philistine you're simply deluded by what replaced the universal truths Faulkner used to talk about--money and celebrity and envy and ego and finicky nit-picking and Nazi propaganda. Why aspire to excellence when it's so much easier just to drag everyone else down into the hole you're in? It's not your fault. You read the same books and watch the same movies we all do. There's no other game in town, thanks to you and the fifteen thousand other people like you on my little list. I do appreciate your trying to engage me, however. Not many people do 'cause they get their heads handed to them like you just did. Thanks. G. You know nothing about me. Clearly, you've read nothing I've written, or you'd know how pathologically misguided you are. I've criticized celebrity culture more than once, with gusto and joy, but I also have to work inside the media maw if I want to have a bully pulpit, and, oh, not least, make a living. Otherwise I'd be an embittered little irrelevancy like you. Criticism from inside the beast is not rare, by the way, which you'd know if you read any respectable cultural publication, from The New York Times, The Washington Post, or most any big city newspaper to Vanity Fair, Harper's, The New Yorker, the Nation, The New York Review of 12/3/2007 7:07 PM
  • 11. Books and many, many more. The good is often on the same page as the bad. Take Vanity Fair, for example. Its celebrity coverage is despicable and disgusting beyond what any decent person ought be exposed to. Yet its journalism and cultural criticism is of a very high order, and attacks exactly the kind of things you complain of: money, privilege, celebrity worship, excess of all kinds. Your hypocrisy, let me add, is almost as profound as your stupidity. If I'm such a freaking Nazi, why do you desire my notice? Oh, and your use of the term "Nazi" just underscores your ignorance. It's the wrong name for the disease you wish you had the wit to diagnose. Fascism is not the problem; it's corporatization and the suppression of diverse voices in the pursuit of every last cent of profit at the expense of every other value. In this email exchange, you've revealed yourself as an imbecile who has well earned his isolation. Grow the frack up and acquire a sense of irony. Otherwise, may you choke on your futile hostility, not to mention your laughable illusion of artistic purity. If you could somehow manage to get over your prickliness you'd see we're on some of the same pages here and there. What if my book's as good as I say it is? Wouldn't it be a crying shame that nobody ever got to know about it? Thomas Mann had his books burned. There was some modicum of notoriety attached to that act, but what if books that are just as "subversive" simply get ignored? If you think I don't have exquisite reason to be pissed-off, I disagree. Oh, I read one of your movie reviews. Harry Potter, I think it may have been. You should read the reviews I sent you. They're not me talking. Thanks. G. Too late, pal. I gave you a window and you chose to piss through it. You sound like the Israeli government...a window to nowhere, but thanks all the same. You think if a "good" agent and a topnotch editor at an established publishing house spent a lot of money buying, producing and promoting a book that it's worth the paper it's printed on? Ha! They, like you, are all part of the same closed, incestuous system that has made nothing but money-grubbing schlock during the entirety of this century. Now that's something to crow about. If it weren't money-grubbing schlock it wouldn't get bought, produced and promoted and you wouldn't consider it "worth" reviewing. Get it? G. Please. Not you again. It's my inalienable right to crack myself up. Here's a mediocre chapter of one of my books that's better all by itself than the last ten books you've reviewed put together. G. Earl Maucker, Editor Jim Davis, Religion Editor (666)
  • 12. St. Petersburg Times PO Box 1121 490 First Avenue S. St. Petersburg, FL 33701 (727) 893-8111 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Paul Tash, Editor, CEO Neil Brown, Managing Editor Marty Petty Martin Dyckman, Associate Editor Margo Hammond, Book Babe Ellen Heltzel, Other Book Babe Susan Taylor Martin, Senior Correspondent Robert Trigaux Robyn Blumner
  • 13. Ernest Hooper Eric Deggans Steve Bousquet Adam C. Smith, Political Editor Helen Huntley Jeff Klinkenberg Sandra Thompson Chase Squires Patty Ryan Susan Thurston Marlene Sokol Jack Reed
  • 14. 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Tom French Gary Shelton Bill Adair Ric Stroud Kelley Benham Craig Pittman Christine Montgomery, Web Publisher Kevin McGeever, Online City Editor Roger Fischer Eileen Maloney Steve Spears
