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  1. 1. Hospital Management Information System
  3. 3.  Planning, Managing and Administration will be ‘Revolutionized’  Lifeline is a comprehensive and integrated total Hospital Management Solution designed by Manorama Infosystem. Lifeline is designed to meet the demands of running modern Hospitals / Clinics. The system incorporates the best healthcare practices and is designed to handle Administrative, Financial and the Other Management Aspects of a hospital.  Be more efficient with Lifeline  Lifeline Streamlines and integrates the Hospital operation processes and Information flow, which helps to synchronize the resources namely Men, Material, Money and Equipments.  Take control of your Hospital and Resources  Lifeline fully integrates different workflows within hospital, which facilities scalability, reliability, efficient data processing, quick decision making, reduce maintenance costs. It gives total integration of order entry systems, administrative system, and departmental subsystems within a hospital. MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 3
  4. 4.  Real time data access across various platforms  Lifeline has Client – Server Architecture, which has central database storage in a single database which provides simultaneous data across applications throughout the hospital. Since all the data is stored centrally, it can be viewed simultaneously from multiple terminals giving all departments’ access to timely, up-to-date patient information.  Achieve overall wellbeing  Lifeline is designed to provide an Integrated Solution for the Hospital, which will help in:  Efficient Management of the hospital  Enhance Patient Care  Improve Work Efficiency  Improve Fiscal Control  Enable the Growth of the Hospital  Research on cases MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 4
  5. 5. HIPAA Insurance Clinical IT Structure International Document Code for Architecture Diagnosis (CDA) (ICD-10) Electronic Health Level 7 Medical Records (HL-7) (EMR) Picture Patient Management System (PMS) Lifeline Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 5
  6. 6. Reception Electronic Medical IPD With Nursing OPD Management Casualty Management Records Station Laboratory Radiology Critical Care Operation Theatre Information System Information System Billing Management With Management (LIS) (RIS) Discharge Summary Kitchen Accident And Pharmacy Inventory / General Management And Linen And Laundry Emergency Management Stores Canteen Central Sterile Payroll /Hr With Financial Supply Department Blood Bank MIS Time Attendance Accounting (CSSD) Medical Library Administration Management MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 6
  7. 7. Equipment CRM Interface Marketing and Books Library Counseling Management Utilities MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 7
  8. 8. Address Book Appointment Scheduling Management Patient Enquiry Tariff Chart Patient Management System (PMS) Reference Doctor Trading OPD/IPD Registration Comprehensive Patient Search Medical Legal Cases Queries and Reports Patients Outstanding Status MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 8
  9. 9. Patient Demographic Details Generating ID (Patient ID Generation) Consulting Details Clinical Encounters Lab Test Reports Diagnosis Insurance Details OPD Doctors Desk MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 20
  10. 10. Specialization handled (General/Ortho/Pediatric/ Neuro/Gyneac, Obstetrics, Infertility/Cardiac/Urology) Daily OPD patient update screen Quick Prescription SOAP Notes Writer Drug Details MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 29
  11. 11. Patient medical profiling Customizable clinical parameters Image editing/storage facility Vaccine and immunization records General / systemic examination MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 30
  12. 12. Investigations and treatment advised record Multilingual prescription facility CDSS – Clinical decision support system CDA – Clinical document architecture ICD 10 – International code for diagnosis CPT – Current procedural terminology MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 31
  13. 13. Casualty and Emergency registration • Capturing demographic details • Disposition • Temporary Admission/Transfer and Discharge • Casualty details • Clinical Encounter • Lab tests • Diagnosis • Services bookings • Pharmacy / Surgical • Statutory forms Casualty with CMO • MLC Registers • CMO data with respect to police station details • Unique MLC numbers • Pre admission certificates from donators MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 48
  14. 14. Patient admission records Bed occupancy management Bed allocation and transfer management Bed allocation graphical view Clinical notes Nursing procedures (treatment chart, drug charts, intake output charts, saline charts, TPR BP charts) Daily investigation records Treatment chart pop ups MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 51
  15. 15. Patient diagnostic reports Pharmacy orders Lab and blood bank services Bed days by ward, consultant/specialty/diagnosis/classification Nursing station time attendance and work attended Patient sheet movement tracking MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 52
