Katrina kaif turcotteturquotte mishra ajay marketing lessons + role of bollywood in advertising selling products and or services to indian consumer segments
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Katrina kaif turcotteturquotte mishra ajay marketing lessons + role of bollywood in advertising selling products and or services to indian consumer segments






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Katrina kaif turcotteturquotte mishra ajay marketing lessons + role of bollywood in advertising selling products and or services to indian consumer segments Document Transcript

  • 1. KATRINA – KAIF TURCOTTE-TURQUOTTE MISHRA AJAY – MARKETINGLESSONS:KATRINA-AJAY-MARKETING LESSONS:TAILORED FOR INDIANS PEOPLES WITH EXAMPLES SPECIALLY MOBILEANDKATRINA-AJAY: KATRINA – KAIF TURCOTTE-TURQUOTTE MISHRA AJAY –MARKETING LESSONS + ROLE OF BOLLYWOOD IN ADVERTISING/SELLINGPRODUCTS AND/OR SERVICES TO INDIAN CONSUMER SEGMENTS:______________________________________________________________________@KatrinaKaif_ GROWING VOLUMES OF SMS, MMS, MOBILE AND TWEETS,SUPPORTS YOUR STATEMENT: INDEED UPPER , MIDDLE+EVEN LOWER CLASSNOW HAS MOBILE______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ MOBILE growth=F(cost of handsets, cost of txns,+ve networkexternalities, absence or lack of cable - ie last mile telecom)______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03
  • 2. @KatrinaKaif_ peoples not pay for net, but wtp for mobile=exists. ad networks onmobile wanting to seize opportunity offered due to mobile______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ china, india, brazil, russia = big market+ growth potential + opportunityfor mobile & mobile apps also happening, its called VAS______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ Samsung does value innovation, it’s also client of INSEAD, what swatchwatch did to watch, Samsung does to its things______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ [a]HANDSETS- form fit function, fashion-samsung innovates aroundfashion - lifestyle-making a statement; NOKIA DOES THINGS 2______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_[a] handset[B] SERVICE - eg: vodafone,verizon,airtel,etc service dimensions : (i)comfort (ii)cost
  • 3. (iii)clarity (iv)conformity______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ mobile service + comfort: means - how easy is it to use+contact in caseof trouble shooting etc :clarity=reception-sound quality______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ coverage=range - ie. reach, obstructions , signal quality etc covered incoverage = f(technology, network, alliances)______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ cost= per minute price of making calls - it shows up in mobile bill andthen there is this cost for service a ratio ie______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ means cost=low, but is cost low comes at a cost, ie - is coverage=low, oris network =down or slow or is switching costs=high______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ so IF costs=lowBUT low costs comes at a cost THENcomp based oncost alone - means either [1] tsp needs filled [2] apples&sushi
  • 4. ______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ tsp=target, segment, positioning, for example: BSNL taget=not comso,not hip urban but mid or low tier cities+villages indian______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ so BSNL TARGETS not same peoples which isb targets by airtel orvodafone or samsung alliance service whatever that is..______________________________________________________________________@KatrinaKaif_ a target market is mostly associated with a segment, like rural india -maybe a segment, within rural india, sub segments______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ eg: BSNL targets so &so segment, and POSITIONING IS now the nextafter target and segment=chosen to focus on;q=howto position______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ target segment POSITIONING=CALLED TSP IN SHORT: we talkedabout t=target, s=segment, - which btw =same was with paints ref jthj______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ so in P=posiioning: we is has eg BSNL: ok, so WHAT TO SAY WHYCHOSE BSNL NOT AIRTEL OR VODAFONE to your chosen t and s=quest4P______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03
