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SMSCountry Networks Pvt. Ltd_Corporate Profile

  1. 1. SMS Country Networks Pvt. Ltd. M
  2. 2. About SMSCountry SMSCountry is among the leaders in the Application 2 Mobile - Short Messaging Service (SMS) domain. It delivers SMS to about 550 networks in over 200+ countries. SMSCountry’s SMS Gateway is designed to integrate seamlessly into any existing software system, application or web-site SMS Country has been in business for nearly eight years and has over 6,50,000 registered online users and over 2000 enterprises using our tools and services. The company has an industry standard infrastructure and a dedicated support team to ensure 24x7 hassle free services to all its customers. SMSCountry has physical presence (offices and local staff) in India, UAE, Hong Kong and Singapore. The Unique Selling Point of SMS Country is its Tools and Software, High performance levels of assured delivery and also the direct operator connectivity.
  3. 3. Bulk SMS Softwares from SMSCountry Microsoft Excel SMS Plugin Bulk SMS APIs (Application Programming Interface) Two-way SMS (Long Number, Short Code) Bulk SMS Desktop Software
  4. 4. SMSCountry’s Services M-Commerce Solutions (SMS Gateway) Bulk SMS API, Excel plug-in tool, 2 Way SMS (Long & Short Code) Bulk SMS Campaign Bulk E-mailing Voice SMS Scheduling SMS
  5. 5. SMSCountry’s Features Email2SMS SMS2Email Keywords  Sub-Accounts Mobile 2  Reminder SMS Many Dynamic  Delivery  Phone Book Reports Sender ID 2 Way SMS
  6. 6. Key Industries Using SMSServices Financial Services  Banking & Capital Markets IT enabled Services  Communications, Media and  Educational Institutions Entertainment Stock Brokers  Insurance Retail  Retail, Consumer Product Goods  and Logistics Recruitment Companies  Agricultural Companies Corporate Communication  Transport & Logistics Real Estate  Government Airline / Travel  Customer Relationship  Gyms & Health Clubs Management Hospitality  Clubs & Societies Automobile  Social Networking
  7. 7. Applications of SMSCountry Services in Education Sector
  8. 8. S. Bulk SMS Short Bulk SMSNo. Applications of SMSCountry Services (Excel Code & Gateway in Education Sector Plug-in) Long Code API1. Advertising at start of academic year Yes Yes2. Weekly or monthly performance report to parents/students Yes3. Automated Urgent notices/ Alerts/ Yes Reminders to parents/students Yes Yes4. Examination Schedule updates Yes5. Attendance report to the parents/students Yes Yes6. Examination/Test results to be sent to parents/students Yes7. Communication with Teachers/ Admin Staff at an affordable cost Yes
  9. 9. Usage of SMSCountry Services for Management Institutions Promotion & Advertisement purpose. Internal/External Communication with staff members and students. For GD/PI purpose. For Result purpose. 2 way SMS for getting instant response & generating leads–Short code &Long code.
  10. 10. SMS Advertising GD/PI Invitation  Result Declaration TD. MBA Edu TD. IBA Bangalore Management Dear Arun your CGPA in 3rd Academy Top B-School of semester is 7.86. Blore conducting GDPI for MBA-2010@214,Naurang Please see the notice board for House, Connaught detail result Place,NewDelhi.27th July,10 am.Call-09900502743
  11. 11.  For Internal and external  Use of Two way SMS communication TD. Focus TD. IBA IIM GRAD with 10 Yrs of IBA inviting you for GD/PI on Experience, calling you to attend 23/02/10 at B-152 Kanak Pura FREE MBA SEMINAR on 17th JULY Rd Bangalore at 10:00am, Focus Edu Care, For attending type IBA_Y and Malleshwaram,Call:9686222255/9 send it to 56363 632396291
  12. 12. Clientele Snap Shot…
  13. 13.
  14. 14. What is 160by2? A standard SMS can be up to 160  Ajay characters (World GSM Association) Users send FREE personal SMS up to 80  How is life? Are we meeting this (now 160) characters in length. Users SMS weekend? – Advertisers append a contextual  160by2 advertisement to this SMS, making up  the rest of the 80 characters. McDonalds now Contextual  delivers - Dial Send free SMS to any mobile in  Advertisement 66000222. Quote India, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi, Singapore,  offer code E142 Philippines & Malaysia Personal, non intrusive, targeted mobile advertising is ranked amongst top 75 websites & top 7 WAP sites in India 160by2 reaches about 13 million unique mobile phones in a month
  15. 15. SMSCountry – Contact Details Thank You Ajay Kumar Gupta SMSCountry Networks Pvt. Ltd. Mobile: +91 9591549133 E-mail: