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LaunchPad Careers, Inc, The Next Generation in Workforce ...
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LaunchPad Careers, Inc. has been a leading provider of workforce development and human capital
executive to market government incentive programs to business directly, but as our business grows, we
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LaunchPad Careers Executive Summary


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LaunchPad Careers Executive Summary

  1. 1. LaunchPad Workforce Development Government Solutions Our Vision: LaunchPad Careers, Inc, The Next Generation in Workforce Development Unemployment is rising rapidly as Gross Domestic Product is at its lowest level in decades. The federal government has responded to this situation by authorizing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), which has allocated 3.9 billion dollars for workforce development. A local leader in human capital solutions, LaunchPad Careers has expanded into this growing market to provide better results through innovation in technology, an entrepreneurial business processes and modern advances in human capital development and learning. LaunchPad Career-Centers As the unemployment rate continues to rise and as our economy and job market becomes ever- more transient, there is going to be a need for a more modern and innovative solution to workforce development. To meet this demand, we plan to build a new model for the industry centered around our LaunchPad Career-Centers. The LaunchPad Career-Center will be a hybrid model combining smaller “Brick & Mortarr” career- centers and a “Virtual Career-Center” solution, providing 24/7 access to up-to-date job readiness and workforce development solutions for job seekers and small business, such as webinars and training videos, access toimportantt documents and information, and the ability tosigng-up for services anytime anywhere. Additionally, we will incorporate our experience in the private sector staffing industry with our operating model allowing for increased connections with employers and job seekers. Virtual Career-Centers Continuing with the theme of innovation in government services we believe there will be an increased demand for technology solutions that can increase the speed and coverage of government services delivery while lowering the cost and improving productivity. Our concept for an Out-of-the-box, Career-Center solution can deliver on such a demand. Our “Virtual Career- Centers” could be set up for a fraction of the cost of typical One-Stop Center delivery models, delivering online enrollment for services and access to virtual workshops and training materials. The key benefit to the government will be increased ability to deliver services at a lower cost per user. © 2010 LaunchPad Careers, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Our Accomplishments LaunchPad Careers, Inc. has been a leading provider of workforce development and human capital solutions in Southern California since 2005. We specialize in candidate recruitment, training, and placement. Within 6 months of entering the government workforce development sector, we proposed on 7 government contracts, securing 4 four contracts totalying over $500,000 , with 3 proposals under review. Our success has been driven by our innovative approach to workforce development, an industry which has seen very little modernization in 20 years. Our two most popular services have been Job-Readiness Workshops, teaching job seekers modern and advanced job seeking skills and Job Development services which link business with government services provided through the workforce systems. The LaunchPad “Formal” LaunchPad Careers, Inc. has extensive experience with the public and private sectors, and optimizes the use of technology and innovation to enhance our results. We continually update our workshops in an effort to leverage new technologies and prepare job seekers for career opportunities in emerging industries, such as green technology and health IT. Our focus in the government sector has been to develop relationships with government officials, including elected officials, and to participate in RFP/RFQ opportunities presented. The majority of the higher-value contracts through Workforce Development are secured through a competitive process. We dedicate significant resources to our “Proposal Team” consisting of a dedicated grant writer with a background in marketing and business writing, a project manager tasked with organizing and managing the RFP response and a “RFP Sales Manager” tasked with discovering RFP opportunities and formulating the overall response strategy. For a successful proposal, we have emphasized three important aspects: Private-sector focus on human capital, Innovation & Technology and Knowledge of Our Diverse Community. We have seen that the government and many of its providers have very little exposure with the private sector, and therefore have a limited knowledge of what the business community is looking for. Secondly, the government sector is approximately 5-7 years behind in technology, so we are able to modernize their processes and knowledge-base, bringing them current with both the private-sector and technology and finally, as a 100 percent minority owned firm, we are able to offer a unique view of the workforce from the perspective of the community. We also are able to take advantage of many government programs established to promote small and minority owned businesses. Service Delivery: Our system for service deliver centers around the development of a standardized curriculum which is hosted in our secure online VAULT as well as a set of thorough set of procedures and instructions for each workshop. We employ 1099 contract instructors to teach the workshops, which allows us to keep our overhead low. All training equipment is provided by the company, and is priced into the contracts. At the completion of each workshop, instructors scan or fax sign-in sheets and evaluation cards from the workshop, which is then data-entered into our database by our Virtual Assistant based in Charlotte NC. For our Job Development service, we employee 1-2 senior level sales © 2010 LaunchPad Careers, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. executive to market government incentive programs to business directly, but as our business grows, we may also look at an outsourced telemarketing model to increase our exposure to the private sector. The advantage in job development is that because the government subsidizes many of the programs, we are able to offer more value and benefits to business, giving us a strategic advantage over traditional human capital companies. Our Vision + Our Formula = Results When you combine our Vision of a modern Workforce Development Solution with our Formula of innovation, virtual technology, process re-engineering and outsourcing, we see the potential for us to gain significant market-share in the multi- billion dollar Workforce Development Sector. As the government continues to modernize its various sectors, and seeks solutions from the private sector, we feel we have a unique opportunity to capitalize. Moving forward our needs will be to partner with a technology partner that can provide the technology backbone for our services, an expanded advisory board to provide guidance on our strategic growth plan as well as a minimum infusion of human and financial capital to expand our current capacity to respond to government bid requests. To Learn More, contact: Abraham J. Jankans, CEO Visit: Call: (949) 500-0711 Email: © 2010 LaunchPad Careers, Inc. All rights reserved.