MRCpsych - Neuropsychiatry (March08)


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This is a presentation on neuropsychiatry for trainee doctors studying for MRCPsych.

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MRCpsych - Neuropsychiatry (March08)

  1. 1. Alex Mitchell Leicester MRCPsych Part II 2008
  2. 2. Five Questions for Audience • List a neurological disorder with a high rate of (A) Depression (B) Psychosis (C) Cognitive Impairment (d) Anxiety • List a psychiatric condition with an organic basis • List 1 neurological 1 psychiatric disorder that has a diagnosis test available • Name 1 form of neurological treatment that is curative
  3. 3. What is Neuropsychiatry? Simple Definition: All Psychiatry + All Neurology US Definition: Neurobiology of Psychiatry UK Definition: Psychiatric Complications of Neurology organic conditions=>