  16. 16. Test preparation Investigation booking Integration with billing and patient EMR Investigation booking (internal and external agencies) Order acceptance and specimen collection Reporting templates (parameter values/plain text/formatted text) Abnormal values highlighting Comparison chart External source report storage facility ICD 10 Interface Verification and delivery handling Result processing with soft and hardcopy Comprehensive LIS Reports MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 67
  17. 17. Pending requisition status Doctor wise result / Multiple result format facility Diagnostic results with formatted text Image storage facility Various auto generated PNDT reports Comprehensive RIS Reports Medical Imaging •Integrated imaging and reporting solution designed to ease the operation of various equipments, like ultrasound, color Doppler, endoscopy and microscopic camera. •Image editing facility like annotation zoom, free hand drawing, cut, copy, paste crop etc. •Viewing stored videos, clippings and images •Printing images or sending images by email •Creation of images from captured videos and stored as .jpg files •Linking of images, videos to patient data •Third party DICOM and PACS supported MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 81
  18. 18. Criteria based rate setting Receipt billing Casualty billing Customized health packages • Company claims • Hospital designed packages Standard packages • Insurance • Medical claims • Government policies • Department of healthcare allowances MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 89
  19. 19. Integration of billing reports with TPO format Time scheduled auto generated draft bill Authorized final bill Surgical package billing format Bed management system Investigation requisition Auto generated bill Comprehensive collection scrolls Financial ratio integration MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 90
  20. 20. Patient admission details and provisional diagnosis Discharge advice Discharge card and management details Attractive discharge card with selective record printing MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 105
  21. 21. Maintenance of OT and staff calendar OT scheduling Department specific OT management register Pre anesthesia checkup and fitness report Pre surgery checkup list for patients Surgery prescription information handling Surgery checklist record Anesthesia Performa Operation theatre record Standard templates for preoperative, post operative notes Comprehensive OT reports Department wise material requisition MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 110
  22. 22. Admitting patients who are brought under emergency Entering details for medico legal cases Administering treatment on basis of emergency MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 123
  23. 23. Recipe food item and food menu generation Patient wise diet chart Diet food preparation Diet menu preparation Multilingual facility ( Diet charts / instruction sheets) Anthropometry test record Calorie sheet Diet log book / patient feedback Stock Management Reports MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 127
  24. 24. Opening stock Material Management Register Backup material management Reports Entry of condemned items Linen change scheduling and staffing Time keeping : scheduled v/s actual Linked with inventory module for stock maintenance Requisition from wards MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 138
  25. 25. Integrated with OPD and IPD prescriptions Bill Alerts Mechanism Stock management Opening /Closing Stock Details Purchase /Sales Stock Details Stock maintenance Supplier Payment Management In Store Stock Transfer Management Periodic Stock Availability Status Periodic Stock Expiry Status Comprehensive Reporting with key reports like tax, Sales, Purchase , Items , Consumption , Expiry , Analysis MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 139
  26. 26. Purchase Management System Opening stock and master information Purchase orders (GRN) Sale invoice Goods inward – verification-purchase invoice Inspection and Acceptance Direct purchase system Indent notes Stock transfers (department to department) Purchase returns to vendor (GRV) Minimum and Maximum order level maintenance Stock adjustment Stock transfer Damaged and expired items Off time medicine issue tracking Stock discard / Consumptions Other expenditure record Comprehensive Reports MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 140
  27. 27. OT equipment set register Sterilization acceptance Generation of equipment list as per OT schedule Lead time adjustment for equipment All equipment records including warranty, AMC, CMC and insurance Insurance plans and type information Complain tracking facility Device calibration MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 141
  28. 28. Detailed employee profile Attendance Management Daily / Monthly attendance records with export facility Roster Management Customized salary setting (monthly/daily wages) Effective time management system with attendance machine interface Key reports like professional tax register, PF register, TDS, ESI, Labor Welfare fund reports Policy Manager Bonus and incentive calculation Leave management system Loan/advances management system Comprehensive HR and Payroll Reports MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 142
