A BRIEF REPORT ON <br />The state level symposium on SRI organized by the Development and Relief Department- RNBA<br />Th...
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Second State Symposium Manipur


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Second State Symposium Manipur

  1. 1. A BRIEF REPORT ON <br />The state level symposium on SRI organized by the Development and Relief Department- RNBA<br />The second state level symposium on System of Rice Intensification (SRI) was organized by the Development and Relief Department of Rongmei Naga Baptist Association on the 29th of April 2011.The aim of the one day symposium was to evaluate the progress of the SRI projects carried out by the NGO and its partners and to further envisage its implementation. The symposium was attended by 15 NGOs partners along with RAS and media personals. <br />Mr. T Peter Rangnamei was the moderator for the day. Dr. J Sureshbabu (IAS) principal secretary commissioner of RD & PR and SCERT was the chief guest and the guest of honor was DR. N Prakash Joint-director ICAR. Among the special invitees were, MR. M.S Sarangmath the RD of NABARD and Mr. Gojendro DAO of Senapati district. The welcome speech was delivered by Mr. Mumai Pheiga the secretary of Development and Relief Department RNBA, in his speech he highlighted the present scenario of the state with context to food production. He also shared that the SRI project held by the organization is to make the society less vulnerable to social evils by addressing to the issue of food insecurity<br /> The program continued with the power point presentation from Mr. Tushar Das, from the SRI secretariat Bhubaneswar, followed by presentation of Mr. Gaikhangjang Gangmei , SRI coordinator Of Development and Relief Department -RNBA, in his presentation gave a brief overview of the SRI project that was carried by RNBA during the year 2009-2010. There were also power point presentation from NGO Ms, Helam Haokip representing IRMA and Mrs, Manileima Devi representing PRDA .The presentations were precise and specific, the audiences were able to understand the various SRI projects carried out by the NGOs.<br /> There were also speeches from the special invitees. Mr. MS Sarangmath in his speech said that NABARD’s concern has also been to increase the food production hence, NABARD would extend their collaboration to the SRI implementation to solve the problem of food insecurity. Mr. Gojendro shared his thoughts on the need to increase the food production and yield even in the hill district and to replace the traditional rice yielding variety with new varieties that has more yielding potential.<br /> Dr. N Prakash assured the help of ICAR in the coming days and would lend technical help to the NGO if need arises, he also advised that replacing mono cropping technique in agriculture with the double cropping technique would be more beneficial to the farmers. <br />Dr. Sureshbabu the chief guest, enlightened the audience through his speech he told that industrialization does not alone contribute to the growth of the country’s economy, the agriculture sector need to be given equal priority and must not be neglected at any cause. Imphal valley has potential for more yields so the NGOs must work towards it, he added.<br />The program came to a close with a vote of thanks from Mr. Liangkuwang Gangmei the program Coordinator, Development and Relief Department -RNBA. The one day symposium acted as a reinforcement and a source of motivation to the NGOs , the positive impact of the symposium is anticipated in the near future.<br />