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Bibliography of Terrorism Theses

Bibliography of Terrorism Theses



One would think that in the age of electronic data retrieval the compilation and publication of a bibliography like the present one is out of date. Everyone in possession of a network computer ...

One would think that in the age of electronic data retrieval the compilation and publication of a bibliography like the present one is out of date. Everyone in possession of a network computer accessing the World Wide Web through the Internet can, after all, directly reach into the catalogues of the great libraries of the academic world and produce within hours if not minutes a tailor-made bibliography for his or her own special research purposes. The same take would take days if not weeks for the human bibliographer working without powerful eclectic search engines. However, bibliographic search engines can only assist and supplement human judgement as to what is likely to be a worthwhile title and what is not.

This is especially true for unpublished "grey" literature that does not appear in Books in Print - type compilations. Academic Masters Theses are rarely published and even most PhD Theses never make it into the commercial market. This special bibliography on "Academic These on Terrorism and Related Forms of Violence", containing nearly 800 titles, is therefore particularly welcome and fills a void. I was pleased to learn that it took the structure of my own bibliography on terrorism as framework to fit in the titles since this adds to cumulativeness and comparability in the field. Scanning through the titles makes one realizes that many of the seminal turns in the study of terrorism were initiated - or are at least reflected - in the choice of topics of these young scholars. There is also a university index at the end which indicates to the user which universities devote most attention to the study of terrorism and political violence. For both students and experts of terrorism this bibliography offers a door to a wealth of knowledge which will - as things now stand - be bitterly needed for years to come.



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  • A Bibliography of Academic Theses on Terrorism and Related Forms of Violence for 1960 to 1998. Compiled by Adam Pode

    Keywords: Terrorism thesis dissertation St Andrews, Oxford, American, Queen's Belfast, Claremont Graduate School, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Ireland, Israel, Palestine, Assassination, Bombing, Hijacking, Kidnapping, Nuclear.
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  • A Bibliography of Academic Theses on Terrorism and Related Forms of Violence for 1960 to 1998. Compiled by Adam Pode
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    Bibliography of Terrorism Theses Bibliography of Terrorism Theses Document Transcript

    • A Bibliography of Academic Theses on Terrorism and Related Forms of Violence Part I – 1960 to 1998 Compiled by Adam Pode.
    • All rights reserved.No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by anymeans, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by anyinformation storage and retrieval system, without the prior written consent of theauthor.Copyright by Adam Pode. All rights reserved.Printed in the UK.
    • ContentsPrefaceIntroductionA and B. Bibliographies on Terrorism and Related Forms of Violence and Conceptual,Definitory and Topological Aspects of TerrorismC. General Works on TerrorismD. Regime Terrorism and RepressionE. Insurgent TerrorismF. Vigilante TerrorismG. Other Types of TerrorismH. Terroristic Activities, by Region and Country1. Western Europe General1.1. Germany1.2. France1.3. Ireland1.4. Italy1.5. Spain1.6. Other Western European Countries2. FSU2.1. Eastern European, including the Balkans3. Middle East3.1. Israel3.2. Palestine3.3 Middle East, Other Countries4. Asia4.1. Indian Subcontinent4.2. South-East Asia and China4.3 Japan5. Africa, General5.1. Northern Africa5.2. Sub-Saharan Africa5.3. Southern Africa
    • 6. Latin America, General6.1. Argentina6.2. Brazil6.3. Uruguay6.4. Other Latin-American Countries7. North America7.1. Canada7.2. United StatesI. Intra and Transnational TerrorismJ. The Terrorist Personality and OrganisationK. Victimological AspectsL. Terrorism from a Psychological PerspectiveM. Terrorism from a Criminological PerspectiveN. Terrorism from a Military PerspectiveO. Juridical Aspects of TerrorismP. Mass Communications Aspects of TerrorismQ and R. The Etiology of Terrorism and Ideologies and Doctrines of Violence andViolent LiberationS. Countermeasures Against Terrorism1. General1.1. Military and Police1.2. Legal1.3. Hostage Saving MeasuresT. Special Forms of Terrorism1.1. Assassination1.2. Bombing1.3. Hijacking and Hostage Taking1.4. Kidnaping1.5. Nuclear TerrorismU. Varia and Related Studies
