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The Ruckus Client Portfolio is just a small sample of a variety of different types of marketing that Ruckus is involved in. From print media, to web development, Ruckus Marketing is a full service agency that can handle any project.

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Ruckus Client Sample Portfolio

  1. 1. Ruckus Marketing Client Portfolio
  2. 2. HEALTHCARE MedeFile Inc. At the highly anticipated SmallCap Expo in Miami, MedeFile’s branding was described as “the hit of the show” . Trade Show Booth Banners Logo Design Project Highlights An emerging medical company that is paving the way in medical record storage - MedeFile manufactures and delivers USB storage drives to its customers with each individual’s medical records pre-loaded and WHERE secured on each drive. Data is easily transportable and ready for use in any emergency. Ruckus Marketing YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS ? successfully produced a trade show booth, multiple advertising campaigns, and a clean and sophisticated website to deliver qualified customers to the service. 2 Color Packaging MedeDrive HOW WORKS THE LATEST IN ACTIVEWEAR Athlete Segmentation Website
  3. 3. EVENT PRODUCTION HSBC Bank Over 120 people attended a highly exclusive cinema event for HSBC Premiere Clients. Sealed Envelope Project highlights HSBC is the largest financial institution in the world, a household name worldwide, and have the resources to remain in the top spot. Ruckus Marketing provides HSBC with numerous branding and customer appreciation events. Featuring two events per year with a highly exclusive list, our first event was a high level banquet held in a beautiful solarium in Morris County, NJ. After the success of the first event, Ruckus organized the closing of a movie theater for a red carpet event - complete with the lights, cameras and action. Envelope Unfolds to HSBC Logo Invitation 5x5 Open Envelop with Invitation 5x5
  4. 4. INTERNET MARKETING MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION Imperial Jets Since has launched, quality lead generation has shot up a proven 525%. Brochure Cover Project Highlights Private Jet Charter Service is a fiercely contested marketplace with highly capitalized competition. Ruckus Marketing developed a complete brand with the trimmings one would expect from such a luxury provider. In addition to the brand, Ruckus Marketing implemented a remarkable marketing strategy complete with an industry superior web presence. Traffic to has since exploded with more than 80% of that traffic representing “quality” leads. Additional collateral and multimedia production have completed a package that epitomizes the royal treatment clientele receive when chartering with Imperial Jets. Panoramic Spreads Rear Cover
  5. 5. PACKAGE DESIGN Legacy Brewing Corporation As of September 2008, gross revenue is up 24% with projections at 42% for the year. Project Highlights Legacy Brewing Corporation is a craft beer brewery that reached out to Ruckus Marketing for complex packaging designs and an intelligent marketing strategy. Art direction required massive foresight, with not only the consumer, but government regulations in mind. Ruckus now oversees eight Legacy Brewing beer brands currently being sold in the northeast. Sales have grown significantly in 2008, with projected gross sales to grow 42% compared with an overall growth rate of 11% for the craft beer sector. 6 Packs/12 oz. Bottles 22 oz. Bottles Reading Premium Store Front Posters Hand Drawn Hoptimus Prime Advertisement
  6. 6. ENVIRONMENTAL GRAPHICS/PRODUCTION ilex Services Printing and Production for the iLex Services Brochure achieved FSC certification - a prestigious “green” achievement. Project Highlights Reducing the carbon footprint wherever possible is a major initiative at Ruckus Marketing. However, for “green” to be sustainable in business, the quality and cost of going green must match the expectations of traditionally producing Brochure material. Ilex Sweeping contacted Ruckus Marketing with a sterling green reputation. After organizing and implementing a printing and production run that was above and beyond traditional green production methods, the project achieved FSC certification. FSC certification requires that a printed piece leave little or no impact on the environment. Simply using soy based inks is not enough to have a project FSC certified. For our work with Ilex Services, trees were re-planted to counteract the paper-use and printing waste was reduced by as much as 80%. And the quality and price? Identical and in many ways superior to traditional printing press runs. Business Card
  7. 7. TRADESHOW PRODUCTION Carlos Falchi Weekend sales at a recent Carlos Falchi Trade Show netted $972,000 off of a $70,000 booth and design investment. Project Highlights Carlos Falchi has changed the landscape of accessory design. For more than three decades, he has earned international acclaim as an innovative designer of modern, cutting-edge handbags and accessories. Ruckus Marketing currently designs and implements a variety of marketing work for the pioneer designer. A recent trade show exhibit at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC resulted in a phenomenal amount of sales totalling nearly $1 million for the duration of the weekend. Fall -Winter Catalog
  8. 8. INTEGRATED BRANDING PROGRAMS Community Talent Integrated street teams are a Ruckus specialty and allow our clients to reach consumers in a unique and uninterrupted style. Project Highlights Community Talent is a game-changing social networking website dedicated to creative talents across the country. Musicians, comedians, venues and other artists have the opportunity to display, distribute, Promotional Giveaways advertise and sell a variety of creative endeavors. Ruckus Marketing was contracted to develop and implement an integrated guerilla marketing campaign geared towards the 18-35 year old demographic. The campaign was implemented throughout the NYC area and the variety of creative products and giveaways, along with professionally trained street teams on the ground enabled the product to have a voice otherwise impossible in today’s cluttered markets.. Venue Advertisement
  9. 9. MEDIA BUYING CABLE ADVERTISING Sport Honda Powerhouse After implementing Ruckus Marketing’s strategic media plan, November and December 2007 sales rose 20%. Project Highlights NJ’s largest Honda Motorcycle dealership in the northeast was in need of a Marketing Plan that developed marketing opportunities both consistently and effectively. Ruckus Marketing undertook this project and Handle Bar Hanger developed -- among other things, custom handlebar hangers and a successfully implemented Outdoor Advertising Campaign that featured billboards both on major interstates and local highways. Immediately following the start of the campaign, Sport Honda Powerhouse had its best months of November and December in the dealerships history. All designs were also approved for Honda Co-op funds, ensuring that the client received the maximum amount of funding from the appropriate sources. Media Strategy Sport Honda Powerhouse Annaul Media Plan NJ Turnpike Billboards Media Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Percentage of $ Inexpensive/Effective Outdoor (Stationary) 35% Inexpensive/Effective Outdoor (Rotarary) 20% Selective/Localized TV 15% Legitimization Public Relations 5% quot;Call to Actionquot; Direct Mail 10% Internet Presence Internet (PPC) 5% Generate quot;Buzzquot; Guerilla Marketing 5% Special Events Newark Bears Promotion 2% Other Miscelenous 3% 100% * All costs are planning costs and subject to change based on final negotiations Side of NJ Bus
  10. 10. 66 Maple Ave. Morristown, NJ 07960 973-845-2361