  29. 29. Blood collection, storage and supply from voluntary donors Blood stock register Blood donor database Blood sample details Replacement of blood against borrowings Interface with existing billing system Condemnation of blood etc Blood Bag expiry, blood stock register organ wise Calibration book Discard register Proficiency test MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 143
  30. 30. All revenue entries are transferred automatically from billing module Enter Consultation receipt which is then carried forward till total account Consultant share and other relevant reports User defined ledger groups and accounts User definitions of cost center Department wise income details MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 144
  31. 31. Accounts information • Primary group • Secondary group • Ledgers • Account flow • Company / supplier ledger creation Vouchers • Receipt voucher • Payment voucher • Journal voucher • Contra voucher • Sales voucher • Purchase voucher • Credit note • Debit note MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 145
  32. 32. Account books •Cash / bank book •Ledger accounts •Group summary •Sales register •Purchase register •Journal register •Day book •Profit and loss statement •Trail balance •Balance sheet •Ledger accounts (consolidated and detailed) Central cash Account posting department wise to final accounting Professional charges MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 146
  33. 33. IPD credit details Concession statement IPD bill statement Collection reports (Department/Diagnosis/Diseases/Surgery) Department wise periodical revenues Surgical statistics Surgery Management (Doctor and IPD specific) Surgery Count Management (Department /Sub Department Specific ) MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 159
  34. 34. Investigation Management Pathology Management MIS Report(General/OPD/IPD/OT Performance) OPD specific Patient Report , Performance Report and Follow –up Report IPD specific Patient Report and Medical Charge Record MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 160
  35. 35. OPD profile MIS (Business with Patient Count/ Bill Head Wise Collection/ Concession/Business/ Base Diagnosis Income/ Department Based Report/ Bill register) IPD profile MIS (Business/ Concession / Base Diagnosis Income/ Business with Patient Count/ Department Based Report/ Patient Type Wise Discharge Details/ Credit Details/ Advance/Bill Register) MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 161
  36. 36. Financial Reporting • User specific Receipt Register • Bill Ledger Reporting • Investigation Bill Register • Discount Register Cost center • Centralized departments • Department wise income and expense statement Company Consolidated OPD-INV Bill Report MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 162
  37. 37. Powerful Central Security Mechanism User Security Management Group Security Management Functional Level Security Settings Resource Management Troubleshooting Log record tracking MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 181
  38. 38. Disease Library Drug Library Drug Class Master General Advice Library General Information Certifications Readymade Prescription Protocol Library Drug interaction Library Immunization Library MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 182
  39. 39. Facility to interface and acquire data directly from pathology equipments Interfacing serial USB port , RJ45, RS232 MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 183
  40. 40. Maintaining a complete track of discharge summary Sending reminders/offers to all registered patients Intimidating follow up patients about their proposed visits Email and SMS for scheduling appointments Addressing and keeping log of patients enquiries and referrals done MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 184
  41. 41. Mailer Campaigns Mail Merge Email Support SMS Support FTP Support Intranet Messaging and SMS Presentation Tool E-Counseling • Desktop PowerPoint upload Executive Health checkup • Family/Personal history Market Profile Case Studies • Discharge summaries of patients MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 185
  42. 42. Book Issue /Return Details Member Management Book Management • Digital Books • Magazines • Department Specific Books MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 186
  43. 43. Facility to add Ambulance Details Comprehensive Reports MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 187
  44. 44. LIFELINE: FEATURES AND BENEFITS Improves Hospital Management ,Work efficiency , Operational control & Fiscal Control Eliminate the chances of any Pilferage Modular Structure, Integrated Design, Customizable, GUI Based and Easy To Use Better Patient Care with Efficiency Robust software security, No un-authorized login Comprehensive Performance and summarized reports along with Quick Patient Search engine Built-In Back-Up utility tools Reliable and dependable support MANORAMA INFOSYSTEM, KOLHAPUR 3/16/2010 188