    • Author IndexUniversity IndexStatistics
    • PrefaceOne would think that in the age of electronic data retrieval the compilation andpublication of a bibliography like the present one is out of date. Everyone inpossession of a network computer accessing the World Wide Web through theInternet can, after all, directly reach into the catalogues of the great libraries of theacademic world and produce within hours if not minutes a tailor-made bibliographyfor his or her own special research purposes. The same take would take days if notweeks for the human bibliographer working without powerful eclectic searchengines. However, bibliographic search engines can only assist and supplementhuman judgement as to what is likely to be a worthwhile title and what is not.This is especially true for unpublished "grey" literature that does not appear in Booksin Print - type compilations. Academic Masters Theses are rarely published and evenmost PhD Theses never make it into the commercial market. This specialbibliography on "Academic These on Terrorism and Related Forms of Violence",containing nearly 800 titles, is therefore particularly welcome and fills a void. I waspleased to learn that it took the structure of my own bibliography on terrorism asframework to fit in the titles since this adds to cumulativeness and comparability inthe field. Scanning through the titles makes one realizes that many of the seminalturns in the study of terrorism were initiated - or are at least reflected - in the choiceof topics of these young scholars. There is also a university index at the end whichindicates to the user which universities devote most attention to the study ofterrorism and political violence. For both students and experts of terrorism thisbibliography offers a door to a wealth of knowledge which will - as things now stand- be bitterly needed for years to come.Prof A. P.Leiden University
    • IntroductionThe aim of this work is to provided those undertaking research in the field ofterrorism1 with a guide to academic sources principally in English and in so doingcomplement the works of both Schmid2 and Lakos3. Each entry lists the name of theauthor, the title, academic institution to which the work was submitted and thedegree awarded with date4. Entries limited to a single area or region are listed underthat area or region. Multi-regional studies are listed by subject. Indexes to bothauthors and academic institutions are provided.For most entries abstracts can be consulted through reference either to theinvaluable works of ASLIB5 or DAI6. Full copies of most British doctoral these can beborrowed in the form of film or fiche or purchased as paper enlargements fromBLDSC7. Theses accepted for Masters degrees in the United Kingdom are harder toobtain and information regarding availability should be sought from the awardinginstitute. Copies of theses in the United States and Canada may be obtained fromUMI87 in soft covers, hard covers, microfilm or microfiche. Again the availability ofMasters thesis may vary.The authors intention is to provide a living document, corrections and furtherentries should be addressed to Adam Pode (ajlpode at yahoo co uk) Paper copies ofthis work are also available from this address.1 Entries cover both terrorism, insurgency, low intensity conflict and revolutionary warfare and arewidely drawn to examine the effects of such conflicts.2 Schmid, A.P. and Jongman, A.J. Political Terrorism: a new guide to actors, authors, concepts, databases, theories and literature. New Brunswick: Transaction Books, 1988.3 Lakos, A. International Terrorism: A Bibliography. Boulder: Westview Press, 1986 and Lakos, A.Terrorism 1980-1990: A Bibliography. Boulder: Westview Press, 1991.4 Information concerning these institutions can be found in the Europa Publications: The World ofLearning 49th edition. Europa Publications Company, 1999. (ISBN: 1 85743 049 2; ISSN: 0084-2117);or see http://www.scit.wlv.ac.uk/ukinfo/ for the UK and http://www.clas.ufl.edu/au/ for the USA.5 Hyams, M. Index to theses with Abstracts accepted for Higher Degrees by the Universities of GreatBritain and Ireland and the Council of National Academic Awards. London: ASLIB and ExpertInformation Ltd, annual; also available as Index to Theses on CD-ROM (2nd edition).6 University Microfilms. Dissertation Abstract International, Section A - Humanities and SocialScience. Ann Arbour: University Microfilms, monthly. Also available as Dissertation Abstracts Onlineand Ondisc.7 The British Library Document Supply Centre, Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS23 7BQEngland.8 University Microfilms International (Dissertation Service) 300 North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor,Michigan 48106-1346 USA.
