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HOW TO Connect Reliance
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HOW TO Connect Reliance


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Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260 How To Guide on Connecting to Internet via Reliance NetConnect in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx HUAWEI EC1260 By Ajay Kumar Srivastava
  • 2. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260 Abuot this presentation This presentation explains the step-by-step procedure to connect to internet using Reliance NetConnect high speed USB modem HUAWEI EC1260 in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
  • 3. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260 Prerequisites and notes  This presentation assumes that Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is already installed on your PC/Laptop  One free USB 2.0 port  Reliance USB Modem HUAWEI EC1260
  • 4. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Reliance High Speed Modem
  • 5. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260 Ubuntu NetworkManager Applet  One can find Ubuntu NetworkManager Applet in Taskbar on the desktop which looks similar to the above one.
  • 6. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Right Click on the Network Icon and select Edit Connections
  • 7. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260
  • 8. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Goto Mobile Broadband Tab and Click on Add button
  • 9. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Click on Forward button
  • 10. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Select Country as India and click forward button
  • 11. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Select Service Provider's name as Reliance and click forward button
  • 12. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Choose your billing plan as Reliance and click forward button
  • 13.  Review your settings and click Apply. To modify settings click Back
  • 14. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Select desired connection name and ensure to check the box ”Connect Automatically”
  • 15. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Enter dialing number as #777  Enter User name (The Reliance number without zero)  Enter Password (Mostly the same Reliance number without zero)
  • 16. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Goto PPP Settings tab  Click Configure Methods button
  • 17. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Uncheck all Authentication Methods except CHAP and click OK
  • 18. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Click Apply
  • 19. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Click Close, That's it you are done
  • 20. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260  Now plugin your device to any of the USB port and enjoy...!!!
  • 21. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260 Links Ubuntu 10.04 i386/amd64
  • 22. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260 Disclaimer All the information provided in this document is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Please do this experiment on your own risk. In any case author is not responsible for any damage or unavailability of data.
  • 23. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260 Queries, Comments and feedback Please send your Queries, comments and feedback to
  • 24. Ubuntu – HUAWEI EC1260 Thank you - Ajay Kumar Srivastava