1.the economist online may 2012
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1.the economist online may 2012

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  • 2. In a world where NEWS is SOCIALand INFORMATION is a currency,the Economist Online is The world’s most valuable COMMUNITY for Intelligent CONVERSATION and DEBATE on the Web.
  • 3. 7.5 MILLION USERS SPANNING THEGLOBE UK: 762K {10%}NA: 3.4M {46%} EU: 1.5M {20%}36% AP: 1.2M {17%} LA: 349K {5%} ME & AFRICA: 224K {2%} Source: Omniture, MAY 2012 monthly unique visitors
  • 4. The Economist community extends well beyond the magazine audience.In Asia, 1.2 million people visit the Economist online monthly – Almost 10x larger than the magazine subscriber base.
  • 5. The audience we deliver
  • 6. ASIA BY COUNTRY TOTAL ASIA 1,236,017 China 263,966 India 214,769 Australia 211,281 Singapore 82,334 Japan 72,578 Hong Kong 55,743 Korea - South 50,449 Malaysia 44,295 Taiwan 40,048 New Zealand 38,198 Pakistan 25,609 Thailand 25,239 Philippines 24,357 Viet Nam Source: Omniture, MAY 2012
  • 7. EUROPE BY COUNTRY TOTAL EUROPE 1,529,474 Germany 189,439 France 187,318 Netherlands 131,531 Spain 118,478 Italy 106,017 Sweden 67,583 Switzerland 64,677 Belgium 55,257 Poland 52,267 Russian Fed. 52,051 Greece 52,025 Ireland 43,053 Turkey 35,810 Austria 28,384 Others 345,584 Source: Omniture, MAY 2012
  • 8. HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL ASIAN AUDIENCE• 78% male; 22% female• Average age 29• 42% have an MBA or other postgrad qualification• US$85,600 average personal income• US$450,000 average household net worth• 13% are millionaires• 68% have a platinum, black or titanium card• Average 12 trips for business per year; 6 for leisure• Average 20 hotel nights for business; 12 for leisure• 56% are C Level / Executives• 19% are board directors• 23% manage institutional funds• 16% work in IT/Telecoms• 12% have manage a budget of US$1 million+• Average budget contol is US$280,000Source: Fox Insight 2010 (Asia – 883 respondents; Business profile: 80% of base)
  • 9. BE:ASIA 2011 : ONLINE MONTHLY REACH (BUSINESS MEDIA) 36,000 15.1% 16% 14.2% 32,000 12.7% 11.7% 28,000 11.2% 10.7% 12% 24,000 9.6% 10.0% 20,000 16,000 8% 12,000 8,000 4,000 4% econ.com wsj.com ft.com cnbc.com blmbg.com forbes.com reuters.com cnnmoney.com Online Rdrs % ReachEconomist Online delivers the 3rd highest monthly reach in the BE Asia Audience after bloomberg.com and cnnmoney.com.Population: 238,144
  • 10. BUSINESS WEBSITES ACCESSED AS PART OF A DAILY ROUTINE 21.7% 24,000 24% 19.8% 18.3% 21% 20,000 16.8% 16.6% 15.8% 14.8% 18% 14.5% 16,000 15% 12,000 12% 8,000 9% 4,000 6% econ.com wsj.com ft.com cnbc.com blmbg.com forbes.com reuters.com cnnmoney.com Online-Daily Routine % Net ReachEconomist Online offers the 3rd Highest Net Reach among Asian Business Elites who regularly access major business websites who CONFIRM it is PART of their DAILY ROUTINE.Estimated (total) number of Business Elites who access Business Websites as part of “daily routine”: 110,656 (46%)
  • 14. ENGAGEMENT IN Activity generated by one article on Economist Online Recommendations: 2,066 Facebook Likes: 112,000 Tweets: 7,088 Linked In Shares: 1,034 Comments: 846 (closed after 2 weeks)
  • 15. PASSIONATE ABOUT THE ECONOMIST 950,000 Facebook fans 1.5 M Twitter followers
  • 16. ENGAGEMENT IN Engaging News Hungry Audiences Tweet by Tweet: An audience analysis of prominent mainstream media news accounts on Twitter. Followers of The Economist are: • More influential (more followers and friends) • More active (more tweets posted) • More engaged with the content (more clicks on URLs, more retweets)Source: Socialflowhttp://blog.socialflow.com/post/7120243870/audience-study
  • 17. THE ECONOMIST EQUATION TOENGAGEMENT BUILDING A B CAUDIENCE + BRAND + COMMUNITY The Ideas People: The Economist: The Connection: Global influencers, For over 160 years, the Our readers don’t just intellectually curious, premier destination for consume, they business leaders credible, intelligent participate, create and analysis of global events share ideas.
  • 18. Engagement =Response
  • 19. 73% OF ECONOMISTONLINE USERS HAVE TAKENACTION HAVING SEEN AN ADON ECONOMIST ONLINE Source: Economist online reader survey 2010 Base: All respondents WW in employment (2,015)
  • 21. THE ECONOMIST DEBATESThe Economist sponsored debate is an online, Oxford style debate lasting 10 days from theopening debate to the closing statements. There is one person defending the motion, oneperson against, and one person moderating. Registered users submit their comments andvote for either proposition with a set of commenting, voting and topic discovery tools. Up to 3guest experts submit an argument during the course of the debate.Sponsorship entitlements: 100% SOV on the section with logo and banner ads client interview text client perspective About box text Extensive extensive promotional campaign across Economist platforms including online, e-alerts, The Economist newspaper, Facebook & Twitter
  • 22. © The Economist 2010
  • 23. E-alertsPromotional banners
  • 24. THE ECONOMIST SPECIAL REPORTS In depth reports on high interest topics & global trends offering readers in depth, forward looking analysis & opinion. Published as a supplement in the magazine, the reports are read & commented on online and downloadable in PDF format for US$4.95. Online sponsorship involves a roadblock on the Special Report and co-branded ads featuring a free pdf download offer. The sponsor also benefits from a solus FPFC ad within the pdf.Sponsor entitlements: Sponsor logo & roadblock of Special Report pages Promotional campaign – co-branded traffic drivers Full page ad within PDF download 100% share of voice of all ad placements including main page, article pages and comments pages.
