10 Strategies To Increase Workforce Development Outcomes


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10 Strategies To Increase Workforce Development Outcomes

  2. 2. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT INVENTORY MANAGEMENT 1 WITH PARTICIPANTS WITH JOB ORDERS 2One of the biggest frustrations we hear among Workforce Developmentagencies is a lack of quality, real-time data on their participant population. Similar to the philosophy of managing your participants inventory, you wantWe refer to this population as the “Inventory.” to do the same thing with Job Orders. Not all job orders should be treated the same, and you should use a CRM (Client Relationship Management)The best way to increase outcomes and serve employers is to have high- system to efficiently manage your job orders, prioritizing those which canquality, real-time data on your participants, so that you can quickly respond be filled most easily, with the available candidates within your participantto the human-capital needs of the employer community. inventory. TRIAGE - The most efficient way to inventory your participants is to use a A-Job orders typically have 3 out of 3 of the top criteria listed below, and B ranking system, which helps you to identify where specific groups of Orders have 2/3. Use your CRM to triage and rank these job orders so your participants are at within the Job Readiness spectrum. The following is an staff are prioritizing their efforts on the most fillable positions. Not all example of how to rank participants. positions should be treated the same.A-Participants should be immediately referred to employers,B-Participants should quickly be provided the skills they need to be job Aready. B CThis then leaves your case managers more time to manage intensiveservices for the C-Participants, helping them to eventually become A-Participants. A B C ✓ Good employer ✓ Good employer ✓ Available skills ✓ Good pay ✓ Good pay ✓ Good pay ✓ Hard Skills ✓ Hard Skills ✓ Soft Skills ✓ Soft Skills ✓ Soft Skills ✓ Job Ready
  3. 3. JOB MATCHING PIPELINE 3 MANAGEMENT 4 NEW JOB ORDERSUsing your CRM system to identify candidates that match job orders hasone of the biggest impact on increasing your outcomes. In order toeffectively identify good matches, your participant and job order inventories REFERREDmust be thorough and current. You should make sure you have created PARTICIPANTSpolicies and procedures for how staff keep the records current within theCRM. Once your inventory is up to date, let the Job Matching begin. INTERVIEWSSEARCHINGUse a CRM that has several ways to search participants, This ensures that Workforce Development can drive huge outcome gains using the pipelinestaff can quickly find the most eligible and best qualified participants for management system. In case studies we’ve seen a 250% increase inopen job orders. You can search via the keyword search bar or find resumes placement rates.using the resume database. Pipeline management allows managers and directors to see how the organization and different departments as a whole are working. • Is Business Services bringing in enough job orders? • Are we getting participants out to interviews and job fairs? • Are participants doing well in the interview stage, or do they need moreUSING DASHBOARDS preparation and coaching?Use your CRM’s dashboard report feature which enable the system to saveand automate your matching so when participants and job orders are Pipeline management allows WFD agencies to redirect resources to theupdated, you can instantly run a report to see where the matches are. areas of the operations that will have the greatest impact, boosting outcomes.Staff and Managers can review dashboards on a weekly basis to monitorinventory activity and see where there are opportunities to make matches.This is also helpful across regions where staff may not immediately seematches.
  4. 4. WORKFLOW TEAM 5 AUTOMATION 6 COLLABORATIONIs your agency overwhelmed with a tidal wave of cases? Does your staffspend time on tasks you suspect could be automated? CRM such as Work How well do your staff collaborate as aSource built on Salesforce.com features intelligent, highly customizable team? Is there tight alignment betweenworkflow automation that save your team a ton of time, allowing them to your case management and businessspend less time sending repetitive emails and more on activities that boost services staff?outcomes. Here are just a few examples of workflow automation you canuse to increase efficiencies and productivity: CHATTER COLLABORATION Chatter, a Social Collaboration App, isJOB ORDER NOTIFICATIONS - Every time a new job order is entered into built into WorkSource and is part of thethe system, your case managers can be notified via email, prompting them Salesforce.com platform. This isto review the inventory of available participants to see who is a match. powerful tool that helps your staff collaborate with each other more effectively. The future of case management and business services is collaborative. Instead of having each participant assigned to a single case manager, now you can have them assigned to a team who work together to train and reemploySTATUS CHANGE ALERTS - Stay on top of open job orders by creating participants.status change alerts that urge staff to keep moving through the process. Analert can be emailed to staff when the status is changed from “new” to Chatter also tightly integrates with the“interviewing” or from “interviewing” to “offer,” triggering them to follow up other features of WorkSource so thatwith the employer, facilitate the interview process, or assist with onboarding when you update an employer orthe new employees. participant record, staff who are “following” the record via chatter can see the changes in their chatter feed.
