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The Power of Social Media


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  • 1. ti’ ““’ Power. ) Social Media - Pr»/ inaéll Joélli
  • 2. :9 the power to define and control a brand is shifting from corporations and institutions to individuals and communities Marlccforc can effectively use social media by influencing “the conversation” -9 fl
  • 3. 5ooial moalia Clio; are the fast-growing category on the web, doubling their traffic over the last year
  • 4. ha; oi/ cr 500 million users cg If Faccboolc wcrc a covnirit, if wovlal be the world’; 3rd largcgf country A»/ cragc ilgcr it connected to 80 cornmunit11 F3594, 5yOllP§ and cl/ cn1'€ and Cpcnak abovi’ 0% wy'7/M’ (Ada mowfil 5'5 minvfos a clay on the cifc. "0099 ‘tog Q Tllcrc are over 900 million oljccit Ag‘/ en “QOY OW/3 that Pcoflc interact’ with (P355, 6!’ 51f0llP§, cl/ cnfc anal community pagcs) ”Tlicrc arc oi/ or 100 million aciil/ c user; accc§; in5_ Faccboolc OUI’l’6ll'Hl1 through their mobile alcl/ iccé. "$owcc: $1‘: ‘l'k'l'ic( fvvmficcbook prottofficc.
  • 5. YOU lliuai “receive; over 2 billion vievveré 630l’l dan Tlne mogl popular Koulube video — Juclin Eieber, Eabn Ludaerié has had over §7‘l/ l0§,98§ viewé ** Z4 houré of video i; uploaded lo %uTube bn u§er§ ever! ’ minule ** T3 vvaloh all ‘H16 videoc eurrenfln on K>uTube, a oer§on hac lo live for around 1,000 nearé. ** Some: S+: h‘; fie4 from Youfube pm; eenh-e.
  • 6. 7lW; !,fl‘v“ ha; over 181 million blag; 347' of blogégerg ooél opinion; aboul broduelé and brand; ** One in five bloggerc ufdaleé lheir blogs evern dan. " 5oume: $l: l’i§l‘ie4 from Teehnanli? 9l7l‘e of ‘line Slogocfhere 2009.
  • 7. **ha§ over 1 10 million uéerg 1! The 10 l7llll0H‘l'l1 Tvillerié in/ eel wag boéled in March 2010 There have been over 5'0 million ‘lweelé in 2010. , , 6, C 00/. , 0} l ' ' I -lT’»_/ l'lL’l'€/ V ugeré "180 million unique u§er§ aeee€€ Tvifler eaeh monlh. .— . ._ uge | :~~/ ilier ' ' on mobile ale», /ieeé. "More l'han 600 million Ceareheé happen / — on Tviller ei/ ern dan. ’* Some: Slalisliec from Twifler and Hue Univ? Conference.
  • 8. - ha; 60 million uéerc and hail o '-'“k°dm lhem are from oulgide us l l 5'9 ” Linkedln ha; exeeulii/ ec from all Forlune 500 companies En March 2010 Auglralia alone had over 1 million Linkedln ucerg 807.’ eompanieé uce Linloedln a; a reeruilmenl fool "Aimed 12 million Uflllvlé i/ igilorc vigil Linkedln ei/ evn daip "Bi/ erip second a new member Join; Linlcedln. ** $ouree: S1I1’l§l‘ie4 from Linkedlii precc eenire and Sipgéomm lnlernalional.
  • 9. :9 Social media when compared to year 2009 shows a fantastic growth in terms of people participation, penetration, user-ability, business and more.
  • 10. :9 Social media when compared to year 2009 shows a fantastic growth in terms of people participation, penetration, user-ability, business and more.