    • A and B. Bibliographies on Terrorism and Related Forms of Violence andConceptual, Definitory and Topological Aspects of Terrorism(1) Beecroft, David R.The Conspiracy Theory of Terrorism: Analysis and Application.California State University Sacramento, MA, 1986.(2) Campbell, Courtney Scott.The Moral Reality of Revolution.University of Virginia, PhD, 1988.(3) Campbell, James.The Concept of Violence: An Examination of its Ideological Uses.Queens University Belfast, PhD, 1986.(4) Canfield, Roger Blaine.Democratic Legitimacy and American Political Violence, 1964-1970.Claremont Graduate School, PhD, 1973.(5) Chasdi, Richard Jonathan.The Dynamics of Middle East Terrorism, 1968-1993: A Functional Typology ofTerrorist Group-Types.Purdue University, PhD, 1995.(6) Cline, James, Jr.Northstar Geopolitical Learning Model: Country Study Guide, A Research Resource.The Union Institute, PhD, 1992.(7) Denton, Frank Hardy.Patterns in Political Violence and War, 1751-1960.University of Southern California, PhD, 1968.(8) Dolive, Henry Clarke.The Conceptualization of Political Violence.University of Florida, PhD, 1974.(9) Finney, Louis Douglas.A Rational Choice Theory of Revolution and Political Violence.University of Maryland College Park, PhD, 1987.(10) Gilman, Bernard.Political Violence: A Comparative and Longitudinal Analysis.University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill, PhD, 1971.
    • (11) Gold-Biss, Michael.The Discourse on Terrorism: Political Violence and the Subcommittee on Securityand Terrorism, 1981-1986.American University, PhD, 1992.(12) Hanle, Donald J.An Analysis of Terrorism as a Form of Warfare.Naval Postgraduate School, MA, 1987.(13) Harbert, Joseph R.The Domestic and International Politics of Internal Conflict: A Comparative Analysis.City University of New York, PhD, 1984.(14) Hawkins, Andrew.Terrorism and Liberal Democracy.University of St Andrews, Degree Unknown, Date Unknown.(15) Hoffman, R.P.Terrorism: A Universal Definition.Claremont Graduate School, PhD, 1984.(16) Hou, Han-jyun.A Simulation Model of Political Conflict: A System Dynamics Approach.State University of New York At Binghamton, PhD, 1993.(17) Kader, Omar M.Contemporary Political Terror: Comparing the Use of Violence by National Liberationand Ideological Groups.University of Southern California, PhD, 1981.(18) Kasturi, Das Gupta.A Typological Analysis of Collective Political Violence.The Louisiana State University, PhD, 1979.(19) Kissane, Thomas P.The Theoretical Literature on Terrorism: A Sociological Interpretation.Fordham University, PhD, 1989.(20) Machale, James Brendan.An Empirical Study of the Ideologies of Violence of Foreign Missionaries in A NationalSecurity State.Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, DMin, 1985.(21) McMaster, Donald James.Forecasting Political Violence: Evaluating the Use of Judgemental Data As An Input toA Predictive Model.Syracuse University, PhD, 1979.
    • (22) Mesquita, Patricia.On the Path From Collective Identity to Violence.University of St Andrews, MA, 1994.(23) Mirani, S.Kaveh.Collective Political Violence and the Redistribution of Political Income.University of Chicago, PhD, 1984.(24) Overbey, B.F.Terror and Reprisal: An Ethical Perspective.Army Command Personnel Centre, MA, 1985.(25) Rahman, Katherine Irene.Ethnic Conflict in A World of States.University of Virginia, PhD, 1990.(26) Reid, Edna Ferguson.An Analysis of Terrorism Literature: A Bibliometric and Content Analysis Study.University of Southern California, PhD, 1983.(27) Romano, Anne Theresa.Terrorism: An Analysis of the Literature.Fordham University, PhD, 1984.(28) Schneider, Peter Raymond.Calculations of Political Conflict: A Cross-National Analysis of Domestic PoliticalViolence From A Costs-Benefits Perspective.Indiana University, PhD, 1974.(29) Smith, Edmond Carl.Political Violence and Pluralist Theory.American University, PhD, 1975.(30) Tatsis, Nicholas Christos.Phenomenology: The Methodology of Conceptual Terrorism.Syracuse University, PhD, 1975.(31) Williams, Nicole B.D.Terrorism: Concept and Practice.University of New South Wales, PhD, 1990.(32) Yoo, Seungik.The Effect of Socio-Economic Development on Mass Political Violence: A PooledCross-sectional and Time-series Analysis.University of South Carolina, PhD, 1990.
