Project Management
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Project Management

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  • 1. Project Management
  • 2.
    • Since the beginning of the civilization
    • Pyramids, The great wall of China, Taj Mahal
    • Various techniques, methodologies
    • “ Project Management”
  • 3. Project Is a group of unique, inter related activities that are planned and executed in certain sequence to create a unique product or service, within a specific time frame, budget and the clients specifications. PMI : A temporary Endeavour undertaken to CREATE a unique product or service . British Standard 6079 of 1996 {BS 6079} A unique set of coordinated activities with definite starting and finishing points undertaken by an individual o organization to meet specific objectives within the defined schedule, cost and performance parameters
  • 4.
    • Redesigning or relocating a production facility
    • Implementing a management information system
    • Constructing a national highway
    • Organizing the Olympics
    • Constructing a dam for better irrigation facilities
  • 5.
    • Project Characteristics
    • Unique activities
    • Attainment of a specific goal
    • Sequence of activities
    • Specified time
    • Interrelated activities
  • 6.
    • Project Parameters
    • Scope
    • Quality
    • Time
    • Cost
    • resources
  • 7. Relationship between Project Parameters Scope and Quality TIME, COST and AVAILABILITY Stakeholders control over Project Parameters Scope, quality and delivery dates Client Resource level and work schedule Project manager Cost and resource level Management Project parameter controlled Person or Group
  • 8. Classification of Projects N0 risk 10% 50% 100% Probability of problems Very low Low Medium High Level of complexity Very low Low Medium High Level of risk 3 months or less Between 3 to 9 months Between 9 to 18 months 18 months or more Time span Class IV Class III Class II Class I Project Characteristics
  • 10. Suppose company ABC’s business objective is to increase its revenue from Rs.10 crore to Rs. 25 crore in three years. Programme Project 1 – Enhance existing product Project 11 – Launch a basic version followed by an enhanced product Project 111 – Decrease the delivery time Project 1V – Increase the quality and decrease defects
  • 11. Project Management A SYSTEM OF PROCEDURES, PRACTICES TECHNOLOGIES AND KNOW-HOW THAT ENABLES THE PLANNING, ORGANIZING, STAFFING CONTROLLING AND DIRECTING NECESSARY TO SUCCESSFULLY MANAGE APROJECT PMI “Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations”
  • 12. P U R C H I N G M A R K T N g F I N A N C E O P E R A T N S Line / Functional Managers Board of Directors Project Manager Project Organizational Structure
  • 13. Risk is relatively less Involves managing many risk variables Success of a division is judged on its ability to achieve interim goals Success of project is judged on its ability to meet project goals The organization structure is permanent Project organization structure is limited to the life of the project Activities relate to maintenance Activities relate to innovation Responsible for activities in one function Responsible for activities involving various functions Routine set of activities Novel set of activities It’s a process of continuous refinement and evolution in the long run Performed as one time initiative conducted in a relatively short time Authority is well defined in the management system The line of authority is confusing Performed under a stable environment with defined roles and tasks Performed under changing work environment To manage existing systems and services in an organization To develop a unique product or process and manage change LINE MANAGEMENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT
  • 14. Project Management Environment
  • 15.
    • Project Stakeholders
    • PMI, “Are individuals and organizations who are actively involved in the project or whose interest may be positively or negatively affected as a result of project execution or successful project completion”
    • Directly related to the project
    • Who can influence the physical, organizational, technological, socioeconomic, legal and political environment
    • Who have an authoritative relation to the project
    • Persons, groups and associations that have a stake in the project
  • 16.
    • Types of Stakeholders
    • Project Manager
    • Customers
    • Project team members
    • Sponsor
    • Parent organization
  • 17.
    • Organizational Influences
    • Organizational Systems
    • Organizational Culture and Style
    • Organizational Structure
  • 18. INITIATE State the Problem Identify project Goals List the Objectives Determine Preliminary Resources Identify Assumptions and Risks CLOSE Obtain client acceptance Install Deliverables Document the Project Issue the Final Project Conduct Post – Implementation audit PLAN Identify Project Activities Estimate Time and cost Sequence Project activities Identify Critical Activities Write project proposal ORGANIZE Determine personnel needs Recruit project manager Recruit project team Organize project team Assign work packages CONTROL Define management Style Establish control tools Prepare status reports Review project schedule Issue change orders
  • 19. INITIATE Project Overview CLOSE Final report Audit report PLAN WBS Project Network Critical path Project proposal ORGANIZE Recruitment Criteria Work package Description Work package assignments CONTROL Variance Reports Status reports Staff Allocation reports
  • 20.  
  • 21.