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Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
Mobile Office For Maemo
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Mobile Office For Maemo


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My Presentation at FOSS 2010

My Presentation at FOSS 2010

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Mobile Office Ajay Pratap Singh Pundhir Developer, MeeGo
  • 2. Intent
    • Create an open and free Office engine for MeeGo platform for viewing Office Documents in both Open Document Format and MS formats
      • Document
      • Spreadsheet
      • Presentation
    • Support basic editing capabilities
    FOSS 2010
  • 3. Agenda
    • Mobile Office: User expectations
    • Calligra (formally KOffice): Open source project
    • FreOffice: Overview
    • Open Source Contributions in FreOffice
    • You can contribute 
    • Development Environment
    • Developers Resources
    • Write a plug-in with me!!
    FOSS 2010
  • 4. Mobile Office: User Expectations
    • Office applications are used everywhere in day to day activities: Schools and Universities, Government Offices, Enterprises..
    • Office tools are used for documenting with rich formatted text and multimedia.
    • Mobile users need to View these documents
    • Mobile users take Notes and Share it with others
    • Mobile user may like to make minor edits or add comments to the documents on move
    • User wants office applications free of cost
    FOSS 2010
  • 5. Calligra (Formally KOffice): Overview
    • Calligra: Open Source Project, established as KOffice in 2001
    • It is the leading Qt based office application suite for desktop environment.
    • Calligra has a suite of 8 office applications including: Words (Document), Stage (Presentation), Tables (Spreadsheet)
    • Renders ODF and MS formats
    • Community existed since 1998
    • More than 70 contributors
    FOSS 2010
  • 6. FreOffice: Overview
    • FreOffice is Mobile office suite built on top of Calligra Engine
    • FreOffice is pure Qt based mobile office application available for N900/Maemo devices
    • First release was in Jan 2010
    • Latest release in Nov 2010
    FOSS 2010
  • 7. FreOffice:
    • FreOffice is the only open Source based mobile office suite which can handle both viewing and editing of
      • MS Documents; Presentation and Spreadsheets
      • ODF Documents
    Atleast 60 thousand downloads, peaks are when releases and updated were made. FOSS 2010
  • 8. FreOffice features:
    • Presentation Tools: Pen, Notes, remote navigation
    • Gesture Support for Navigation
    • Open GL based slide transitions
    • Blog plug-in for FreOffice
    • Online Service Integration: Slideshare, GoogleDocs
    • Online Language Translator (GoogleTranslate)
    • FreOffice Editor
    • Multi-language dynamic virtual keyboard
    FOSS 2010
  • 9. FreOffice Editor:
    • Rich Text Editor
    • Style & Text Formatting
    • Text Alignments
    FOSS 2010
    • Search the document
  • 10. FreOffice developed in the Open FOSS 2010
  • 11. Welcome, You can Contribute too!! 
    • Develop a plug-in for the FreOffice.
    • Following are the sample ideas, you can also take your own idea!
      • Online dictionary and synonymns
      • Spell checking tool
      • Wikipedia lookup based on clipboard data
      • Image/Media finder (from online services)
      • Find document templates online
      • Send as email
      • Share over bluetooth
      • Print over bluetooth
    FOSS 2010
  • 12. Development Environment:
    • Development environment to be set up in scratchbox (Scratchbox is a cross compilation toolkit used to coordinate Maemo SDK.)
    • Install Maemo5 SDK
    • Install NOKIA Binaries
    • Download latest FreOffice Source Code
      • apt-get source freoffice
    FOSS 2010
  • 13. Developers Resources:
    • Calligra:
    • FreOffice:
    • IRC Channel:
      • #FreOffice at Freenode network
    FOSS 2010
  • 14. Write a Hello World plug-in with me!!
    • FreOffice provides an interface to write plug-in
    • To Develop a plug-in for FreOffice all you need to do is implement this interface (officeinterface.h)
    • This interface exposes four methods:
      • virtual void setDocument(void *doc) = 0
      • virtual QWidget *view() = 0
      • virtual QString pluginName() = 0
      • virtual QStringList pluginSupportTypes() = 0
    • Now we will write our Hello World plug-in..
    FOSS 2010
  • 15. FossHello Plug-in
  • 16. Thanking you.. Your Feedbacks are welcomed at:-