    • C. General Works on Terrorism(33) Azzi, Assaad Elia.Structural and Normative Sources of Ethnic Conflict: Status, Size, and NormativeRules for Power Allocation.University of Pennsylvania, PhD, 1988.(34) Maguire, K.Ethnic Conflict and Political Violence: a Theoretical and Comparative Analysis.Aberdeen, PhD, 1994.(35) Davies, Thomas Russell.Feedback Processes and International Terrorism.Florida State University, PhD, 1977.(36) Desloover, Michel Marc.Terrorism V Democracy: A Study in the Effect Terrorism Has on the Political Systemsit Attempts to Influence.University of Louisville, MA, 1986.(37) Finn, John Edward.Can the Constitution Govern? Constitutional Crises and the Limits of HumanForesight.Princeton University, PhD, 1986.(38) Freiberg, J.W.The Dialectics of Violence: Repression and Rebellion.University of California Los Angeles, PhD, 1971.(39) Hazan, Robert.An Inquiry Into the Politics of Nationalism and Conflict in Palestine, British India andQuebec.University of Denver, PhD, 1992.(40) Kocher, Charles H.Terrorism: Threat to Industrial Security.California State University Long Beach, MS, 1978.(41) Krassacopoulos, Mihalis N.The Study of Terrorism in Perspective.Florida State University, PhD, 1990.(42) Kubiak, Anthony James.Phobos and Performance: The Stages of Terror.University of Wisconsin: Milwaukee, PhD, 1988.
    • (43) Moore, Terrence Lee.The Nature and Evaluation of Terrorism.University of Pittsburgh, PhD, 1987.(44) Oliverio, Annamaria.Two Incidents in Search of A Meaning: The Discourse of Terrorism and theConstruction of Political Boundaries.Arizona State University, PhD, 1991.(45) Warner, B.W.The Rendition of International Politically-Violent Offenders/Terrorists 1970-1982.Exeter, PhD, 1992.(46) Yough, Syng Nam.A Cross-national Analysis of Political Violence: A Model Specification and its EmpiricalTest.Texas Tech University, PhD, 1979.D. Regime Terrorism and Repression(47) Cordiner, Tom.Aushwitz-Birkenau: The Implementation of the Final Solution.University of St Andrews, MA, 1990.(48) Fattig, Richard Cavell.Reprisal: The German Army and the Execution of Hostages During the Second WorldWar.University of California: San Diego, PhD, 1980.(49) Freeman, Julie D.German Public Opinion and the Persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945,As Reflected in Memoir Literature.State University of New York At Buffalo, PhD, 1992.(50) Fu, Hung-der.Modernization, Repression, and Political Violence.University of Arizona, PhD, 1991.(51) King, John Christopher.Modelling State Repression in Argentina and Chile: A Time Series Analysis. Universityof North Texas, PhD, 1993.
