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  • Redeemed ministries austin

    1. 1. Redeemed Ministries Austin Simple ways to help.
    2. 2. Have a purpose. • • • • Redeemed Ministries Outreach Bags The mission of Redeemed Ministries is to meet the needs of victims of commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking. A major part of this ministry is to go into places where sex trafficking is taking place and establishing relationships with the women there. Obviously, creating relationships with these women isn’t easy; having gifts to give out creates opportunities to establish those relationships. Gift bags are used in outreaches to brothels and strip clubs in the greater Austin area where sex trafficking occurs. We give gifts primarily as it serves as entrance into these dark places. Without God's favor and the gifts it would be difficult for us to go in. It’s also a way to show these women they are loved, worthy and cared for. Most of these women, if not all, have never received a gift and feel that they are nothing more than trash and a product to be purchased. The gifts make them feel beautiful and our consistency shows them they are worthy of love. Dedicated teams visit brothels bi-monthly and bring these gifts bags to reach out and build relationships with the women working. This allows us to show the love of Christ, as well as build trust. Our hope is that these women will begin to trust us and eventually seek to leave the industry and we can work along local law enforcement to see the rescue and rehabilitation of these women.
    3. 3. Get together with a few willing friends to make a difference.
    4. 4. Have a shopping list. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Gift Bag Item Examples: Special Moments Bag: 2-3 packets of tea Pen Small journal Dessert, individually wrapped Small candle in candle holder Lip Balm Pack of Gum or Tic Tacs Game Time Bag: Small New Testament Bible Deck of Cards Puzzle Books – Sudoku, Crossword Trail mix, nut mix, or salty snacks Postcard Gum or Mints Small craft items Taking Care of Yourself Bag: Small New Testament Bible Toothbrush Floss Toothpaste Mouthwash Wet Wipes Hand Sanitizer Pocket Tissues Lip Balm Hand/Body Lotion Spa Bag: Lip Gloss Nail Polish Nail File Face Mask Shampoo Conditioner Body Scrub Loofah Small Hairbrush Hair Ties, Headbands etc.
    5. 5. Go shopping!
    6. 6. Sort the goodies and deliver.
    7. 7. • An estimated 18,000 victims of trafficking are brought to the U.S. each year. Typically the poor and vulnerable are targeted for exploitation and are taken against their will or under false pretenses. Of these trafficking victims, 80% are women and children. Texas is the destination for 25% of all victims brought to the U.S. Additionally, an estimated 200,000 - 600,000 men, women, and children are domestic victims of trafficking. This means residents of the U.S. are also victimized in this fashion without ever leaving our country. 83% of victims of sex trafficking in the US are US citizens. There are several common destinations for victims of trafficking. They include cantinas, strip clubs, massage spas, modeling studios, brothels, and private establishments. The internet provides a convenient source of advertising for those who enslave others.
    8. 8. More information: • striesAustin • • •