  5. 5. REGIONAL ACTIVITY 7 COLLABORATION 8 MANAGEMENT 100% 75% Workforce 50% Development Economic Technical Development Colleges Increasing outcomes requires that management and boards are actively managing the activity of the various departments and staff. WorkforceTake collaboration further by using social collaboration tools like Chatter to Development agencies which regularly monitor activity numbers aremanage your regional collaboratives. Chatter allows you to create groups consistently more productive and have higher outcomes.and invite people to join. The great thing is that they don’t have to be usingSalesforce or WorkSource to join a chatter group, and Chatter licenses are DASHBOARDS - Use dashboards to track the individual activity of staff.100% free, allowing you to really extend the power of the platform. For example, you can create a dashboards report showing the caseloads of each individual case manager.REGIONAL COLLABORATIVESWorkforce Development is most effective when all the stakeholders are BUSINESS SERVICES - Dashboards are a great way to track productivityinvolved and in sync. Using social collaboration to connect all of the of the business services team. Business Services reps tend to be highlyparticipants in a secure, cloud based and completely mobile platform will competitive, so a great strategy is to create a “new job orders for the week”allow you to speed up decision making and information sharing. dashboard, rank each business services rep and make it public to the team.EXAMPLE - Economic Development is working with a manufacturingbusiness expanding their facilities and needs to hire twenty new workers in This will spark the competitive nature of your teams and they will work to6 months. Using Chatter and Groups, EDOs can share this information with be at the top of the report every week.WFD in real-time. Technical Colleges can be included in the group to trainworkers for these new positions, allowing them to engage in the projectand identify training programs to fill any skills gaps that may exist. The keyis information sharing and collaboration!
  6. 6. MOBILE & LABOR MARKET 9 SOCIAL INFORMATION 10 100 75 50The world of Business has gone mobile, and now Workforce Develop isseeing the advantages of a mobile and socially connected world. Byleveraging these new technologies Workforce Development is able to 25extend it’s reach with employers and job seekers. 0 2012 2013 2014 2015REMOTELY ACCESS RECORDSMost CRM’s are mobile, so use the mobile version to access employer or Relying on outdated BLS or duplicative job board labor market data is theparticipant records on the go. Staff can provide employers up-to-the- way of the past. To ensure your services are tightly aligned with the hiringsecond information on the available workforce, bringing up resumes, market and employer demands, agencies need to have real-time laborupdating, and improving outcomes instantly. market data. Here are some great ways to use CRM to gather and analyze labor market data: Collect Real-Time LMI Dashboards & Forecasting Reports The best way to Using these same ensure hire outcomes Dashboards and reports reports, you can begin is to make sure your are excellent ways to to forecast trends in WFD agency is get visibility into the hiring. You can alsoSETUP BUSINESS SERVICES CHATTER GROUPS labor market. use forecasts ofConnect all of your business services teams together so they can more developing talent employers can hire Running a simple open pipeline activity toeffectively team sell. No longer will employers complain about being called job orders report and predict the types ofon by multiple departments and agencies reps, causing confusion. Now quickly. Use CRM to organizing it by job type placements youryour business services teams can collaborate on employer strategies, collect real-time data will give you great agency will make byintroduce other departments and offer greater value to the employers. on employer hiring insight into the types looking at the top of needs so you can skills employers are the funnel, and align your training seeking specifically estimating placement programs. within your region. rates.
  7. 7. START LAUNCHING OUTCOMES WITH CRM: SIGNUP FOR FREE CRM TRAIL http://www.launchpadco.comAbraham Jankans About Launchpad: We have helped dozens of government and non-profitCEO, Launchpad agencies improve outcomes and attract more funding through cloud CRM technology adoption, processConnect with me: consulting, and staff development. Launchpads philosophy is summed up in two words: passion and innovation. We strive to invigorate economic, workforceajankans@launchpadco.com and, community development with the latest in technology and improved processes, amplifying our clients’ ability toLinkedIn: Abraham Jankans develop the communities and people they serve.Twitter: @AJ_Launchpad