  • 5. @KatrinaKaif_ ITS LIKE THIS - CREST=FOR CAVITIES, COLGATE=FRESHBREATH-SAANS IE, OR IS IT CLOSEUP FOR CLOSE ENCOUNTERS MINUS BADBREATH? :)______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ SIMILARLY, MOBILE SERVICES HAVE TO POSITION THEMSELVESFOR THEIR RESPECTIVE CHOSEN TARGET AND SEGMENT POPULACE =ANEXCERCISE______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ TARGET AND SEGMENT FOR ANY PRODUCT(SUCH AS PAINTS,OR MOBILE} NEEDS [A] DATA+ANALYSIS [B] INTUITION[C]QUANTIFICATION+DECISION______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ DATA =NUMBERS= NEEDED FOR T SP - SUCH AS -[A]HOWBIG=MKT [B]COMPETITOR=HAS-WHAT+WANTS-WHAT+WILL-DO-WHAT-IF-WE-DO-THISOR-THAT______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ [C] ADDITIONAL DATA= NEEDED TOO & YES, THERE R SOMEMODELS & SOME EXCEL SHEETS - SOME PREMADE SOME BESPOKE: ITS LIKETAILORING______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_COOKIE CUTTER ANALYSIS WITH OR WITHOUT MODELS +/- EXCEL=SKILLS &ROTE::
  • 6. BESPOKE=MADE TO ORDER TAILORED SUIT-CUSTOM ANALYSIS IE______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ DATA ANALYSIS ;ACUMEN, COMPETITORS RESPONSES ETC ETC=ANALYTICAL ASPECTS OF BIZ, P=POSITIONING =LEFT+RIGHT BRAIN:______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ THINK OF POSITIONG AS LIKE THIS -> CHOOSE MY MOVIEBECAUSE XYZ, CHOOSE MY BRAND PROD BECAUSE XYZ REASONS, CHOOSEBSNL BCUZ---______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ WEKNOW DIMENSIONS OF COST, CLARITY, COVERAGECUSTOMER SERVICE ETC IN BOTH[A] ABSOLUTE TERMS[B] RELATIVE TERMS, B MATTERS MORE WHAN?______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_COST DIMENSIONS=[1] PRICE PER MINUTE
  • 7. [2]PLAN DETAILS HAS THAM TOO, LIKE FRIENDS AND FAMILY GET LOWERPRICE, IF EXTERNALITY ETC______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ NOT ONLY WE KNOW ON COST PER MIN OF BSNL{ABSOLUTECOST} BUT ALSO, COST PER MIN, COMPARED TO OTHERCOMPETITORS(RELATIVE COST)______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ B=RELATIVE DIMENSIONS MATTER MORE, WHEN ITS EITHER [1]CUST WANTS TO DECIDE [2]WANT TO LAUNCH SWITCH TO US BCUZ XyzHERE=BETTER______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ POSITIONING = WHY CHOOSE BSNL BECAUSE ? - AND THIS ISSOME SORT OF A LINE, LIKE - CHOOSE BSNL BECAUSE ITS CHEAPER THANXYZ______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ NOW, LETS SAY P=CHOOSE-BSNL CUZ ITS CHEAPER - IN BOLDPRINT, FOLLOWED BY COPY - THAT SAYS, WE HAS COVERAGE ALL OVER INIDAETC______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ once the P-STATEMENT=decided, ie position-COST CONSCIOUSpeoples, USE =WORD CALLED CHEAPER, ok after that - few more questions
  • 8. ______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ NOW, FROM T=TARGET, AND S=SEGMENT AND NAME=BSNL, didwe has t and s -somehow evoke rural too - for now or in furture? ok THAN______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ t+s = midtier+low-tier+rural indians - ok B IN BSNL FOR ? - B FORBHARAT =[1] desi word ? or [2] videshi word?______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ DESI FUN PLACE IS NRI BTW, BSNL: B FOR BHARAT,IMAGERY=DESI OR COSMOPOLITAN? OR ANY OF THE [A] BHARAT WORD [B]CHOSEN Target & Segment ie______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ & ANSWER IS: BSN+T&S= NOT HIP, NON COSMO, NON ULTRASLEEK URBAN, BIUT MID+LOW-TIER CITY +VILLAGE DWELLERS4 WHOMCOST=MATTERS______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_NOW, THE QUETSIONs IS- > [1] WHO WILL SAY CHOOSE BSNL BECAUSE OF SOME XYZ REASONIN TV-
  • 9. MEDIAPRINT->[2]WHAT IMAGERY AND AMBIANCE______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ SO FOR WHO WILL SAY WHAN NATION= NOT USA/ LONDON,WEHER WE HAS MODELS AND MADISON AVE, BUT NATION=INDIA, WHEREMADISON AVE=Not exists______________________________________________________________________@KatrinaKaif_ WHAN NATION=INDIA: M 4 MODELS, M 4 MUSIC, M 4 MOVIE M 4MAFIA ALL MEANS - B FOR BOLLYWOOD. AND BOLLYWOOD=ADS+SONGS &SONGS=ADS