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    • Pontuso, J.F: 213 Russell, J.S: 529 Skabas, R: 706Popplewell, R.J: 344 Ryan, J.J: 468 Skuy, D: 796Powell, J.O: 833 Sadeghi, M: 657 Slawner, K: 55Powell, M: 738 Sadkovich, J.J: 227 Sluka, J.A: 169Power, M.M: 505 Saeki, K: 645 Smith, C.S: 794Prelec, M: 226 Salazar, L.A: 703 Smith, C.M: 286Price, B: 544 Salem, N.J: 320 Smith, G.D: 744Prillaman, W.C: 466 Salem, A.H.K: 284 Smith-Nonini, S.C: 507Probst, R.R: 380 Saloojee, A: 449 Smith, W.B: 170Pronin, A: 214 Samar Anayake, G: 346 Smith, A.C: 171Prunckun, H.W: 758 Sambo, W.A: 427 Smith, W.C: 479Punamaki-gitai, R: 610 Sample, T.L: 742 Smith, E.C: 29Purdie, R.M: 166 Sanan, G: 743 Snitch, T.H: 797Puttagunta, P: 739 Sanii, M: 319 Snodgrass, T: 508Puttagunta, P.S: 759 Sardar, R: 347 Sobieck, S.M: 745Quinn, K.M: 381 Sayah, E.N: 321 Solaun, M: 509Quinn, C.J: 644 Sayigh, Y.J: 322 Solomon, V.M: 842Rahman, K.I: 25 Scharlau, B.A: 112 Sonmez, S.F: 866Rajagopalan, R: 345 Schbley, A.H: 323 Spier, H: 215Ramesh, C.N: 834 Schesch, A.B: 92 Stanborough, P.E: 384Ramon, Z: 835 Schiller, T.S: 865 Stanley, W.D: 510Ranchod-Nilsson, S.C: Schneider, P.R: 28 Stanley, B.E: 287448 Scholtz, J.J.L: 450 Starbuck, W.C: 511Randle, M.J: 621 Scott, M.D: 168 Stavrou, H.C: 199Ranstorp, M: 790 Scott, J.L: 839 Stein, R.E.R: 470Rashid, H.M.I: 283 Scott, F.E: 167 Steinel, D.P: 56Rasler, K.A: 316 Seegers, A: 451 Stevens, D.F: 513Raucher, S.A: 702 Semati, M.H: 324 Stevenson, P.M: 512Rayfield, G.E: 585 Shafi, P: 243 Stewart, H.L: 547Redlick, A.S: 528 Shanks, R.K: 646 Stid, D.D: 385Rehimi, R.M: 317 Sharif, I.S: 598 Stoddart, P.C: 172Rehman, C: 740 Shavit, U: 840 Stoll, D.M: 514Reid, E.F: 26 Shawky, A.G.M: 704 Strang, S.J: 173Reisz. J.B: 545 Shelhoup, K: 841 Strinkowski, N.C: 586Rejali, D.M: 318 Sherman, R.F: 428 Sudjatmiko, I.G: 386Richardson, L.K: 836 Shoniker, P.A: 791 Sulistyo, H: 387Rinehart, J.F: 91 Short, J.L: 118 Sullivan, J.L: 189Rizowy, C.G: 484 Shults, J.B: 84 Susser, L: 200Robertson, J.M: 467 Siegal, A: 705 Swedenburg, T.R: 288Robinson, G.B: 382 Siles, J.I: 506 Tahboub, N: 325Rogan, R.G: 837 Silvestri, M.S: 348 Tan, P: 515Rogers, M.R: 741 Simon, R.D: 285 Tan, C.Z: 707Rolnick, M.P: 771 Simon, M.P.P: 93 Tatar, M.A: 843Romano, A.T: 27 Sinai, S.B: 69 Tatsis, N.C: 30Rosenzweig, P.M: 838 Singer, H.L: 530 Taylor, J.B: 746Ross, R.J: 546 Singh, K: 349 Tetelman, M.S: 85Russ, S.M: 255 Sishagne, S: 429 Tewari, M.M: 647
    • Thomas, W: 648 Von.Dirke, S.e.B: 113 Willis, R: 74Thomas, T.E: 119 Waddell, R.L: 762 Wilson, A.J: 178Tierney, K.B: 548 Waggoner, G.A: 190 Wilson-Smith, J: 709Tilton, D.J: 452 Wagner-Pacifici, R.E: Wilson, B.W: 520Tinney, J.S: 549 849 Winkler, C.K: 847Tobias, M.D: 599 Walker, C.P: 651 Wise, C.D: 289Toga, H.O: 326 Waller, J.M: 218 Witmer, M.D: 350Tolczyk, D: 216 Waller, D.V: 219 Wolf, J.B: 587Torossian, R.M: 327 Walsh, J.F: 