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Personal Branding
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Personal Branding



Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Personal Branding Presented by LaunchPad Careers © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 2. Overview
    • Learn why personal branding is relevant to your job search.
    • Discover your personal brand.
    • Create your personal brand.
    • Communicate your personal brand.
    • Maintain your personal brand.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 3. Discover Your Personal Brand © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 4. What Is Personal Branding?
    • Definition: The process of marketing people and their careers as brands.
    • Personal branding suggests success comes from self- packaging rather than self- improvement .
      • Examples: Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump
    • In a competitive job market, personal branding, if done correctly, will allow you to create a strategic advantage over your competition.
    • Candidates with strong personal brands have a better chance of being seen.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 5. Why Create a Personal Brand?
    • Trend is towards a project-based job market and workforce.
    • Can set you apart from the crowd.
    • Creates value for your specialization and brand.
    • Provides you with a platform to be heard.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 6. Project-Based Job Market
    • With the growing use of staffing agencies and contract workers, more companies are operating on a project-by-project basis.
    • Workers will be evaluated and hired for their ability to complete projects on time and within scope.
    • Longevity and education will take a back seat to experience, deliverables, and measurables.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 7. Differentiation
    • Stand out from the crowd.
    • Differentiation is accomplished by specialization and reputation building.
    • If you are known for delivering quality projects on time, clearly demonstrate this on your resume, CV, blogs, and online profiles.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 8. Value Creation
    • Being different and unique automatically creates more value for your brand.
    • Building your reputation and having a proven track record will bring value.
    • Value is not finite or constant. It will change based on a customer’s wants and needs at any given time.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 9. Gives You a Voice
    • Blog about your field of expertise. You might get a referral from a well-known industry expert.
    • Create a website to display the presentations you have given during your career.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 10. Fit for a Mobile Career
    • Having a personal brand in a more transient, project-based working world has advantages.
    • You didn’t need a personal brand working for a company for 20 years. Companies provided a career path, and your reputation was known internally.
    • In a mobile career world, after you finish your project or are released from an assignment, you take your personal brand with you.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 11. Create Your Personal Brand © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 12. What a Personal Brand Looks Like
    • Not a homogenous concept.
    • Comes in many forms:
      • Resume to Curriculum Vitae
      • Websites and Blogs
      • References
    • Everything that contributes to your brand and how the outside world views you.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 13. Your Personal Brand
    • You already have a personal brand: your reputation among friends and family, in your company and community.
    • It is sometimes easier for others to assess you than for you to assess yourself.
    • How do other people view you?
    • What are you known for?
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 14. Exercise 1.1
  • 15. Building Your Reputation
    • As you build your career around your personal brand, each accomplishment will contribute to and grow your reputation. What do you want to be known for?
    • Internal vs. External Brand
      • It’s important to have an accurate picture of your internal vs. external brand so you can more accurately map out how to attain your career goals.
      • Hindrance to career development: incongruent internal picture and external view about your personal brand.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 16. What You Have to Offer
    • Your personal brand should spell out exactly who you are and the most important thing you have to offer.
    • What are your feature benefits?
    • What makes you different?
    • Don’t be generic.
      • One benefit of going with a generic brand is the price.
      • Once you’re relegated to a “low-price” brand, you are treated as a commodity and you lose your value.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 17. Exercise 1.2
  • 18. How You Will Save or Make Money
    • The more clearly you state how you will make or save a company money, the more valuable your brand becomes.
    • Begin with a powerful summary of your brand.
    • Focus on your value proposition.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 19. Exercise 1.3
  • 20. Greatest Accomplishment
    • What is your greatest accomplishment? Define and market your personal brand by having a specific answer to this question.
    • Consider mentioning it in your online profile.
    • This is an opportunity to brag, so don’t be modest.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 21. Exercise 1.4
  • 22. Transferable Skills
    • Definition: Skills you have acquired through life experiences that are transferable and applicable to your job or careers.
    • Identify skills that can help you demonstrate a value-added brand.
    • Show a consistent track record of transferable skills from company to company and project to project. This will help cement your brand.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 23. Exercise 1.5
  • 24. Get a Brand Referral
    • Referrals are invaluable tools that will help you get your foot in the door or land new clients.
    • Referrals = Endorsements
    • When someone endorses your brand, you are essentially “piggybacking” off of that person’s established brand within the company.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 25. Identify the Sizzle
    • 3 unique qualities that set you, the candidate, apart from the competition and speak to your personal brand.
      • Example: Track record of growth, success, civic, and social consciousness.
    • Present features in terms of benefits.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 26. Exercise 1.6
  • 27. Communicate Your Personal Brand © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 28. The Reach of Marketing
    • Personal brands become stronger the more exposure they get.
    • The bigger your brand, the more powerful it is.
    • Leverage free technology like social networking.
    • Work to promote your brand every day.
    • Do it between assignments. You are never “unemployed.”
