Ecommerce in Middle East Statistics and Trends


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Ecommerce in Middle East Statistics and Trends

  1. 1. Ecommerce in Middle East Statistics and Trends Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform
  2. 2. The estimated number of Ecommerce Users in Middle East is: 90 MILLION 15% of Middle East Businesses have online presence. 15% $9 Billion 60%Members make repeat purchases on the site while its product return rate is less than 4%, just one-sixth of the average return rate experienced in other ecommerce verticals. of internet users in the Gulf regularly use the internet for purchasing or researching products 33 % Among all GCC countries, around 43% of internet users reported making an online purchase at least once a month 43 % this will reach an estimated $15 Billion in 2015. The Current Volume of B2C ecommerce sales in MENA is General Statistics
  3. 3. has the highest percentage of internet users who shop online, compared to other countries in the Middle East. UAE B2C 2010 e-commerce sales growth in the UAE was of the total GCC e-commerce sales, according to Visa. Qatar ($375m), Kuwait ($280m), Bahrain ($175m) & Oman ($70m) $520m The total current value of the offline retail sector in the Middle East is around of online shopping in Saudi originates outside of major cities, highlighting a growing m-commerce opportunity. 50 %39% of adult internet users in Saudi Arabia buy products and pay for services online (that's 3.1 million people; around 12% of the total population). 39% Saudi Arabia has the second largest e-commerce market in the GCC with an estimated followed by US $2 billion, 55% to 60% $425 MILLION
  4. 4. of shoppers who are older than 26 Shop online 52-53% 53% 53% of them are above 35 Years old 52% 52% of them are between the age group 26 and 35 41% 41% of them are between the age group 16 and 25 31% 31% of them are less than 16 Years old 68% of the online Shoppers are male and rest 32% females female 32% male 68% ONLINE SHOPPERS BY AGE & GENDER
  5. 5. 70% to 80% of online purchases while 30% is paid online PAYMENT METHOD 47% of the Shoppers use Prepaid cards for making online payment Almost half of the consumers in Middle East (47%) own a payment card 30% 28% 30% 27% use Credit cards for making online payment Use Cash On Deliv- ery for making online payment user Bank Transfer for making online payment use PayPal for making online payment 70% to 80% of online purchases of physical goods in Middle East are paid through Cash-On-Delivery (COD), while 30% is paid online 47%
  6. 6. Payment Gateway usage Statistics in Middle East 6.45%-8.45% +Conversion Fee 9 Counties using it in ME PayPal 2.9-3.9% +Conversion Fees 14 Counties using it in ME Skrill 7% of overall rate 17 Counties using it in ME cashU 3.9%+$0.45/trasaction +5.99 Monthly Fees 15 Counties using it in ME Courtesy:- 2Checkout 2% of Overall Rate 3 Counties using it in ME Cashi 5% of overall rate 16 Counties using it in ME Onecard 3.1%+Transaction fees 1 County using it in ME Innovate Payments Credit card payment 5.5% and Others 10% All Counties using it in ME Gate2Play Not Available 1 County using it in ME Network International
  7. 7. Payment Gateway Usage Count in Middle East Number of Counties using 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 PayPal Skrill cashU 2Checkout Cashi Onecard Innovate Payments Gate2Play Network International
  8. 8. 41% 31% 28% 17% 15% Online Games Computer Software Electronics Clothes Entertainment 14% 13% 11% 8% 5% Accessories Books and Magazines Home Appliances Beauty and Health Beauty and Health Most Popular online Shopping Categories
  9. 9. Beauty and Health Category Wise Purchase Statistics % of purchase Category Name %ofpurchase 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Online Games Computer Software Electronics Clothes Entertainment Accessories Books and Magazines Home Appliances Food and Drink
  10. 10. 32% 19%18% 17% 14% Reason for Purchase Statistics Better Offers Wide Range of Products More Payment Options Easy to Compare Products Can Read Reviews Most e-commerce sites in the Middle East that are selling physical goods, 70 to 80% using COD The smartphone penetration rate in Saudi Arabia is set to double to 50% within the next four years. The value of M-commerce in MENA could reach US $4.9 billion by 2015. 2013 2014 2015
  11. 11. Advantage of Multivendor Ecommerce Platform Wide range of Products Low Inventory Management Shipping managed by Merchant Directly Customer Direct Rating of the merchant [ This increase merchant accountability]
  12. 12. Most Successful Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform Visitors Statistics in 2012 71% 56% Amazone market place 65%
  13. 13. Control panel admin Merchant control panel Currencies Payment methods Shipping and taxes Orders View Sales reports Products Categories Most active customer locations Shipments Products Categories Manufactures Products Product options Product mapping Discounts Coupons Customer reviews Destination zones Shipping charges Tax rates Commissions View commissions Select payout methods Customers Merchant administrators Customers Create merchant Merchant listing Merchant Shipments Merchant Commissions Merchant Payouts Revenue returns Change Merchant globally in control panel admin login General Logo Category selection Shipping method selection Merchant settings Commission options Registration Intelligent shipping Suggested Solution
  14. 14. MARKETING STORE FRONT MANAGEM E N T Strong Platform OorjitOorjitOorjit Customer Support Product Sourcing Payment Processing Core Functional Areas in an Ecommerce Business 1 2 3 4 5 Delivery Management
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