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Smart cart presentation

  1. 1. ISSUES ATHAND BAD INFORMATION & INCENTIVES • Consumers can’t always get complete information on food products • “How will this product effect my diabetes?” • “Is there a healthier alternative?” • Unhealthy products are over-advertised • Promotions are mailed to the consumer • Fosters poor information gathering habits
  2. 2. ISSUES ATHAND BAD INFORMATION & INCENTIVES • Healthy food products are more expensive • Most unhealthy consumers are unhealthy because of their financial status • Healthy options tend to be harder to find & acquire • Healthy foods tend to have their own secluded section in grocery stores • Requires extra effort to acquire better food, creating an inconvenience for most consumers
  3. 3. WHO BENEFITS FROM SMARTCART?• Users who are unsure which products to choose based on nutrition or cost• Users with personal health diet goals such as gaining & losing weight or increasing their amount of certain vitamins & minerals• Users with high risk health diseases & problems such as allergies, diabetes and high cholesterol
  4. 4. COMPETITORS• SK Telecoms Smart Cart (2011)• Fooducate (2011)• The Grocer (2004)• IBM “Shopping Buddy” (2004)
  5. 5. WHY IS OUR PRODUCT UNIQUE?• Nutritional Information • Makes finding healthier food easy • Finds healthy food on sale • Offers healthy alternative suggestions • Tailored to your health needs• Makes use of common devices • iPad • Samsung Galaxy Tab • Easy to use • Large client base
  6. 6. WHAT TECHNOLOGY IS THIS PUPPY PACKING?• RFID scanning• Laser scanning• WiFi connectivity• QR-Code scanning
  7. 7. IDEAL DEVICES• iPad • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  8. 8. TABLET COMPARISON iPad Samsung Galaxy TabScreen size 69.46 sq. inches 69.76 sq. inchesResolution 1024 x 768 px 1280 x 800 px 132 px/in 149 px/inProcessor 1 GHz Dual-Core Apple 1 GHz Dual-Core NVIDIA A5 Tegra 2Weight 1.33 lbs. 1.24 lbs.OS iOS 5 Android Honeycomb $499 $499
  9. 9. WHAT CAN IT DO?• Locate• Compare• Smartify• Shopping list• Cart list• Current nutritional info.• Rich media
  10. 10. Please Note This is Version 1 of the SmartCart app. It contains the primary and necessary features to accomplishour goal. Later versions will roll outwith additional features, in addition to feature tweaks and debugging.
  11. 11. Landing screen.
  12. 12. Main application screen, featuring large content display area, & side panel for displaying alist of current products in your cart. Also contains sign in button.
  13. 13. Once you click the ‘Sign in’ button, the app prompts iOS to launch the sign in pop-up.
  14. 14. Product display, with the product’s name, manufacturer, nutritional information, healthadvice, picture, and ‘Add’ button to add this item to your cart.
  15. 15. Let’s ‘Add’ the Ritz crackers to our cart.
  16. 16. Once added, the product is listed in ‘Your Cart’ list, along with its price, and a runningtotal of the products currently in your cart.
  17. 17. Let’s check out the app’s namesake feature – Smartify.
  18. 18. An iOS drop-down menu appears with a preset list of potential health goals for theconsumer. Lets say we want to increase the amount of energy available during the day.
  19. 19. Smartify automatically searches the grocery store’s individual database, and displays ‘top results’based on your selected goal. Click the product to learn more about it, or ‘Add’ it directly to your cart.
  20. 20. What if you don’t want to look at each product one-by-one? Use the ‘Compare’ feature toautomatically compare two or more products based on your specific goal.
  21. 21. The drop-down menu automatically propogates its list with the items currently beingviewed. You can ‘Edit’ the list to remove any item, or search for a new product to add.
  22. 22. Let’s see what the compare feature does.
  23. 23. Shows nutritional information for each product.
  24. 24. FUTURE FEATURES• Inner-grocery store GPS product locator• Ability for spoken content• Ability for voice commands• Additional nutritional tools - Like a calorie counter
  25. 25. POTENTIAL DOWNFALLS• At first, users will experience prolonged shopping times from learning how to use the device• People may never learn to use it • The elderly • The technologically inept • Foreign language speakers • The blind (or other handicap)• Distractions can cause accidents and dilemmas in the grocery store • Cart collision
  26. 26. SMARTCART FOR THE FUTURE• Adoption by every major grocery store chain in the US• Consumers will learn how to automatically make health-minded decisions when grocery shopping• Consumers will live healthier lifestyles through healthier food choices
  27. 27. Questions?