  • 15. Lane DeGregory , Features Dave Scheiber, Features Palm Beach Post 2751 S. Dixie Hwy. West Palm Beach, FL 33405 (561) 820-4400 John Bartosek, Managing Editor Paul Blythe, State Editor Rick Christie, Executive Business Editor Carolyn DiPaolo, Metro Editor Larry Lipman, Washington Correspondent 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Randy Schultz, Editor of the Editorial Page Florida Times-Union 1 Riverside Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32202 (904) 359-4111
  • 16. Pat Yack, Editor Mike Richey, Managing Editor Mike Marino, News Editor Marilyn Young, Metro City Editor Tampa Tribune 200 South Parker Street Tampa, FL 33606 (813) 259-7600 Gil Thelen, Publisher Frank Denton, VP, Editor Keith Epstein, Washington Correspondent Larry Fletcher, Managing Editor Kevin Walker, Book Editor Rosemary Goudreau, Editorial Page Editor
  • 17. Mark Guidera, Senior Editor, Business John Vaughan 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Wendy Whitt, News Editor Cheryl Schmidt, Features Senior Editor Donna Reed, Managing Editor Ed Roberts, Editorial Page Editor Michelle Bearden, Religion Reporter Diane Egner, Books Don Johnson Orlando Sentinel 633 N. Orange Avenue Orlando, FL 32801 (407) 420-5000
  • 18. Charlotte Hall, Vice President; Editor Mark Russell, Managing Editor Jane Healy, Editorial Page Editor Ann Hellmuth, Associate Managing Editor Mary-Frances Emmons Jim Abbott Kate Santich Linda Shrieves Tamara Lytle, Washington Bureau Chief Kim Marcum, Associate Managing Editor, Features 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Manning Pynn, Public Editor Gail Rayos, Associate Managing Editor, Business
  • 19. Dixie Tate, Letters Editor Christine Pillari Debbie Salamone Michelle Guido Diane Burns Roger Moore Hal Boedeker Elizabeth Maupin (666) (See More) News-Press 2442 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Ft. Myers, FL 33901 (239) 335-0277 Carol Hudler, Publisher Cindy McCurry-Ross, Managing Editor
  • 20. Maribel Wadsworth, Metro Editor St. Augustine Record 1 News Place St. Augustine, FL 32086 (904) 829-6562 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Margo Pope, Associate Editor Gainesville Sun James Osteen, Executive Editor Jacki Levine, Managing Editor Daytona Beach News-Journal Don Lindley, Executive Editor Troy Moore, Managing Editor Cory Lancaster Sy O'Neill, Jupiter Courier, Managing Editor
  • 21. Gwen Hayes, Florida Sentinel Bulletin, Editor American Media 1000 American Media Way Boca Raton, FL 33431 (561) 997-7733 David J. Pecker, CEO John J. Miller, COO Ivan Rosa, Starmedia, News Director Dick Lobo, WEDU (PBS 3), President Toby Cooke, WGCU (PBS 3), Programming 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Vicki Santa, WMNF 88.5 FM (NPR), Station Manager Minnesota Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • 22. (McClatchy Newspapers) 425 Portland Ave. South Minneapolis MN 55488 (612) 673-4000 Chris Harte, CEO Par Ridder, Publisher Anders Gyllenhaal, Editor Scott Gillespie, Managing Editor Lou Gelfand, Ombudsman Susan Albright, Editorial Page Editor Sarah T. Williams, Books Editor Nancy Barnes, Assistant Business Editor Greg Gordon, Washington Correspondent Lisa Hoff, Letters Editor
  • 23. James Lileks, Columnist Patricia Lopez, Political Reporter Dane Smith, Political Reporter 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Will Tacy, Editor Eric Ringham, Commentary Editor John McIntyre, Religion Coordinator Benjamin Taylor, Communications Nick Coleman Sue Wolkerstorfer, Op-Ed Neal St. Anthony Chris Welsch Kim Ode
  • 24. John Ewoldt Paul Klauda Mi-Ai Parrish Sandy Date Terry Sauer Matt McKinney David Banks St. Paul Pioneer Press 345 Cedar Street St. Paul, MN 55101 (651) 222-1111 Sue Campbell, Feature News Editor 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Doug Iverson, Senior Editor, Business, Technology
  • 25. Dennis Lien, Environmental Reporter Tom Webb, Washington Correspondent Martha Malan, National Editor Steve Scott, Religion Editor City Pages 401 N. 3rd Street, Ste. 550 Minneapolis, MN 55401 Mark Bartel, Publisher Michael Tortorello, Managing Editor G.R. Anderson Jr. Rob Nelson Dara Moskowitz Bridgette Reinsmoen Magazine
  • 26. Utne 1624 Harmon Place, Ste. 330 Minneapolis, MN 55403 (612) 338-5040 Sherry Nusbaum 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Minnesota Public Radio 45 E 7th Street St. Paul, MN 55101 (651) 290-1212 . Bill Kling, President Sarah Lutman, SVP, Content & Media J.J. Yore, VP, Programming Don Lee
  • 27. Marianne Combs, Associate Producer, Word of Mouth Stephen Beard, London Correspondent Stephanie Curtis, Co-Host John Dimsdale, DC Sam Eaton, NY Gary Eichten, Midday Chris Farrell, Co-Host Bob Garfield, On the Media Brooke Gladstone, On the Media Stephen Henn, DC Marge Kaplan, Boston Karen Lowe, Foreign Editor 12/3/2007 7:07 PM
  • 28. Bob Moon, Business Editor, NY Chris Roberts, Word of Mouth Kai Ryssdal, Morning Reporter Amy Scott, DC Julie Small, Deputy Foreign Editor Elizabeth Tucker, Commentary Editor Tess Vigeland, Morning Report Megan Larson Caitlan Carroll John Buckley Charla Bear Cathy Wurzer, Host
