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The Future of Travel [email_address] Aizat Faiz
Creative Commons
By Attribution
[email_address] Aizat Faiz
Travel Agents
Lots of Planning
Lots of Careful Planning
Then you fly off Post Cards
Then you come back Photo Albums Journals
Mix Them Together Collected Store Them
Only Viewed at Family Gatherings
Lonely Planet
Wikitravel Kuching
Flickr Set
Flickr Photo
YouTube Channel
YouTube Video
More connected than before
Facebook Profile
Facebook Albums
Facebook Album
Facebook Photo
Facebook Videos
Facebook Video
Old Medium is Not Gone
It is not Replaced
It is not forgotten
Just Enhanced
[email_address] Aizat Faiz Thank You
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The Future Of Travel


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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  • Recent Phuket Trip in Early June
  • Book your dates
  • Only interaction back home was with post cards 1 way
  • Gather yout photos together
  • Perhaps keep a detailed record of your journey through journals
  • Created stories To remember till the end of time Compose our own stories
  • collect
  • Hoard, collect, some more and collect All yout travels.
  • Only viewed during family renuions, or family gathering
  • Now things have changed, we are using the web more and more in our travels
  • Research is done online, through web portals Old mediums have been translated to the web. Lonely planet is also online
  • User generated guides, more content is available Wikitravel, for all your travelling needs I reviewd it before goig to phuket, and machu pichu
  • Here is one for kuching You may want to update it yourself
  • Dopplr, update your location with everyone, so your family, friends, colleague, knows where you are in the world. I have a friend who is constantly travelling, and this is a good indicator of where in the world he currently is.
  • Everyone can fly Makes flying cheap You become your own travel agent.
  • Don't rely on postcards anymore. Can't immediately notify the world of what you are doing Bragging about your unexpectional life.
  • Flickr, upload your photos during your journey. So people can see what you are up to. This is a trip of mine to chile Flickr is an online photo service
  • Let people comment on it
  • Upload your videos online as well
  • Facebook, your lifestyle aggregator
  • pure vanity, tell everyone what you are doing. For who is more important that “I”? If you upload a photo, everyone knows If you upload a video, everyone knows Definitely an invasion of your own privacy. But happiness is the hardest expression to hide. You just want to share your happiness with others.
  • Photo albums
  • Photo Album
  • Tag people
  • Videos
  • This doesn't mean that the old medium is gone. This just enahcnes it
  • Transcript of "The Future Of Travel"

    1. 1. The Future of Travel [email_address] Aizat Faiz
    2. 2. Creative Commons
    3. 3. By Attribution
    4. 4. [email_address] Aizat Faiz
    5. 5. Then
    6. 6. Friends
    7. 7. Books
    8. 8. Travel Agents
    9. 9. Lots of Planning
    10. 10. Lots of Careful Planning
    11. 11. Then you fly off
    12. 12. Post Cards
    13. 13. Then you come back
    14. 14. Photo Albums
    15. 15. Journals
    16. 16. Mix Them Together
    17. 17. Collected
    18. 18. Store Them
    19. 19. Only Viewed at Family Gatherings
    20. 20. Now
    21. 21. Lonely Planet
    22. 22. Wikitravel
    23. 23. Wikitravel Kuching
    24. 24. Dopplr
    25. 25. AirAsia
    26. 26. Twitter
    27. 27. Flickr Set
    28. 28. Flickr Photo
    29. 29. YouTube Channel
    30. 30. YouTube Video
    31. 31. More connected than before
    32. 32. Facebook Profile
    33. 33. Facebook Albums
    34. 34. Facebook Album
    35. 35. Facebook Photo
    36. 36. Facebook Videos
    37. 37. Facebook Video
    38. 38. Old Medium is Not Gone
    39. 39. It is not Replaced
    40. 40. It is not forgotten
    41. 41. Just Enhanced
    42. 42. Qoop/
    43. 43. [email_address] Aizat Faiz Thank You
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