71 Wolfe, M.J: 179Torres, M.M: 717 Ward, C.E: 516 Wongtrangan, K: 389Trapp, F.J: 256 Ward, A.M.R: 517 Wood, W.S: 521Trew, S: 228 Warner, B.W: 45 Woodard, P.B: 793Trifkovic, S: 229 Warsuakjian, K.Y: 328 Woods, J.C: 180Trottier, J: 649 Washington, L: 185 Worobec, S.F: 390Turner, S: 174 Waterworth, P: 176 Wright, J: 571Tyler, B.M: 550 Watson, J.C: 471 Wright, J: 710Tyrrell, M: 175 Waugh, W.L: 569 Wright, S: 180AUche, C: 400 Weitzer, R.J: 58 Wright, S: 763Uchida, C.D: 760 Wendel, D.L: 570 Ya Deau, A.B: 718Uekert, B.K: 57 Wesley, M.S: 72 Yasko, G.T: 392Um, K: 388 Wessner, C.W: 417 Yerushalmi, M: 257Umoja, A.K: 551 West, G.T: 472 Yoo, S: 32Urschel, B.J: 844 White, S.J: 531 Yough, S.N: 46Vaisman.Tzachor, R: White, R.W: 177 Young, S.M: 220761 White, E.B: 552 Yudkin, A.L: 600Van Dyke, S.H: 416 Whitley, J.L: 611 Zafarian, H: 330Vance, C.D: 217 Whitney, R.W: 518 Zaremba, A.J: 658Vandenbroucke, L.S: Wickham-Crowley, T.P: Zarougui, M: 383845 473 Zeidner, R.F: 331Varon, J.P: 70 Williams, D.P: 708 Zirakzadeh, C.E: 191Vasey, M.C: 846 Williams, N.J: 329 Zonozy, N.Y: 244Vassiliou, A.A: 792 Williams, L.F: 86 Zulaika, J: 192Vavrina, Williams, S.G: 73 Zur, J.N: 521AV.J: 867 Williams, P.J: 519 Zuzak, C.A: 848Vercher, A: 650 Williams, N.B.D: 31Viccica, A.D: 868 Willis, D.J: 553
    • University IndexAberdeen: 34, 198, 337, 340, 363, 391, 446, 718, 744, 750, 862, 865.Aberystwth: 102, 160.Acadia: 593.Air Forces Institute of Technology: 145, 182, 820, 785, 767, 683.Alabama: 62.Alberta: 580.Alberta: 188.American: 68, 11, 29, 60, 124, 271, 272, 273, 279, 366, 497, 499, 582, 656, 691, 699,722, 753, 797.Arizona State: 44, 387, 496, 708.Arizona: 50, 93, 242, 470, 494.Arkansas: 488.Auburn: 78.Auckland: 130.Austin: Texas: 508.Australian National: 157, 710.Birmingham: 74, 367A, 636.Boston: 218, 317.Boston College: 194.Boston Graduate School: 444.Bowling Green State: 134, 659, 695.Bradford: 621.
    • Brandeis: 428, 547.British Columbia: 95.California State Sacramento: 1.California State Dominguez Hills: 82.California State Fullerton: 696, 697, 543.California School of Professional Psychology: 454, 761.California State: Long Beach: 40, 65, 84, 148, 746, 783.California Berkeley: 58, 77, 151, 169, 181, 191, 308, 388, 435, 532.California: Los Angeles: 38, 309, 421, 489, 540, 550, 562.California: Riverside: 219.California: San Diego: 48.California: Santa Barbara: 342.California: Santa Cruz, 414, 541.California: Irvine: 534.Cambridge: 286, 307A, 339, 344, 364, 650, 768, 770.Carleton: 127, 173, 332, , 560, 685.Catholic of America: 138, 237, 305, 737.Central Missouri State: 298, 701, 806.Chicago: 23, 53, 207, 220, 400, 416, 484, 509, 513.Cincinnati: 270, 334, 612, 686, 812.City of New York: 13, 73, 203, 255, 345, 438, 520, 585, 663, 808.City: 143.Claremont Graduate School: 4, 15, 100, 254, 330, 361, 362, 373, 390, 424, 563, 745,841.