  • 25. Co-branded ad unitspromoting the freedownload. The downloaded PDF contains Huawei’s solus FP4C ad
  • 26. TOPIC SPONSORSHIPContent from The Economist online isaggregated into a searchable archivewithin 40 overview topic pages.Your benefit: Contextual alignment with relevant content 100% ownership of a category and 100% share of voice Strong promotion  Homepage ‘ribbon’ (Exclusive for 1 month)  Roadblock campaign on a topic of your choice related Topic index page  Postings on Economist facebook fan page and twitter feeds
  • 27. NANOSITE 350x300 expands to 550x300 Interactive advertising unit featuring multiple tabs with headline and summary content; video playlist; expanded video player Integrates original content from The Economist with sponsor’s content Automatically updated via feeds
  • 29. BRANDED CONTENT 300x600 music player and desktop widget
  • 31. THE ECONOMIST DIGITAL EDITION  Number 1 News App in 46 countries*  Number 1 Ipad App in 19 countries*  3m downloads globally (20% Asia)  iPhone, iPad and Android devices * At launch
  • 32. THE ECONOMIST DIGITAL EDITIONSGETTING IT RIGHT. LISTENING TO OURREADERS. Replicate the lean-back, immersive experience that readers get in print. Offer a quick download of each issue and completely offline reading Provide uninterrupted reading experience Offer sharing capabilities through Facebook, Twitter, and email Committed to evolving with our audience
  • 33. THE ECONOMIST DIGITAL EDITIONS EDITORS HIGHLIGHTS & FULL EDITION The Economist Apps for the iPhone and iPad have been designed in close collaboration with Apple to ensure the best possible user experiences, with an emphasis on simple and clean functionality.Editor’s Highlights - Free (iPhone & iPad) Full Edition - Paid (iPhone & iPad) Available as a single download or as part ofFree to all device owners subscription package (online and/or print) Access to the full contents of each week’s issue ofSix articles each week, hand selected by John The Economist – free for existing print and onlineMicklethwait, The Economist’s editor-in-chief subscribersDownload fully onto the device, giving users Download fully onto the device, giving usersuninterrupted access with no network connection uninterrupted access with no network connectionrequired required Includes full audio edition and ‘sync with text’Audio versions of these key stories are also featureavailable, ideal for the mobile audience Single issue downloads are $5.99; Subscriptions are quarterly for $29.00 or annual for $110.00
  • 34. THE ECONOMIST DIGITAL EDITIONSUSER READING EXPERIENCE Articles are uniquely Professionally recorded audio User can click top bar to findformatted so user can pinch- versions of every article, so the articles in the same section for to-change font size for user can listen to content while easy content navigation. preferred font size. on-the-go.
  • 35. THE ECONOMIST DIGITAL EDITIONSUSER READING EXPERIENCEAs users swipe horizontally, articles and ads appear. In the free edition, ads appear after every two articles. In the paid edition, ads appear after every three articles.
  • 36. THE ECONOMIST DIGITAL EDITIONSLEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA Readers can share articles that they find particularly compelling on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • 37. Global Unique Active Readers as of April 2012 Monthly: 1,172,938 Weekly: 600,981 iPad iPhone AndroidAudience Reach(What device the reader is using) 43% 32% 26%
  • 38. Regular Readership reflects user engagement Weekly* Region Monthly Readership ReadershipWorld Wide 1,172,938 600,981Americas 526,516 271,784Latin America 38,190 18,102Continental Europe 181,333 88,327Asia / Pacific 246,273 125,951UK 139,915 78,335Middle East & Africa 40,710 18,482 * Week of 23rd July issueUnique active readers per region as of April 2012
  • 40. BASFSUCCESS METRICSBASF ran a global campaign in May and was the first toshowcase a true rich media experience.The results were very positive: 65% of readers took action after seeing it 30% have a more favorable opinion about the company after reading it.
  • 41. New: Multi-Tab UnitFollowing on from the success of the multi-tab unit on Economist.com we are now ableto extend this feature to run on Digital Editions.These units allow information and data from The Economist and from other sources (suchas the advertisers’ own research) to be collated and resurfaced in an attractive, engagingunit. Technology Quarterly Mock-up 1: Multi-tab unit Economic Channel (300x250) Technology Quarterly Technology Quarterly Economic Channel Technology QuarterlyProgram details subject to change and final edit approval.
  • 42. New: Multi-Tab Unit Leverage social media streams, showcase video collateral, highlight research and offer readers of The Economist Digital Editions added value. Content from The Economist can be resurfaced to add depth and provide brand association. This unit will sit within the app webview, allowing the reader to engage once they have tapped on the call to action on the static ad (ie it will act as their landing page) $15,000 will cover all production, hosting and analytics for this unit. Allow 4-6 weeks for production. Must be sold in conjunction with 4 weeks of Mock-up 1: Multi-tab tablet unit (1024x 768) advertising.