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Wings 2013 ERP is a complete enterprise software for small and medium businesses.

Wings ERP is a completely web-based software. It can be installed on any server to connect all locations of the business into a completely online system. This ensures a fully integrated system across all teams, branches and locations.

Wings ERP is comprehensive and takes care of requirements of all kinds of small and medium businesses. This includes Sales, Purchases, Finance, Inventory, Budgeting, Taxes, Production (optional), Payroll (optional), Fixed Assets (optional). All modules work seamlessly integrated with each other.

Wings ERP features many tools and utilities which help users manage their businesses better. This includes: Dashboard (desktop and mobile), SMSs and emails, complete workflow, multi-currency, multi-branch, segments, transaction authorisation, role-based user rights, alerts, etc.

Wings ERP also integrates with Wings on Android, an app which enables travelling salesmen to capture orders, collections etc.

The powerful Reports Designer helps users slice, dice and mine data using advanced, but easy to use, tools like Pivot. Users get a comprehensive view of their business.

The Forms Designer allows users to design print templates exactly as required.

Wings ERP is designed to help manage businesses better.

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Wings ERP

  1. 1. Your finger on the pulse of your business, always
  2. 2. The better way to manage your business Wings 2013 ERP is designed to help you manage your business better: • Connect all teams, wherever, on one system over the internet • Automate all business processes in one integrated software • Seamlessly integrate payroll, fixed assets and other functions • Understand your business better with deep analysis • Be in total control of the business with world class tools
  3. 3. All locations on one web-based system Head Office Branch 1 Branch N Finance SalesPurchase Stores Factory
  4. 4. Tools to put you in total control Dashboard Reports Designer Forms Designer SMS & Email Transaction Authorisation Alerts Role-based User Rights Multi-Branch Divisions Segments Peripherals Extensively Customisable
  5. 5. Know your business • Deep analysis and great reports keep you fully informed of your business • Slice, dice and mine your data with Reports Designer • Keep in command of your business with the Dashboard • Reports for any branch, team or aggregate
  6. 6. More Value • Monitor profitability constantly • Manage funds efficiently • Minimise inventory pilferages, reduce inventory costs • Manage outstanding receivables • Monitor budget variances in depth • Automate Purchase & Sales workflows • Increase profitability and maximize growth
  7. 7. Modules
  8. 8. All Modules web-based, online system HO/ Branch Purchase Sales Inventory ProductionOrders Taxes Budgets
  9. 9. Purchase • Purchase Requisition • Purchase Enquiry • Purchase Quotations • Purchase Orders • Receipts • Purchase Voucher • Purchase Returns
  10. 10. Requisitions Purchase Requisitions Purchase Requisitions Cancellations Enquiries Purchase Enquiries Purchase Enquiries Cancellation Purchase Enquiries against Requisitions Quotations Purchase Quotations Purchase Quotations against enquiries Orders Purchase Orders Purchase Orders against Requisitions Purchase Orders against Quotations Purchase Orders Cancellation Receipts Material Receipts Material Receipts against Orders Invoices Purchase Vouchers Purchase Vouchers against Orders Purchase Vouchers against Receipts Proforma Purchase Vouchers Returns Material Returns Purchase Returns Purchase Returns with Invoice Reference Purchase Flow
  11. 11. Sales • Sales Enquiry • Sales Quotations • Sales Orders • Deliveries • Sales Invoices • Sales Returns
  12. 12. Enquiries Sales Enquiries Sales Enquiries Cancellation Quotations Sales Quotations Sales Quotations against Enquiries Sales Quotations Cancellations Orders Sales Orders Sales Orders against Quotations Sales Orders Cancellations Deliveries Deliveries Deliveries against Orders Invoices Sales Invoices Cash Sales Invoices Sales Invoices against Orders Sales Invoices against Deliveries Proforma Sales Invoices Cash and Credit Sales Invoices Returns Delivery Returns Sales Returns Cash Sales Returns Sales Flow
  13. 13. Finance • Account Receivable - Receipts • Account Payable - Payables • Banking • Party Adjustments – Customer and Vendor Adjustments
  14. 14. Receipts Cash Receipts Bank Receipts Credit Card Receipts Receipts from Parties Receipts from CC Companies Payments Cash Payments Bank Payments Payments to Parties Banking Cash Deposits and Withdrawals InterBank Fund transfers Deposit PDC Received Chq Bounce Issued Chq Bounce Bank Reconcilation Party Adjustments Debit Notes Credit Notes Adjust Party Bills Journals Journals Journals (Complex) Opening Opening Balances Party Opening Balances Finance Flow
  15. 15. Inventory • Stock Creation • Stock Consumption • Stock Conversion • Inter-Branch Stock Transfers
  16. 16. Inventory Creation Consumption Conversion Receipts from another Branch Inventory Flow
  17. 17. Production • BOM – Bill of materials • Production Order • Issue to Production • Receipts from Production • Close Production order
  18. 18. Production Flow Production BOM – Bill of Material Production Order Issue to Production Receipt from Production Close Production Order
  19. 19. Budgeting • Organisation Budget • Division Budget • Department Budget • Cost Centre Budget • Profit Centre Budget • Project Budget • Variance Analysis
  20. 20. Taxes • VAT • Service Tax • Excise Duty • Pre-set tax slabs for easy configuration • State Wise VAT • Service Tax • Excise Duty • State-wise VAT Return Forms • Statutory Forms & Registers
  21. 21. Wings Infonet Limited Hyderabad India Wings Infonet FZE UAE Bangalore 080-65301511 Bhubaneswar 9337210291 Chennai 044-64600011 Cochin 0484-6560071 Coimbatore 9842447594 Delhi 011-64700051 Kolkata 033-65600061 Madurai 9842154468 Mumbai 022-65600031 Trichy 0431-6520081 Trivandrum 9895701522 Tirunelveli 9842118252 Vijayawada 0866-6701000 Visakhapatnam 0891-6452820