    • Colorado at Boulder: 341, 431, 503, 552, 713, 851.Columbia: 762.Columbia Teachers College: 678.Columbia: 69, 168, 190, 208, 275, 277, 329, 348, 490, 501, 504, 631.Concordia: 674.Connecticut: 116, 845.Cornell: 70, 106, 117, 358, 382, 392, 473, 830.Dalhousie: 739, 759, 844.Delaware: 375.Denver: 39, 261, 280, 368, 423, 464, 492, 676, 712, 735, 756.Duke: 88, 325.Durham: 176.Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary: 20.Emory: 551.Exeter: 45, 125, 267, 283, 292, 293, 303, 408, 409, 588, 641.Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy – Tufts University: 184, 417, 433, 493, 528,724, 731.Florida State: 35, 41, 80, 256, 316, 486, 564, 639, 714, 728.Florida: 8, 86, 476, 732Florida Institute of Technology: 591, 842.Florida Atlantic: 285.Fordham: 19, 27.Geneva: 729.George Washington: 56, 104, 311, 380, 620, 672, 720, 788.
    • George Mason: 542.Georgetown: 94, 103, 111, 209, 214, 370, 376, 498, 749, 782, 867.Georgia: 506, 717, 755.Glasgow: 864.Golden Gate: 721.Goteborgs: 193.Guelph: 240, 526, 531.Harvard: 107, 205, 216, 262, 379, 386, 439, 606, 632, 757, 794.Hawaii: 296, 374.Helsingin: 197, 610.Howard: 54, 284, 549, 598.Hull: 183, 377.Idaho: 109.Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: 399, 429.Illinois At Chicago: 257, 505, 810.Indiana: 28, 177, 202, 360, 584, 596, 660.Institute Unknown: 96, 121, 269, 559.Iowa: 558, 668, 833.John Jay College of Criminal Justice: 587, 835.John Hopkins: 67, 389, 538, 648.Kansas: 101, 123, 483.Keele: 228, 310, 679, 689.Kent: 422, 430.Kentucky: 180.
    • Lancaster: 180A, 185, 603, 711, 763.Leeds: 252, 436, 646, 667.Lehigh: 813.Leicester: 694.Liverpool: 63.London: London School of Economics: 140, 206, 221, 246, 276, 521A, 771.London: Kings College: 263, 322.London: School of Oriental and African Studies: 640, 647.London: School Of Slavonic And East European Studies: 465.London: University College: 425, 704.London: External: 804.London: Queen Mary College: 189.Louisiana State: 18.Louisville: 36, 860.Loyola: 178, 451, 595.Lunds: 589.Lutheran: 282.Maharishi International: 302.Manchester: 155, 215, 638, 651.Manitoba: 608.Maryland College Park: 249.Maryland College Park: 9, 105, 290, 381, 670, 677, 733, 764, 847.Massachusetts: 186, 347, 487, 675, 553.
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 510, 512, 666, 725, 789.Mcgill: 196, 318, 426, 705, 765, 814, 823, 824, 840, 848.Melbourne: 335.Miami: 491, 809.Michigan: 149, 152, 224, 225, 527, 600, 707, 726.Michigan State: 66, 359, 397, 703, 798, 834, 837, 861.Minnesota: 475, 700, 822.Mississippi: 569.Missouri: 669.Missouri: Columbia: 132, 291, 829.Montreal: 524.Naval Postgraduate School: Monterey: 566, 568, 807.Naval Postgraduate School: 12, 162, 607, 853.Nebraska Lincoln: 328.Nevada Las Vegas: 561, 741.New Orleans: 471.New School for Social Research: 129, 137, 369, 723.New South Wales: 31, 687.New Brunswick: 365.New York At Albany: 760, 787.New York At Binghamton: 16, 118, 281.New York At Buffalo: 49, 427, 658.New York: 299, 411, 525, 530, 727.Newcastle Upon Tyne: 304.
