ARIHSL Presentation: Today's Tech - What a Practicing Librarian Needs to Know


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Presentation for the Association of Rhode Island Health Sciences Libraries, January 2013.

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ARIHSL Presentation: Today's Tech - What a Practicing Librarian Needs to Know

  1. 1. Today’s Tech: What a Practicing Librarian Needs to Know ARIHSL Workshop Amanda Izenstark January 10, 2013
  2. 2. Workshop Overview• Introductions (10 minutes)• Hands-on exploration (30 minutes)• Discussion (30 minutes)• Information overload? (5 minutes)• My geeky presentation (20 minutes)• Questions (and more discussion) (remainder)
  3. 3. Let’s get our hands dirty the way the real geeks doHANDS-ON EXPLORATION
  4. 4. Hands-on Exploration• Each of you will receive a worksheet• Each worksheet lists a tool/service and a product• Define the tool/service• Answer questions about the product• Be ready to tell the rest of us about it – It’s ok if you’re not an expert in 30 minutes!• Questions? Problems? Sheer terror? Just ask!
  5. 5. Tell us what you found!DISCUSSION
  6. 6. Tool/Service Discussion• What tool/service did you have?• What’s the definition?• What product did you have?• What did you find out about it?
  7. 7. Image adapted from Allie Brosh 12/24/12
  8. 8. @#&@($)!#(!@#*information overload@#&@($)!#(!@#*5 MINUTE BREAK
  10. 10. Presentation Overview• Cloud Computing• Tablets• Citation Management• Mobile Devices• Apps• Keeping Up
  11. 11. everything old is new againCLOUD COMPUTING
  12. 12. Dumb Terminal Connected to a MainframeImage from quisnovus 12/06/12
  13. 13. Samsung Chromebook Connected to GoogleImage from Cajie
  14. 14. Then and Now• Cloud computing is a return to the past, but with more bells and whistles• Then: local terminal used to maintain database on remote machine/mainframe• Now: local ultrabook, tablet, or desktop used to update file on remote machine
  15. 15. Cloud Services• Google Drive • Content Management• Dropbox Systems (WordPress,• Box Drupal, etc.)• Zoho • SurveyMonkey• SkyDrive• iCloud• Carbonite• Mozy Stash
  16. 16. Caveat Emptor• Are you backing up your cloud data locally?• Are you aware of the service’s privacy policy?• Is your organization OK with you using it to store data?• Considerations – Google is surely mining your data. – Dropbox is not, but don’t store sensitive files in the cloud – or in your email for that matter!
  18. 18. Free, Freemium*, and FeeFree Fee• CiteULike • EndNote (and• Connotea EndNote Web)• EasyBib • RefWorks • PapersFreemium • EasyBib• Zotero• Mendeley ✱ Freemium: Pricing structure for a program or service that is free for a certain level of service, paid for a higher level
  19. 19. I take it everywhereUNDERSTANDING MOBILE DEVICES
  20. 20. Major Categories of Mobile Devices• Smartphones – iOS (iPhone) – Android (Droid, Nexus) – Windows• Tablets – iOS (iPad) – Android (Nexus 10, Various Others) – Limited Android (Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble Nook)
  21. 21. Major Categories of Mobile Devices• E-ink E-Readers – Kindle – Nook• Ultrabooks – MacBook Air – Samsung, Asus – Chromebooks• Laptops – Too many to note…
  22. 22. “Do you have an iPad I can borrow?”TABLETS IN LIBRARIES
  23. 23. Tablet Lending• Sounds great, and many libraries are lending!• Problem is… – Tablets are not meant to be used by more than 1- 2 close personal friends – Usually tied to one credit card number / app store account – iPads retain personal data even after being overwritten by a backup (Gmail databases, iChat history, etc.)
  24. 24. “But I want to do this, and this, and this…”APPS, APPLICATIONS, ANDWEBAPPS
  25. 25. Apps• Shorthand for Applications• Usually indicates a mobile application – But not always!• From the .app extension on Apple programs
  26. 26. What’s an Application?• Essentially, a computer program – Microsoft Word or Apple Pages – Excel or Numbers – Etc.• Where do I get them? – Device’s App Store (iTunes, Google Play, Apple’s App Store, etc.) – Open web (but be very careful!)
  27. 27. What’s a Webapp?• An application run through a browser client• Examples: – Millennium’s Java-based interface that you use in your browser – Google Drive• Does not require local installation• Requires a browser and Internet access to run
  28. 28. Finding Apps• Consider your audience: – What’s their workflow? – What do they use? – What do they need to do?• Peruse the device’s App Store, read reviews.• Getting started?
  29. 29. But but but…HOW DO I KEEP UP?
  30. 30. Great Sources for Tech News• Lifehacker• TWiT Network Podcasts – This Week in Tech – This Week in Google – MacBreak Weekly• Computers in Libraries• ALA TechSource
  31. 31. QUESTIONS?
  32. 32. Thank you! Amanda