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  • We need to practice the values of our prophet Mohammad (May Allah's Peace and Blessings on Him).
    Great job we are required to tell and call all people to adopt our prophet Mohammad(May Allah's Peace and Blessings on Him).
    auspices. Allah bless your efforts.
    From Dr.Mazen Maswady
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  • 1. 22 Great Tips for Success from the Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) By Dr. Musa T. Ajlouni https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTWMg4G8CJxnnO-0lmCunEXo71veSQS8lMVq_ELhHNFJkcFBW1F
  • 2. https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTJC1izAlb-8MiW_vUrm4bNTRiD6hbSkYzGlMY3NTC_h9KSALiX Prophet Mohammad (PUH) said: “Upper hand is better than the lower hand,…” 1.Try your best to give more than you take
  • 3. 2.To be loved give others some things that they love
  • 4. 3.Be always kind to all people
  • 5. 4.Try your best to FORGIVE Wrongs
  • 6. 5.Content is a True Recipe for Riches
  • 7. 6.To gain Knowledge you should know how to be Patient
  • 8. 7.Be sure that your judgment is evidence based http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-VwbFXF7OJbo/UxKnEJ7upCI/AAAAAAAAArI/wUGVlHDw71s/s1600/saying+of+prophet+muhammad-truth.png
  • 9. 8.Your knowledge is only powerful when you practice what you know
  • 10. 9.Learn when and how to speak
  • 11. 10.Do not let your anger control you
  • 12. 11.Good character should always be your first choice
  • 13. 12.Say thanks to others from your heart not from your mouth
  • 14. 13.Show mercy to all mankind
  • 15. 14.Virtue and truth are your avenue to EXELLENCE
  • 16. 15.Learn how to forgive others
  • 17. 16.Do not make HARM for others
  • 18. http://media-cache- ak0.pinimg.com/236x/72/46/44/7246441aa4a4a3ac34f6a4bef26d2d07.jpg 17.Treat women with honor
  • 19. 18.Use resources wisely
  • 20. 19.Always keep a vacant room in your stomach! the Messenger of Allah says: “No human ever filled a vessel worse than the stomach. Sufficient for any son of Adam are some morsels to keep his back straight. But if it must be, then one third for his food, one third for his drink and one third for his breath.”
  • 21. 20.Always remember that you can’t reach the right destination with the wrong route
  • 22. 21.Do not miss the opportunity
  • 23. 22.Don’t forget to smile
  • 24. 16 April 201424 Thank You