McWill for Rural Telecom Market
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McWill for Rural Telecom Market



aakash tabs on BEST 458 route thane-borivali. ..........incredible india...

aakash tabs on BEST 458 route thane-borivali. ..........incredible india...



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  • SP and small scale deployment use common servers to host core equipment software. There is much less software so the costs on core equipment of ISP and sole PTT service are small. <br /> Large scale deployment is normally adopted by public network operators. SAG, a powerful center computer and servers , plus plenty of software, form the core network. The large corporate users, such as oilfield and metropolis police, adopt also this system. One SAG3000 of 14U supports 128 BTS and 300,000 subscribers. The SAG coordination is made automatically among each other.   <br />
  • McWiLL topology M provides policemen, defense, mining and different emergency & rescue an effective wireless circumstances. There is normally a microcel BTS on a van connecting with satellite for outside communication. Each Microcel BTS support several trunking groups with video communications <br />

McWill for Rural Telecom Market McWill for Rural Telecom Market Presentation Transcript

  • AJALA.J ASSISTANT PROFESSOR - –Dept of ECE Federal Institute of Science And Technology (FISAT) TM McWill for Rural Telecom Market P.singaravelu MTech (NanoElectronics) Sastra university
  • aakash tabs on BEST 458 route thane-borivali. ..........incredible india...
  • The Last Mile
  • Microwave Link Microwave link right choice
  • Rural connectivity using WiMAX
  • Success Story @ Work – Madras Pharma T.Nagar Sholinganallur • Point to Point and Point to Multi Point • Backhaul spanning to 12kms from T.Nagar (H.O) to Sholinganallur (Factory)
  • Success Story @ Work – Residency Group Hotels -Enable Point – to – Point Connectivity ( 1KM ) - Centralized accounting and reservation system - Hotspot Zones for wireless internet access
  • Main BuildingAnnexe Usman Road • Point – to – Point Connectivity ( 600 meters ) • Enabling centralized billing and accounting systems Success Story @ Work – GRT Thangamaligai
  • Point to Point Communication SRPP- Short Range Point-Point (1km) MRPP- Medium Range Point-Point (1-5km) LRPP- Long Range Point-Point (up to 40km)
  • Service Provider Last Mile/Campus Last Mile
  • Last Mile Concept AC 160 CPE Public Hotspot Using WiMax backhaul links Video Surveillance Mobile Security Last Mile using Wi-Fi Point to Point Link For Enterprises AS 1600 BS AS 1600 BS Video Data Data Video Voice Mobility VPN
  • – Madurai Highway Kanyakumari Ramanathapuram– Tutucurion Highway – Tollgate MADURAI CITY –SivagangaiHighwayTollgate Tollgate Tollgate Tollgate Centralized Tower - Enabled Point – to – Multi Point Bridge Connectivity ( 1 – 19 KM ) - Centralized Toll Ticketing Success Story @ Work – Madurai Corporation
  • 4G Requirements Network Convergence is Key 802.15 Bluetooth WAN MAN LAN PAN HiperPAN 802.11 HiperLAN 802.16 HIPERACCESS 802.16e GSM/EDGE Applications Serving Diverged Standards 4G Converged Control and Management Plane For Different Networks Diverged Physical Layers Divergent terminals Converged Terminals 3G+ High Speed Air Interface Alone is not enough
  • McWiLL Network Architecture
  • Efficient Voice Package: McWiLL is a data based system. The deployment of the data service is very simple. McWiLL specifies an efficient voice package to save spatial resources while keeping high quality voice service, HEV (hear every voice). The inefficient connection is realized among the core system equipment via Ethernet, or fiber
  • Topology P Normal deployment
  • Topology M
  • Handoff: •   McWiLL technology adopts “Make before Break” (MBB) handoff to keep high mobile performance. McWiLL spans the bridge of digital gap
  • QoS and GoS: • Grade of Service (GoS):   Each terminal with its priority; Higher class terminals will have higher priority for bandwidth than the lower class terminals. • Quality of Service (QoS): Each service (voice, high priority data, and low priority data) queues in each link. Voice first then high priority data and finally low priority data;
  • Combination of the merits of CDMA and OFDMA
  • Xinwei Telecom Technology It is based on CS-OFDMA adaptive modulation, and it uses dynamic channel allocation and smart antennas to enhance its throughput.
  • Basics: Structure Cells Different Frequencies or Codes Base Station Fixed transceiver Mobile Station Distributed transceivers Downlink Uplink Handoff Multiple Access
  • ConfidentialInformation Broadband Access Gaming Residential Leased Lines Public safety Hotspots Feeding Traffic Control Leased Lines Replacement VoIP Video Surveillance & Public Safety Shopping Malls Video Surveillance & Traffic Control Internet cafés Municipalities & Education Access and backhauling in 5GHz BreezeACCESS VL Base station BreezeNET B Backhauling Businesses Broadband VoIP Hotspot Feeding Oil & Gas Telecommunications Leased Lines Secured VPN Video Surveillance Nomadic Applications
  • ConfidentialInformation REFERENCES [1] Francis E. Retnasothie, M. Kemal ¨Ozdemir, Tevfik Y¨ucek, Hasari Celebi, Joseph Zhang, and Ranesh Muththaiah, “Wireless: Challenges and Applications”, IEEE Wamicon , Clearwater, FL, December 2006 [2] Junqiang Hu, Dayou Qian, Haijun Yang, Ting Wang, Steve Weinstein, “Triple Play Services over a Converged Optical/Wireless Network”,OFC/NFOEC Digest, 2006 
  • Back up slides
  • It all starts with a key • What is a key? • Encryption algorithm is like a recipe for spaghetti. Key is like the choice of sauce that changes the end result. Encrypt – Garble so it’s unreadable Decrypt – Ungarble so it can be read again Plain text I am going to the market encrypt algorithm – add x letters key - 2 hard to read, UNLESS you know the key Cipher text K co iqkpi vq vjg octmgv Encrypting Text Plain text I am going to the market CipherText K co iqkpi vq vjg octmgv decryption algorithm – subtract x letters key - 2 Decrypting Text That’s encryption!