  • 10. ______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ SO NATION=INDIA, WHO = WHAT ARE OPTIONS= NO MODELS LIKEMADISON BUT CHOSE - FROM BOLLYWOOD - AS WE KNOW M for -> MUSIC MOVESMOVIES______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ M 4->MUSIC+MOVES->MOVIES SO WHICH MODEL?ANSWER = THE ONE WHO RHYMES AND JIVES WITH THE CHOSEN for target andsegment to which U WANNA SELL______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ IN THIS - COMES - OPTIONS TO CHOOSE =? - OK LETS GUESS, ISTHERE B=BHARAT=DESI? OK, THAN, M4 MODELS-IN -MUSIC-MOVES-MOVIES?OK______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_SO,ISPC = PRIYANKA CHOPRA=DESI GIRL SONG SHE DID OR IS SHE MORE COSMOTHAN KATRINA ?I know there is another name like deepikaand
  • 11. mobile bill guy – kapoor lad , had mobile issues, so much only his mom hasanswers - much the same way piggy chops is that called pc – desi girl, hadmobile and relationships in media all over issue with whats that guy name whodid air force ala tom cruise in monsoon, mausam ?ANSWER = CC=CHIKNI CHAMELI=NOT PC :)______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ CC=CHIKINI CHAMELI=NOT PC CUZ? [1] RATIOS +PROPORTIONS[2] IMAGERY TAKES TIME TO ESTABLISH; SO, PC=DESI SORTALIKE RANIMukehrjee IS TOO______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ OK, THEN KAT IS OUT OF SCOPE FOR SAYING CHOOSE BSNLBECAUSE OF XYZ REASON, BETTER TO CHOOSE PC - THE DESI GIRL,______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ ITS CALLED ?- WHATS FEW WORDS U CAN USE TO ANSWER THIS?-> THIS WILL HELP U TAILOR YOUR CARRER,SAYS WHO? SAYS - AJAY MISHRA______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ SO: THINK HERE IS ONE WORD - [1] ASSOCIATION OK ILL GIVE UMORE WORD [2]IMAGERY OK ONE MORE - SOURCE OF IMAGE AND IMAGERY______________________________________________________________________
  • 12. @mishrainsead03______________________________________________________________________@KatrinaKaif_ OK KATRINA -> SOURCE OF IMAGE AND IMAGERY IN THE MINDSOF THE TARGET MARKET SEGMENT POPULACE =??? WHAT? -> THIS -> M FOR?:)______________________________________________________________________@KatrinaKaif_ BONUS FOR U - V FOR VARIETY - REASONS? - START WITHBENEFITS OF VARIETY? NOT JUST MORPHS OF VARITEY, M 4 MORPHS TOO______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ M 4 MORPHS: IN IMAGERY THAT COMES ASSOCIATED WITHVARIETY IN CLOTHING, SYLES, LOOKS, MOVIES, ROLES ETC - FOR EG:CC=chikni chameli= VARIETY______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03
  • 14. ______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ =VARIED FROM SING IS KINGFOR EG CHIKNI CHAMELI CLOTHING, COSTUMES , IMAGE IMAGERYAMBIANCE=NOT SAME AS CONVEYS IN ISSQ SHAVE SONG ISNT IT?______________________________________________________________________@KatrinaKaif_ BENEFITS OF V=VARIETY? =[1][2] SATISFACTION FROM VARIETY + BOREDOM ANTIDOTE=VARIETY[3]
  • 15. [4] –AND SO ON, THE BOAVE = AN EXERCISE FOR YOU______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ BTW - I KNOW,-> GREEN=NOW A DIMENSION TOO
  • 16. -AND U CAN IF U WANTS ->REFER TO WHAT ME SAID ONSAANS, BREATHE EASY SILK & PAINT+GREEN______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ MOTLEY GREEN= 1 PLATFORM WHERE GREEN CONSCIOUSCUSTOMERS SHARE AND SHOW THEIR GREENLINESS LIKE YO CHECK THISHERE ME DID DIS AND THAT______________________________________________________________________
  • 17. @KatrinaKaif_ BTW WTP = WILLINGNESS TO PAY,THESE ARE ALL ECON TERMS, BUT TWITTER=140 CHAR______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03@KatrinaKaif_ VAS=VALUE ADDDED SERVICES - A TERM USED FOR MOBILESPECIALLY BUT ALSO FOR MANY OTHER PLATFORMS______________________________________________________________________ @mishrainsead03
  • 18. My latest upload : Katrina turquotte trucotte kaif mishra ajay – … on @slidesharehttp://www.slideshare.net/ajayinsead03/katrina-turquotte-trucotte-kaif-mishra-ajay-katrina-ajay-marketing-lessons-tailored-with-examples-for-indians-peoples …