College Football Jeopardy


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College Football Jeopardy

  1. 1. COLLEGE FOOTBALL JEOPARDY NCAA Knowing A Playoff BCS Pros BCS Cons Football The BCS System 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500
  2. 2. NCAA FOOTBALL 100 Point Question This is the only division of college football without a playoff system. ANSWER HOME
  3. 3. NCAA FOOTBALL 200 Point Question These are the two subdivisions of Division I college football, naming the most prestigious of the two first. ANSWER HOME
  4. 4. NCAA FOOTBALL 300 Point Question In the NCAA there are this many different divisions. ANSWER HOME
  5. 5. NCAA FOOTBALL 400 Point Question This is the number of teams there are in the FBS division of Division I college football. ANSWER HOME
  6. 6. NCAA FOOTBALL 500 Point Question These are the former names of the two Division I subdivisions. ANSWER HOME
  7. 7. KNOWING THE BCS 100 Point Question This is what the term BCS stands for. ANSWER HOME
  8. 8. KNOWING THE BCS 200 Point Question This was the sole purpose of the BCS when it was originally created. ANSWER HOME
  9. 9. KNOWING THE BCS 300 Point Question These are the two ways that teams can earn a berth into a BCS game. ANSWER HOME
  10. 10. KNOWING THE BCS 400 Point Question These are the 4 BCS Bowl Games (not including the National Championship Game). ANSWER HOME
  11. 11. KNOWING THE BCS 500 Point Question The winners of these major conference championships earn an automatic berth in a BCS game. ANSWER HOME
  12. 12. BCS PROS 100 Point Question This is one thing that the BCS holds to a consistent length and why some favor the BCS rather than a playoff system which would make this longer. ANSWER HOME
  13. 13. BCS PROS 200 Point Question At the end of each football season this is one thing that the BCS generates a lot of for college football, whether its negative or positive. ANSWER HOME
  14. 14. BCS PROS 300 Point Question This is one component that the BCS implements into their ranking system that many favor because it rewards teams that play in tougher conferences. ANSWER HOME
  15. 15. BCS PROS 400 Point Question Many people opposed to a playoff like the BCS system because it holds the regular season to this many games. ANSWER HOME
  16. 16. BCS PROS 500 Point Question Many in favor of the BCS say that with the BCS system the regular season is a for of this because every game is extremely important and if you lose one game your chances at making the National Championship are greatly lowered. ANSWER HOME
  17. 17. BCS CONS 100 Point Question This is the strange occurrence that took place at the end of the 2003 season as a result of the BCS’s ranking/selection process. ANSWER HOME
  18. 18. BCS CONS 200 Point Question This is a common occurrence in many NCAA tournaments, such as the 64 team NCAA Basketball tournament that the BCS system has made practically impossible. ANSWER HOME
  19. 19. BCS CONS 300 Point Question This is the biggest factor holding teams from weaker conferences back from reaching BCS Bowls and the National Championship that the teams really cannot control. ANSWER HOME
  20. 20. BCS CONS 400 Point Question The domination of this team in the 2007 Sugar Bowl left many fans doubting the BCS’s ability to judge how good a team really is. ANSWER HOME
  21. 21. BCS CONS 500 Point Question These two teams and their performance in BCS games are great examples of how the BCS system can underestimate the talent of teams from smaller conferences. ANSWER HOME
  22. 22. A PLAYOFF SYSTEM 100 Point Question This individual is a big supporter of a playoff system and is also in a very powerful position in our nation. ANSWER HOME
  23. 23. A PLAYOFF SYSTEM 200 Point Question This is the most likely form of a playoff system that would implemented if a playoff were to be put into place. ANSWER HOME
  24. 24. A PLAYOFF SYSTEM 300 Point Question This prestigious college football coach is strongly in favor of a playoff system. ANSWER HOME
  25. 25. A PLAYOFF SYSTEM 400 Point Question This is the maximum number of weeks that would be added to the season if a playoff system is put into place. ANSWER HOME
  26. 26. A PLAYOFF SYSTEM 500 Point Question This could be used as a way to seed teams for a playoff system. ANSWER HOME
  27. 27. What is the FBS? HOME
  28. 28. What are the FBS and the FCS HOME
  29. 29. What is 3? HOME
  30. 30. What is 119? HOME
  31. 31. What are Division I-A and Division I-AA? HOME
  32. 32. What is the Bowl Championship Series? HOME
  33. 33. What is to determine the two teams that should play for the National Championship? HOME
  34. 34. What is an at-large selection or an automatic berth? HOME
  35. 35. What are the Rose, Orange, Sugar, and Fiesta (in any order)? HOME
  36. 36. What are the SEC, ACC, Big 12, Big 10, and Big East (in any order)? HOME
  37. 37. What is the regular season? HOME
  38. 38. What is publicity, attention, conversation, etc.? (any will suffice) HOME
  39. 39. What is strength of schedule? HOME
  40. 40. What is 10 games? HOME
  41. 41. What is a playoff? HOME
  42. 42. What is a split National Championship? HOME
  43. 43. What is a Cinderella or Underdog story? (anything of the like will suffice) HOME
  44. 44. What is a weak schedule, low strength of schedule, etc.? (any will suffice) HOME
  45. 45. Who is Hawaii? HOME
  46. 46. Who are Utah and Boise State? (in either order) HOME
  47. 47. Who is Barack Obama? HOME
  48. 48. What is an 8 team playoff? HOME
  49. 49. Who is Joe Paterno? HOME
  50. 50. What is 4? HOME
  51. 51. What are the BCS rankings? HOME