    • Don’t neglect more traditional techniques: phone calls, letter writing, person to person contact.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 29. Personal Branding Tool Kit
    • Resume and Curriculum Vitae
    • Business Card
    • Email Signature
    • Personal Website
    • Social Networking Sites
    • Blogs
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 30. Resume and Curriculum Vitae
    • The paper resume is becoming obsolete.
    • The majority of resumes are already submitted and transmitted digitally.
    • Technology will further blur the lines of resumes, online profiles, blogs, and websites.
    • Personal branding statement on your resume should catch the reader’s eye.
    • Recommended tool for Web 2.0:
      • Create powerful multimedia resume and share it digitally.
      • Allows you to add blogs, podcasts, LinkedIn widget, videos.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 31. Visual CV © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 32. Business Card
    • Components of a Well-Branded Business Card
      • Style: Should match your profession.
      • Name: Should be prominent on the card and in a clear font. A brief caption below your name can also reinforce your brand.
      • Picture: Benefit is that people will remember who you are.
      • Contact Information: Phone and email large enough to easily read.
      • Website, Blog, LinkedIn: No need to include more than 2.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 33. Email Signature
    • Great way to promote your brand because it is sent out frequently and is easily referenced.
    • Example:
    • Abraham J. Jankans
    • President & Chief Career Coaching Officer
    • LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
    • d: 800.363.0307 f: 866.293.8564 c: 949.500.0711
    • DuPont Dr., Suite 214, Irvine, CA 92612
    • [email_address]
    • | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 34. Personal Website and Social Media
    • Purchase your If your name is already taken, try adding a middle initial.
    • Free website builders:
    • Be consistent when building your brand across multiple media and platforms.
    • Social networking sites:
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 35. Blogs
    • Specialization: Add value by contributing new information or writing from a new perspective.
    • Targeted posts: Research the requirements and skills for positions you are seeking, and write blog posts on those topics.
    • Example: Joshua Persky, “Oracle of NY.”
    • Contribute to other people’s blogs.
      • Start by commenting on existing blog posts.
      • Building a rapport with the author.
      • Request to be a regular contributor.
    • Micro-blogging.
      • Good for broadcasting short messages and links to information.
      • Example: Twitter. LinkedIn, Facebook also offers this feature.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 36. Using a Photo: The Benefits and Dangers
    • Using your photo to promote your personal brand can have many benefits.
      • We live in a world driven by visual images.
    • Dangers: It can compromise your privacy and identity.
    • When and where to include a photo:
      • Resume: NO
      • Online resume or CV: OPTIONAL
      • Online blog, profile, website: YES
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 37. Consider an Avatar
    • Avatar: graphical representation of a person, used on the Internet.
    • Keep your avatar as close to the real you as possible.
    • Keep it professional, but don’t be afraid to add some flair.
    • Sites: http:// avatar /
      • Copy the browser screen by holding down the CTRL key and pressing the “print screen” key.
      • Paste image into a picture editor such as Paint and edit.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 38. Speaking Engagements
    • Consider speaking at industry conferences and meetings to promote your brand.
    • Public speaking, if done well, can quickly elevate your status as an industry expert.
    • Tip: Videotape your speaking engagements. You can post these videos to sites and profiles.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 39. Maintain Your Personal Brand © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 40. Maintain Your Personal Brand
    • Limit the number of places where you promote your brand.
    • Limit your online presence to no more than one online resume, one personal website.
    • Keep your brand current.
      • Update resume and online profiles to reflect new information or feature benefits.
      • Do not neglect your brand just because you find a new job.
        • Add to your brand by taking classes, reading books, listening to podcasts to update your knowledge related to your field.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 41. Evolving Brands
    • Re-invent your brand to fit the situation and keep yourself in high demand.
    • Take your transferable skills and apply them to new areas and fields.
      • Examples: Hillary Clinton and Apple
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 42. Protect Your Brand
    • Remember that stereotypes and misconceptions are easily formed and hard to overcome.
    • Toss out your generic, old resume.
    • Remove your beer bong pictures from Facebook and MySpace.
    • Beware of phone ringback tones. While in an active job search, use a standard ringtone.
    • Have a professional email address.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 43. Not Outgoing?
    • Technology allows you to build your personal brand from behind a computer screen.
    • You can maximize the promotion of your skills through blogs, virtual resumes, and websites, all mediums to better define your brand.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 44. Summary
    • Have a strong personal brand that will give you an advantage over the competition.
    • Use your resumes, curricula vitae, blogs, social network profiles, and public forums to promote your brand.
    • Your view of your personal brand must match others’ view of your personal brand.
    • Use social networks to promote your brand, but don’t neglect the real world.
    • Purchase .
    • Get people to refer you to their contacts.
    • Create three sizzles that define your brand.
    • Leverage technology.
    • Protect your brand by only promoting positive and constructive information about yourself.
    © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.
  • 45. Any Questions? © 2009 LaunchPad Careers, Inc.