    • Nihel: 643.North Carolina At Chapel Hill: 10, 212, 338, 507, 539, 583.North Texas: 51, 83, 239, 244, 266, 323, 321, 349, 570, 533, 609, 793.Northeast Missouri State: 521.Northern Illinois: 356, 565.Northwestern: 85, 420, 441, 448, 586, 693, 817.Notre Dame: 55, 64.Nottingham: 634.Ohio State: 165, 671, 818.Ohio: 495, 661.Oklahoma: 89, 289, 295.Oklahoma State: 816.Old Dominion: 355.Oregon: 81, 372, 846.Ottawa: 61, 529, 642, 649, 706, 791.Oxford: 172, 195, 200, 251, 253, 294, 297, 300A: 313, 315, 357, 384, 385, 413, 452,519, 536, 630, 645, 752, 827.Pacific Lutheran: 611.Pennsylvania State: 866.Pennsylvania: 33, 122, 159, 287, 306, 472, 474, 698, 838, 849.Pennsylvania State: 673.Pittsburgh: 43, 480, 828.Pretoria: 442, 450, 614, 815.Princeton: 37, 192, 371, 852, 855.
    • Purdue: 5, 71, 99, 141, 167, 462, 463.Queens Kingston: 179, 434, 443, 518, 523, 644.Queens Belfast: 3, 126, 128, 133, 135, 139, 142, 144, 146, 171, 175, 597, 633.Rand Graduate Institute: 748.Reading: 110, 235, 383, 410, 637.Regent: 690.Rice: 378, 468, 715.Rochester: 210.Rutgers: 158, 535, 868.Salford: 241, 260, 319.Sam Houston State: 781.San Jose State: 250, 415.Sheffield: 680.Simon Fraser: 98, 336, 692, 716.South Australia: 758.South Carolina: 32, 264, 320, 839.South Africa: 432, 445, 447, 605, 769.Southampton: 229, 301, 437, 766.Southern Mississippi: 751.Southern California: 7, 17, 26, 163, 236, 326, 511, 546, 657, 742, 784, 832, 836.Southern Illinois At Carbondale: 396, 662.St Andrews: 14, 22, 47, 52, 59, 72, 76, 90, 97, 112, 150, 174, 222, 223, 238, 248, 278,300, 346, 367, 515, 571, 581, 592, 613, 709, 738, 740, 743, 790, 805, 811, 819, 821,826, 831.
    • Stanford: 113, 170, 211, 461, 478, 514, 850.Strathclyde: 166.Surrey: 154.Sussex: 114.Syracuse: 21, 30, 57, 91, 333, 548, 567, 590, 664, 665, 843.Temple: 825.Temple: 350.Tennessee: 324, 635.Texas At Arlington: 516, 863.Texas At Austin: 288, 500.Texas Tech: 46, 312.Texas: 681.Texas A&M: 544.Toronto: 449, 796.Trinity College: Dublin: 153, 156Tulane: 502, 517, 537, 602.Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities: 268, 854.Union Institute: 6, 792.Union College: Schenectady: 245.United States International: 327, 599.Universidad De Navarra: 187.Universitaet Wien: 594.University College Dublin: 161.US Army Command Personnel Centre: 24.
    • US Army Command and General Staff College: 545, 754.Utah: 307, 331.Utah State: 217.Virginia: 2, 25, 147, 213, 274, 343, 412, 466, 467.Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: 730.Walden: 243.Wales: 108.Warwick: 682.Washington: 119, 136, 619, 688.Waterloo: 199Wayne State: 702.West Virginia: 265.Western Michigan: 247, 795.Western Ontario: 164.Wisconsin Milwaukee: 42.Wisconsin Madison: 79, 92, 131, 204, 227, 684, 736.Yale: 226, 477, 734.York: 115, 398, 440.
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