  • 29. Jim Russell, Consultant Robin Barker Jennifer Collins 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Public Radio International 100 N 6th Street, Ste. 900-A Minneapolis, MN 55403 (612) 338-5000 Melinda Ward, SVP, Productions Kyle McKinnon, Managing Editor, To the Point (!) Warren Olney, Host Dan Jensen Chris Woolf, Editor
  • 30. Andrea Crossan Internet Broadcasting Systems 1333 Northland Drive Mendota Heights MN 55120 (651) 365-4000 Reid Johnson, CEO Peter Stilson, COO Steve Johansen, CFO Nancy Cassutt Clayton Rose Joan Nelson Sheila Byrd Casey Tiedens
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  • 32. Jerry W Bokamper, Assistant Editor, A&E Scott Cantrell, Critic Cathy Barber Mary L Causey, Reporter Thor Christensen, Critic Robert Clark David Dillon, Critic Leslie Snyder, Arts 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Michael Maza Lawson Taitte, Critic Mario E Tarradell, Critic Chris Vognar, Critic
  • 33. Rod Dreher, Columnist Sharon Grigsby, Deputy Editor, Editorial Rodger Jones, Editorial Writer Ed Housewright William McKenzie, Editorial Page Stephen Becker, TV, Movies James Mitchell Jr., Editorial Writer Nancy Visser, Deputy Editor Bob Moos, Viewpoints Carl Leubsdorf, DC Bureau Chief Alfredo Corchado, Reporter Todd J. Gillman, Staff Writer
  • 34. Jim Landers, Reporter Keith Campbell, AME (666) Mark Edgar Chris McNary, Night News Editor Gerry Barker, Site Manager 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Bruce Tomaso, Religion Editor Kim Kirkham Davis Joanna Jemison Dan Koller John Gandy Laura Miller Houston Chronicle
  • 35. (Hearst Newspapers) 801 Texas Avenue Houston, TX 77002 (713) 220-7171 Jack Sweeney, Publisher Jeff Cohen, Editor John Wilburn, Managing Editor Tommy Miller, Managing Editor Fritz Lanham, Book Editor Jim Newkirk Judy Minshew, Op-Ed Editor Don Mason, Political Editor Jack Loftis, Editor 12/3/2007 7:07 PM
  • 36. Kim Cobb, National Correspondent Patty Reinert, Correspondent Polly Ross Hughes, Austin Reporter Richard Vara, Religion Editor Rad Sallee Howard Decker Betty Luman Shannon Buggs Loren Steffy Dwight Silverman (666) Cragg Hines, DC Columnist George Haj, AME, Business
  • 37. David Ivanovich, DC Business Correspondent Steve Jetton, AME, News Julie Mason, White House, Congressional Correspondent Bennett Roth, White House Correspondent Clay Robison Alison Cook Leon Hale Shelby Hodge Ken Hoffman, Columnist 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Rick Casey Kristen Mack Michelle Mittelstadt, DC Editor
  • 38. David Barron Andrew Guy, Features Clifford Pugh , Features Ken Lanterman, Business Austin American-Statesman (Cox Newspapers) 305 S. Congress Avenue Austin, TX 78704 (512) 445-3500 Richard Oppel, Editor Fred Zipp, Managing Editor Arnold Garcia, Editorial Page Editor John Bridges, Metro Editor Juan Castillo, National Editor
  • 39. Debbie Hiott, Metro Editor Jody Seaborn, World Editor Kathy Warbelow, Business Editor Sharyn Wizda Vane, Book Review Editor 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Denise Gamino, Features Fort Worth Star 400 West 7th Street Fort Worth, TX 76102 (817) 390-7400 Jim Witt, SVP, Executive Editor Bob Ray Sanders, Associate Editor So, now you have a first-hand understanding of the publishing world, right? Bob Ray I have a fair to middling understanding, yep. Thanks. G.
  • 40. Jim Jones, Religion Reporter Jeff Guinn, Book Editor Rick Press, Features Editors JR Labbe, Senior Editorial Writer Paul Harral, VP, Editorial Page Editor Rex Seline, Managing Editor John Gravois, AME, Government Affairs Scott Nishimura, Business Editor Lee Williams, Metro Editor Christopher Kelly, Features Liz Stevens, Features 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Tim Madigan, Features
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  • 42. Roddy Stinson, Columnist Chat & Chew Jim Hightower Nathan Cone Patrick Piotrowski Hawk Mendenhall 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Angela Keaton Chris Maley John Best Arizona Arizona Republic 200 East Van Buren Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 444-8000
  • 43. Ward Bushee, Editor Venita James, Metro Editor Randy Lovely, Managing Editor Tina May, National Editor Dave Neibergall, Editor Connie Sexton, Editor Ken Western, Editor of Editorial Page Chris Fiscus, Editor Paul Maryniak, Deputy Managing Editor Jeff Dozbaba, News Editor Nicole Carroll, Features Editor Larry Crowley, City Editor
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  • 45. Jahna Berry Dan Bickley Karina Bland Zada Blayton Paola Boivin Debora Britz Catherine Burrough Amanda Crawford Cathryn Creno 12/3/2007 7:07 PM Richard de Uriarte Monica Dunsmoor
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