Bitcoin Auction May Help Avoid Exchangers

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GBBG has announced a preliminary negotiation with a Bitcoin Auction site that will include a forum where members will be able to sell and buy bitcoins amongst themselves. In light of fincen's latest …

GBBG has announced a preliminary negotiation with a Bitcoin Auction site that will include a forum where members will be able to sell and buy bitcoins amongst themselves. In light of fincen's latest anti money laundering guidelines prompting exchangers to gather client information, many bitcoiners are looking for alternate ways to maintain their privacy.

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  • 1. How to earn money with Bitcoins and auctionsAs bitcoins continue growing in popularity and people explore ways to make money from home, GBBGannounces preliminary negotiations with a bitcoin auction service. At the present time I am not completelysure if this will be an ebay where the currency is bitcoins OR if this will be a site that actually auctionsbitcoins. As soon as I have more details I will be sure to post here. The details of the upcoming businessarrangement with the Penny Auction will soon be released. I cannot divulge the name of the Bitcoin Auctionsite at this time, but I am anticipating a lucrative experience for members of GBBGs, Bitbillions. Bitcoin Exchangers And New Federal GuidelinesMany bitcoiners have expressed concern over the recent guidelines imposed on bitcoin exchangers byFinCen, (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) to gather client data. The bitcoin community is still torn,some say that this move legitimizes bitcoins and others believe that this is merely the governments way oftrying to unveil the identity of users in order to either tax users or perhaps even press charges at a later date(if the government declares bitcoin to be ilegal).Will an Bitcoin Auction Site prove to be a work around for bitcoiners?An interesting fact is that it appears that this Bitcoin Auction service will have a forum where members canconduct personal exchanges amongst themselves. If this does come to fruition, I believe that many willchoose personal exchanges via mediums such as this upcoming forum in order to keep their informationprivate from the exchangers that now have to obtain MSB (Money Service Business/Broker) licenses.Bitcoin Watch even predicts up to a value of $1,000 per bitcoin.As one an person at stocktwits said it, bitcoin is like the Swiss Franc. With all the Euro crisis, the US debt and globaldebt increases, unlimited. With unbelievable central bank money printing, people are getting more and more theunique value of bitcoins as store of value and flee from their eroding local currencies into bitcoins. But based on thetechnical evidence of the bitcoin charts patterns, this may only be the beginning. While there can and will bealways corrections along the way, BTCUSD are in the major wave III up which has much more upside and even1000 $ per bitcoin is not impossible.
  • 2. The reality is that Bitcoin as a currency cannot be stopped by the government. However, privacy seekers andanonymity enthusiasts may find that the upcoming FORUM for Bitbillions Members may prove to be acomfortable medium to exchange bitcoins privately amongst members.In the meantime we can clearly see that millionaires and soon to be millionaires are embracing bitcoin withopen arms. Multiple experts ranging from economist Max Keiser, to Warren Buffet have hailed the cryptocurrencies power and potential. Forbes also had an eye opening article on bitcoins that you can read here. email was to the postal service what Bitcoin is to money then What will Bitbillions be to the internet?To find out click here